Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Art and Sewing!

I am ready for the orders!  Sewing will probably be harder for me long-distant wise, but I will need exact measurements, and as for art just send me your photo and I'll copy it for no more than $50 dollars!  I can only do up to  18 by 12inch sized drawings yet.

So check out the buttons above and see the pictures I added!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Is Abortion the right word?

  In a world where life isn't even as important as the entertainment we think we need, why keep breathing in and out while we do nothing for the children who are daily being slaughtered?

  This is the concern of many at 180, as well as my own.

Abortion?  What a word, so simple and unworthy a title for the billions of mass and individual murders, inhuman slaughterings and gory killings that go on!!!    Abortion is no word for such horrors as take place!  Why don't we do anything besides vote for the pro-life guy or gal?

Why not ask God to direct the way and ask Him what you're to do with this problem.  But thank Him over and over again for the wonderful tool 180!  What an amazing thing, its as if God saw most of his people concerned but with hands tied and here he's handed us a vehicle not only to stop abortion but also to do His will!  

Friday, November 18, 2011

The millon hits YouTube movie!

God's most amazing gift to mankind, pictured here still in the womb...

Even in the busy hours of rushing to work, lessons, and appointments, let us NOT forget the babies that day every day while abortion is legal!  

Watch this 33 minute movie to help you decide where you stand.  Let us not ignore what God calls sin!   When is it okay to kill a baby in the womb?  Never!!!  

If I am raped I shall keep the child and that precious soul will be a beautiful gift (from God) out of such a horrible nightmare.  Thank God for being my guide.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sewing Project!

Here's the dress I've been working on.  The pictures are of the cutting out process.  It was my first plaid dress and its for an order of the neighbor's.  Its still not done but I've got plenty or extra material and it needs to be tried on for adjustments yet.

Also keep posted for pictures of a dress I've been making for Abigail too!

Sunday, October 30, 2011


"Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me."  Psalms 51:10  

   The chill is biting in the mornings now, but its new after the long summer days and without rain for so long too.

   This morning Abi and I went down the street to our neighbors and stayed with his wife while he went to teach his bible study at church.  She has some Alzheimer's disease and is usually always tired in the mornings.  It is a peaceful Sunday morning although its a little earlier then we're used to, but I love it once I'm up and dressed warmly!

The buttonholes I did by hand.
   I finished a dress I started a long time ago for my hope chest (pictured).  Its a little girls dress, for about a 1 or 2 year old. It's a pink and white gingham with purple little flowers and their tiny leaves all over it.  I still have the collar hemming and the bottom of the dress hem but that's the easy stuff!

   Next I'm going to finish a dress I made for Abi, which is for her birthday (on Nov. 21st).  I only need to add a zipper, and gather the sleeves.

   Well until next time please pray for me that God direct
me to what work I should be doing now, and also for my
family's safety (protection) against the evil one.  Also pray for yourself to have
the understanding and wisdom of Jesus Christ God Almighty!  (And don't forget your bible.)


The best movie!  This got over 1,000,000 hits in less than 22 days!  Its only 33 minutes long...

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Why Christimas?

Now why decorate Christmas already?
Well because Jesus is the REASON

Monday, September 19, 2011

Sample of Short Stories Volume 1

A sample of one of the short stories I'm publishing soon.

