Monday, February 28, 2011

Set Apart magazine!

On pages 27- 34 there is a very encouraging letter and article from an anonymous Christian young man!


God is good!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Hi, I have been reading George Washington's diaries, since last fall and have just finished volume two, of four.  He is planting wheat and oats and trying different mulches and manure experiments on each row or small patch of ground.  He puts different amounts to see how much (if it works well) he would need for future large crops.  I have always wanted to grow a garden of my own and since my grandpa gave me a Rosemary plant, he started from a sprig, I have enjoyed my 'indoor' or 'mobile' garden :)

With Abi and Joshi planting small amounts of wheat in tiny pots, I finally bit the bullet, went outside with Abi to find a suitable place for some wheat.  Then remembering two aspects George Washington stressed, in his diaries (using even ground so the wheat is equally deep and harrowing before planting),  I could hardly find a nice enough place.    Abi suggested Mama's flower garden and so Mama said we could.  We only planted about a foot by three foot area to see how it will do here.  We'll probably use it for our pigs, as we'll be out of state, most of the coming summer, singing.  Its so hot here it would fry if we left it, but we'll see.

Then after planting it I took a handful of wheat to chew on.  I read in a pioneer book that they used to chew on it and then if you chew on it long enough it turns into a bland chewing gum- of some sort.  So Abi and I had some.  It was good!I almost could make bubbles but I didn't have enough.

His Child,
Faith Elizabeth

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Are you preperating to be a Helpmeet?

Who's heard of the book "Preparing to be a Helpmeet" by Debi Pearl?
Who has read it?
If you haven't done either of the above check out
God is so good and has provided us with this helpful manual!
To top it off Miss Shalom is giving a study on it at the above website!  She is so helpful and encouraging.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

My sister Abi's pretty voice!

A Pick Me Up from Shoshanna's Kitchen!

Thanks to Shoshanna's knowledge I am leaning what I can do to when my hormones go wacko and I get kinda lazy...

Friday, February 11, 2011

Jesus Bigger than Life! (My Testimony)

I had believed I was a saved, born again, Christian since I was 6 or 7. But as I grew I noticed I worried of worldly issues (things the world says to worry about) and I complied to the world’s ways and thinking all unbeknownst to my Godly loving family.  I prayed heaps too, for MY wants, believing I was saved and God would listen. I noticed that my prayers weren’t answered but I just thought that was the norm.  At 15, after making the mistake of asking a guy to dance I got REAL convicted of my wrong and I confronted the young man and asked him forgiveness and told him it wouldn’t happen again, and it was something I didn't think God approved of.   I still wasn’t saved but I believe God lead me to reconcile that little mistake, while also convicting me not to run after guys (but I still wasn’t saved).  Then my family and I started singing more places and at churches (we have a gospel family band).   Every time the preachers would call people to confess their sins at the altar, I worried if I had done so and once or twice I secretly received Christ again “just to make sure”.  But let me tell you I wasn’t receiving anything, I was just saying the routine prayer in my head.

At 16 my acceptance of worldly ideas and things (still secret to my family) got me into big trouble on the internet.  This hit my conscience hard and I knew I was headed for hell.  So I told my mother then I thought “I’m fine now, I’ve confessed and I AM saved” but I still wasn’t — it was all in the head while there was still doubt in my heart.  For some reason, though, God was molding me all the while and waiting for His perfect time that I would learn to know Him (for REAL), don’t ask me why he wanted me but thank God he did!

When I was 17, and was doing dishes at our sink, I heard Mr. Pearl preach on being saved just once (  I realized then that I had never been saved. And that day God let me get it!   I am saved now and I know it.  My mom and other people tell me now they see the Holy Spirit in me, for which I thank God.  And let me tell you I can now see the Spirit’s work too.  Daily at home, at our different singing engagements, in the news and everywhere. I see how much God gives me and my family, without us asking and I can feel or recognize the spirit of satan.  Another thing my prayers are answered now, not in the way I desire but always in the way that is best for me, in God’s precious sight!  An example I’ll give happened within the last month.  I have been praying (from Miss Debi Pearl’s book- that God give my future husband and I wisdom, understanding and knowledge.  I recently have been noticing different girls I know and how they don’t have the knowledge, wisdom or understanding about certain things God has convicted me of and I see in them what I would be if I had never started praying for my husband and I.  Then I realized that I’ve been praying more for my husband and if I am gaining enough wisdom to be seen than my husband must be learning much more, praise God!

So thank you Miss Debi, for your book. It was just what God wanted me to have right after I got saved. Think if it had come out before I might have read it but it probably would’ve gone in one ear and out the other