Winter 1873

    She and her family were walking toward the station door, on their way out, her ticket already paid for and her good bye to Mr. Foster, the station manager, done.
    “You take care now, Vinny. See you later Tom.” He said as Virginia’s father Tom Hampton took the door knob.
    “Yes Mr. Foster, you too!” They smiled as they came out.
    “Vinny!” George, her 23 year old younger brother, said coming up from work, all out of breath. He stared down at her although she was four years older than him, then he grabbed her into his big arms and held her a minute.
    “Oh George!” she said when he let her go, “You act like I was moving away for good!”
    “You might be, don’t you forget how pretty you are. I hope that no good-looking boys live down in Chester, if they did you might go and get married.”
    “Now they’ll have to be good boys too, George, good looks don’t always mean good lives you know.”
    “I just worry you might give up lookin’ for a good man.”
    “George there’s Steve and he’s proposed to me tons and he’s got good looks you know.”
    “George her train will leave her,” Mr. Hampton said.
    “Yah,” he smiled.
    “Oh Becky, don’t let Ma do all my work now, she’ll go mad. And you help too June.” Virginia told her two sisters twenty and eighteen years old.
    “And come home quick, we’ll have a fine Christmas waiting for you.” Jackson, her youngest brother, added.
    “Well don’t have such a fine one without me, bye Pa, Ma, girls!” She quickly kissed them and went up the steps. “Bye,” she waved to them standing there all so nice, Mr. and Mrs. Hampton holding each other, Becky and June waving furiously to the right, Jackson looking off at his friends playing then back up at Virginia and back to his friends and George standing back of Mrs. Hampton on the left, holding his hand up in a wave.
    “Bye, See you for Christmas, Jackson!” she smiled down at her fifteen year old brother.

End Prolog

Chapter 1

    “Class dismissed!” Virginia said on the Tuesday morning before she finished teaching the school, on Friday, in Chester. She had come to know and enjoy the children she taught. She had nine students, her eldest and smartest, always reminded her of her brother Jackson. His name was Timothy Thompson he was seventeen, tall and lean like Jackson but he had light brown hair instead of dark like Jackson.
    “Miss Hampton,” He said coming up to her desk with the other students all gathered around, who usually all raced each other home as soon as school was out. There was Priscilla Simeon sixteen, Laura and Peter the Thompson twins at fifteen, John Tubbs at twelve, then twelve year old Jesse Polk the blondest little girl Virginia had ever seen and Amy and Joe Dodds ages nine and seven.
    “Yes?” She asked alarmed at their unusual silence and solemness.
    “We, we heard this morning that the town of Baker, where you’re from…” His voice cracked away then he swallowed, Laura nudging him, “Miss Hampton it was raided. The Apaches…” His voice was drowned out by the ringing in her ears, her eyes twitched wanting to cry. “…the whole town burned…” she heard him say and she grit her teeth,
    “I…” He continued.
    “Timothy!” She interrupted him, “Thank you for, for telling me.”
    “Ma wanted us to wait and tell you when she and Pa were here, or with us, but they decided it’d be best if we told you ourselves,” Priscilla said.
“She’s twenty seven too and she can take it!” Joe Dodds added, “she can take anything.” Virginia wondered if she could take anything else after this.
    “My Pa sadi you can have our extra room however long you want it.” John said, “You won’t pay neither, we just got it finished and its nice!”
    “Thank you John. I’d better stay at my room with Jesse’s folks though.” She looked over to find the little girl but she wasn’t there. “Where’s Jesse?” Virginia jumped up knowing that the little girl never walked home alone, but always waited for Virginia. The boys raced to the door and everyone else too, opening the door they found Jesse seated just outside the door in the foot of snow, crying.
    “Jess!” Virginia went out and lifted her to her feet, “Oh dear, don’t cry! We’ll go home now. But listen, all of you,” She came back in holding Jesse around the arm, “Just pray for me, please? I don’t know if there is a God. But maybe if you pray to your God whoever he is. I’ll see you tomorrow.”


    “Where yah goin’?” Jemima asked her little brother Solomon.
    “Ben’s acallin’ meh!” He reached up to unlatch the door.
    “You twos hurry backs here laters, for deh dinner now,”
    “Yehs ma’ams!” Solomon’s big lips spread apart and a straight row of white teeth peeped out, except his two front teeth were gone. Jemima smiled at him as he finally slipped out. He’d been through a lot she realized, as he was her Mammy’s and some white man’s son, because that white raped her Mammy. At that thought Jemima remembered what her Mammy told ‘bout the, ‘God be praised you are free now Jemima. You can resist a white boy!’ Yes she could but that didn’t help Solomon, he had to learn to ignore the other young ones at church makin’ fun of him. It wasn’t like none of them were part white, it was just that he was even whiter then the rest.

   The minutes went by and Jemima had the dinner waiting half an hour now. Mammy was still at Miss Pixie’s sewing, a mile down the road and Pappy was at the Johnson’s three miles the other way.
    “Ben, Solomon!” She called for the third time but then she caught a glimpse of them running from a couple white boys. “Hey!” She waved seeing her brothers loose ground, she untied her apron laid it aside grabbed her over coat and ran out after them. She quickly learned it was no use trying to convince a white boy he was wrong- and two boys that was worse even though they were ten years younger than her Catching up to her brothers, who ran round their barn the white boys coming round in the pursuit, Ben didn’t pause but motioned for her to follow as he yelled out,
    “Jemima, we done founds der cow and we waz on our ways to deh house to tell you we was takin’ her backs when they cames ups and says we bes stealin’ dat fat cow!”
Still running hard Jemima wanted to scream, it was dangerous the way these white folks blamed them for everything! Glancing back she saw about five men join the chase and one was Miss Pixie’s one hundred and eighty pound son, Joel. He was mean to everyone but he acted sweet on Jemima. She had an idea, as she watched her breath freeze on the air.
    “Boys go up to ‘Grandfather’s woods’!” She shouted and almost dreaded telling them to go up into the tree covered hill that folks says was haunted and had been owned by the grandfather of some folks around who no one knew. But as Jemima ran off into ‘Grandfather’s barn’ she noticed only one young stranger come after her, not her plan at all! In the barn she sat looking out.
    “Hello there,” She jumped around to see a young white man with an old horse shoe in his hand, she sighed looking down almost ready to cry at the defeat. “What is it?” He asked concerned taking a step toward her. She didn’t look up but forgot her fright,
    “They’r chasin’ me and my brothers ‘cause they think we stole der cow, but my brothers was comin’ to tell me dat dey were takin’ her back!” She looked outside seeing the white man come closer.
    “They just see your skin. But you are free. I know that.” The man said and she looked up at him afraid his tall dark figure might disappear it was so strange for a white man to understand the struggle of being colored.
    “Tennesse!” the young man coming up yelled out, “They want that girl,”
    “I know but come in Dallas,” The young man holding the horseshoes pitched it toward a whole pile of them. “She didn’t steal the cow. And I tell you something else, how’s Suzi gonna feel when I tell her you and Joel both ran after some poor folks, only because they were colored and you were bored?”
    “But Tennesee, I was gonna tell this girl she could go!”
Jemima blinked at first the tall one with dark hair then at the stocky sandy haired fellow.
    “Well, ma’am, we got to get up to the house. Maybe we’ll meet again.” The dark haired one said.
    “I’m sorry ma’am, I apologize for what a fool I was.” The stocky one said and dark one left. Her eyes grew and she couldn’t swallow.
    “You can stay here as long as you like.” He added with a big smile then followed the other man out.
   She rested for a minute and was still trying to figure if they were real or not. Then at the barn door stood Joel, he smiled real big, “Hey I found them!” He yelled out and she looked around for an escape and diving for an old chicken door she dared not look back, but got stuck and now she knew he’d get her.
    “I found them!” He yelled again.
    “No you didn’ts!” She snapped, “You only founds me!” She tried to get loose and heard his footsteps next to her, but her head was out through the hole.   She felt his hand on her hand, that was still stuck in the little hole, “Stop it!” She shrieked wiggling even more.
    “I’m getting you out!” He shouted, “Feisty as a broodin’ hen but swell!” She heard him mumble while he tried to pull her back, “And anyhow who needs the two snot nosed brats when we got you?” He said louder and she got so mad she pulled herself back and was loose. His smile agonized her as she saw him.
    “Joel McGuire!” she flared, “Then who needs you two yankee spoiled sisters?” She retorted.
    “Well that’s my question, those girls are useless!” He said and she burned within as he took her hand and lifted her, he wasn’t as family oriented as she thought. Then he wouldn’t let go of her hand,
    “Let me go!”
    “We got the boys now where’s that girl?” She heard Mr. Sackel say.
    “Gets your hands off me!” She told Joel.
    “You’re pretty when your mad!” He laughed as he took her out to the others who held Ben and Solomon.
    “Boys!” She fell on one knew and hugged them knowing the punishment would be a lickin’ for each of them.
    “Come on now,” Mr. Sackel said.


   Virginia spent her last five days at the Polk’s place, as usual. And Jesse gave her comfort. She had the kindest heard and the most innocent character.

    “I’ll be leaving today, as I said and I don’t want any of you to worry for me. I might find a room to rent in town, or somewhere north of Baker.” Virginia said at dinner.
    “Oh Virginia!” Mrs. Polk said,
    “You would have to go father, since there’s no home for you anymore.” Jesse said.
    “Jess!” Mrs. Polk touched her daughter’s hand.
    “I’ll take you to the station then,” Mr. Polk added and Virginia smiled at Jesse,
    “I’ll miss you all here, but thank you.”
Jesse smiled back, “I’ll miss you too!”

   Virginia was on the train in twenty minutes and her mind wondered over what she used to call home. She had left telling George he was foolish acting like she’d never seen them again and here she was, she realized never to see them again!
    “Ma’am,” The conductor said as he leaned over her,
    “Yes?” she looked up.
    “Your ticket?”    “Oh!” Virginia went to her basket in which she kept her things. But she looked and her ticket was gone! “I must be on your list, I brought my ticket but it’s gone! My names Virginia Hampton.”
    “Hampton, Virginia, Ah but Miss Hampton already gave me her ticket.” He smiled, “And she is the Miss Hampton, I know.”
    “But I am!” Virginia said unaware of how her ticket got lost –or stolen.
    “You must get off girl, you don’t have a ticket.”
    “Where’s this girl who stole my ticket?”
    “You’re the thief here and that lady has no business with you. Now come and be good. Or I’ll get that man –at the front– to carry you out!” He sternly added, his right eye brow raising. She looked ahead to see the large man, he mentioned, with a fearsome face and bushy red beard.
    “Very well,” She stood shivering at the thought of how indecent that large man looked. The worst that could happen would be that she’d end up walking to the next stop, wherever that was, after Baker. She looked up and saw that the large man walk out too, at the signal of the conductor.
    “We’ll let you out here, come on.” The conductor said, “I’m glad you’re telling the truth too.”
    “What? I am Virginia Hampton and you can ask my…” She stopped aware that he couldn’t ask her parents or any neighbor.
    “Who’s you accomplice?”
    “I don’t have one! I was going to say my father, but he died in the raid at Baker!”
    “Oh yes,” He sneered doubtful that she would be telling the truth as everyone had just heard about the raid. The train stopped as they came out of the train car, the bitter cold creeping in at her collar, under her petticoats and up her loose dress sleeves. Then the north wind hit them sending her dark curls in a whirl, back of her shoulders, and all her bangs into her eyes.
    “Thank you for complying.” He added as he helped her down to the ground. “You stay warm now. It isn’t far to the next stop.”
    “Thank you.” She said jerking her hand from his.
    “And say, for the record, what’s your name? I could like you if you stopped your wondering ways.”
    “Well Humpty Dumpty if you like, but I am Virginia Hampton!” She huffed and stepped back from the train. Another icy breeze took her breath away as the train door slammed and the whistle blasted as the breaks let off and blew their steam up in her face. At least it warmed her for a minute.

    She was alone on the tracks in a few minutes, the train had gone in a flash. She only saw a small building far ahead, she had seen the train stop there earlier but no one had got on or off. The sun was almost gone in the west, behind her.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fall is Here!

The fall is finally here!  We were busy during the summer singing around with our family band ( and after a months break in August we started singing again and we know for sure its fall now (as the bluegrass festivals and music venues usually only operate in the spring and fall)!  Also up in Davis, OK at the 12th annual Arbuckle Bluegrass festival it rained and dropped to about 50 degrees!  And we had to play that night,  but that's what great memories are made of and on that outdoor stage our fingers nearly froze- it was so cold.   So thank GOD for rain and COLD weather - I can't wait for more, I'm already playing Christmas music on the computer! :-D

Here's John beside me, all bundled up listening to a band.  In between going back to our bumper pull tailor to warm up with coffee, we would listen to a few songs of each band!

And here's James standing on the other side of me.  The tree was cool too!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

HomeSchool Music Fest in Missouri

Here's us dancing up in Missouri!

What fun! :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Colorado photos

After a day of resting at our friend's house they took us up to Mount Evan's the fish (over on the West side).  Then we went to the festival.


This was the view we had as we walked down the side of the mountain to the stream, where the boys all were fishing.  It was so beautiful and quiet and yet as we got closer the bubbling and churning stream added it's rushed water sound! :)  So heavenly to see, hear and smell (the flowers and pines trees all added their special aroma to the scene)!

The band I was in, at the festival, our band was "Suzi and Friends".

The fish we got in the mountains!

One of the windy roads to our friend's house.

  These were the mountain tops of the nearby mountains that you could see as we drove higher and higher up the tiny BUMPY dirt roads!

Graduated and Busy!

Yes I'm finally done!  Actually the graduation was over a month ago and I apologize for not post in so long.

I have been quilting for Joplin, since we got back from our trip to Colorado at the end of June and I am so glad that I have finished already!  I only quilted a top (and am sending it to the ladies that started the quilting project here) as I've never quilted before and wasn't going to risk the whole batting and back etc.   Here's the top:
It only took me a month and I can't wait to start making many more for my own family!  I used handkerchiefs and old jeans and some extra cream material we had.

Colorado was so fun!  We had a fun band scramble and although we didn't win we sure made some memories!  I made some new friends and got to know our other friends better :) 

Two weeks after that we went to central Oklahoma and sang there.  Then John and Daddy both had birthdays, John's 18 now!  He's into guns and police and its exciting to see him grow up.

But in two weeks we're going to northern Missouri for the
Annual Homeschool Music Fest
Location: Camp Galilee El Dorado Springs, MO
Time: ‎10:00AM Friday, August 12th

So we're pretty busy :) 

This September I plan to take a First Responder course here at our local Fire Department.   James who is also interested in Fire Fighting might do it with me, and maybe even Melody.    I hope at least one of the boys will do it with me because I'd hate to do it without any man to look out for me.
Oh August third is my driving test, so I am practicing parallel parking here at home (as I've never done any) and hopefully I'll be able to pass!

God is so good and I am so excited to 'grow up' and look to him for everything!

His Holy Child,

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I am finishing "Up From Slavery" by Booker T. Washington and am loving it! 

I just finished U. S. Grant's Memories as well and I loved that.  It really gave a insight about Lincoln and the whole Civil War.    And I never knew it but Grant was invited to the very theater, by Lincoln, at which the president was assassinated but went to visit his children instead.  Grant very well could have been assassinated as well that same night had he gone to the theater.  The Vice president also was almost killed and another person actually died as well.

The American history told from the mouths of the very men who lived then is so powerful in revealing to me the actual truth concerning all I've heard over time. 

Booker T. Washington

"Up From Slavery" is great too.  His common sense is enlightening and even as a black man himself, he doesn't praise or glorify his race nor did he degrade or 'stomp on' the southern whites.   He had a very biblical view (or 'humane look' as it'd be termed today) at what humans are under any skin color- equal humans! 

This might surprise some but I believe had he perused politics he would've been our first African American President.  But he felt that going toward politics would only look as if he were out for fame and would cause more strife instead of easing the differences between the black and white people of America. 

You just have to read his book!

His Holy Child,
Faith Elizabeth Grubb

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


This last weekend we've been out of town (three hours away) and this weekend we'll be going seven hours away.

It is exciting being in God's will and living for his glory!  Everyone may say to me how good I am at this or that but I love to say "It's all Him!"

We can't wait to go to Silver Dollar City this May, we've been accepted in the Youth Competition again!
We had so much fun last May we can't wait to do it again.   This last weekend we got to see our friends again and it was so good to get to visit and talk.  I love being there for my friends too, one friend needed me to hold her two week old baby and that was a precious task for me I am fervently praying God will send me and some young man (none really in sight yet) such a bundle of joy soon!

I am learning how to thank God for band weather and trials too.  He's still there and he didn't curse me with it forever so why should I have any 'right' to complain to him?  He's the one that walked up to the Judge on my behalf and said he'd die for me.  And then he just didn't say it he went all the way through and died the most awful death!

God is so good.  Amen and Amen!  
"He's taking care of me, in ways that I cannot see, He's taking care of me!  He's working it for my good just like He said he would, He's taking care of me!"
Here's the video to this song sung by the Mama and aunt of the baby I got to hold (go to 52 seconds and here the chorus)! 

God be praised!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring and Sharing

Today we put up our Green House!  As we're always traveling during the summer we can't keep a garden, but now we can.   The spring is so nice here and sometimes hot but that's Texas.

Our Easter Crosses and wild flowers last spring

I just finished volume three of George Washington's diaries and now only have the fourth volume left.  After that there's about ten other books I need to read and I also have some Algebra to finish then I'll be done!

God's timing is best and as our music gigs are becoming more frequent I am getting excited about our trips and sharing with others about Jesus.   Speaking of I have some tracts that are only the size of a business card and I gave one to a cashier as he gave me my receipt.  It is a quick way yet efficient way to share, so if you're afraid to discuss it with them (like me- especially a guy) its easier this way!

Jesus has become my close friend and I am so excited when I think of Him, God is good!

"May the grace of our Lord, Jesus Christ be with you all.  Amen." Revelations 22:21

Thursday, March 3, 2011

In Honor...

In honor of the people I knew who went to heaven this last year:
Laura Ellen Lay (2006-2010)
Lamar Evans Sr. (an older gentleman- WWII veteran)
Sarah Hinkle (of the Hinkle family)
Words from the song "Knowing What I Know about Heaven" sung by Guy Penrod.
God bless the family and loved ones and may they be comforted.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Through thick and thin,
Forever whispering to me within,
His hand is in mine,
And I can breath a sigh.

Love comes from him alone,
His under mining tone,
Of stern direction,
Or lavish hushed affection.

Here By My Side
(a song to Jesus from me -read these words for this song)

I lie alone on my bed,
I think of the time when we met,
My young heart will never forget our eternal romance.
I'd answer if someone should ask,
If I just dug a man from the past,
That you're real today and forever more Here by my side!

I hear your voice as you enter my mind,
You offer your strong hand to me time after time,

You hold me close, you whisper to me,
For a while I'm lost in your joy when you're here by my side.

I'm moved by the words that you choose,
And why for me your life you'd loose,
In my mind I place your words to remind me.
These moments in time hold me fast,
These miracles out of your past,
Won't die as long as I have you here by my side!

I hear your voice as you enter my mind,
You offer your strong hand to me time after time,
You hold me close, you whisper to me,
For a while I'm lost in your joy when you're here by my side.

I hear your voice as you enter my mind,
You offer your strong hand to me time after time,
You hold me close, you whisper to me,
For a while I'm lost in your joy when you're here by my side.

~I love you Lord Jesus!
Faith Elizabeth

Monday, February 28, 2011

Set Apart magazine!

On pages 27- 34 there is a very encouraging letter and article from an anonymous Christian young man!


God is good!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Hi, I have been reading George Washington's diaries, since last fall and have just finished volume two, of four.  He is planting wheat and oats and trying different mulches and manure experiments on each row or small patch of ground.  He puts different amounts to see how much (if it works well) he would need for future large crops.  I have always wanted to grow a garden of my own and since my grandpa gave me a Rosemary plant, he started from a sprig, I have enjoyed my 'indoor' or 'mobile' garden :)

With Abi and Joshi planting small amounts of wheat in tiny pots, I finally bit the bullet, went outside with Abi to find a suitable place for some wheat.  Then remembering two aspects George Washington stressed, in his diaries (using even ground so the wheat is equally deep and harrowing before planting),  I could hardly find a nice enough place.    Abi suggested Mama's flower garden and so Mama said we could.  We only planted about a foot by three foot area to see how it will do here.  We'll probably use it for our pigs, as we'll be out of state, most of the coming summer, singing.  Its so hot here it would fry if we left it, but we'll see.

Then after planting it I took a handful of wheat to chew on.  I read in a pioneer book that they used to chew on it and then if you chew on it long enough it turns into a bland chewing gum- of some sort.  So Abi and I had some.  It was good!I almost could make bubbles but I didn't have enough.

His Child,
Faith Elizabeth

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Are you preperating to be a Helpmeet?

Who's heard of the book "Preparing to be a Helpmeet" by Debi Pearl?
Who has read it?
If you haven't done either of the above check out
God is so good and has provided us with this helpful manual!
To top it off Miss Shalom is giving a study on it at the above website!  She is so helpful and encouraging.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

My sister Abi's pretty voice!

A Pick Me Up from Shoshanna's Kitchen!

Thanks to Shoshanna's knowledge I am leaning what I can do to when my hormones go wacko and I get kinda lazy...

Friday, February 11, 2011

Jesus Bigger than Life! (My Testimony)

I had believed I was a saved, born again, Christian since I was 6 or 7. But as I grew I noticed I worried of worldly issues (things the world says to worry about) and I complied to the world’s ways and thinking all unbeknownst to my Godly loving family.  I prayed heaps too, for MY wants, believing I was saved and God would listen. I noticed that my prayers weren’t answered but I just thought that was the norm.  At 15, after making the mistake of asking a guy to dance I got REAL convicted of my wrong and I confronted the young man and asked him forgiveness and told him it wouldn’t happen again, and it was something I didn't think God approved of.   I still wasn’t saved but I believe God lead me to reconcile that little mistake, while also convicting me not to run after guys (but I still wasn’t saved).  Then my family and I started singing more places and at churches (we have a gospel family band).   Every time the preachers would call people to confess their sins at the altar, I worried if I had done so and once or twice I secretly received Christ again “just to make sure”.  But let me tell you I wasn’t receiving anything, I was just saying the routine prayer in my head.

At 16 my acceptance of worldly ideas and things (still secret to my family) got me into big trouble on the internet.  This hit my conscience hard and I knew I was headed for hell.  So I told my mother then I thought “I’m fine now, I’ve confessed and I AM saved” but I still wasn’t — it was all in the head while there was still doubt in my heart.  For some reason, though, God was molding me all the while and waiting for His perfect time that I would learn to know Him (for REAL), don’t ask me why he wanted me but thank God he did!

When I was 17, and was doing dishes at our sink, I heard Mr. Pearl preach on being saved just once (  I realized then that I had never been saved. And that day God let me get it!   I am saved now and I know it.  My mom and other people tell me now they see the Holy Spirit in me, for which I thank God.  And let me tell you I can now see the Spirit’s work too.  Daily at home, at our different singing engagements, in the news and everywhere. I see how much God gives me and my family, without us asking and I can feel or recognize the spirit of satan.  Another thing my prayers are answered now, not in the way I desire but always in the way that is best for me, in God’s precious sight!  An example I’ll give happened within the last month.  I have been praying (from Miss Debi Pearl’s book- that God give my future husband and I wisdom, understanding and knowledge.  I recently have been noticing different girls I know and how they don’t have the knowledge, wisdom or understanding about certain things God has convicted me of and I see in them what I would be if I had never started praying for my husband and I.  Then I realized that I’ve been praying more for my husband and if I am gaining enough wisdom to be seen than my husband must be learning much more, praise God!

So thank you Miss Debi, for your book. It was just what God wanted me to have right after I got saved. Think if it had come out before I might have read it but it probably would’ve gone in one ear and out the other!  I am now so excited to read up about baby health and herbs!

God Bless,

P. S.  10-21-13  And I had always heard that 'if you're saved you'll know it' but with all those doubts I still thought I was.  But now I KNOW!!!  :D  And its AMAZING! -Faith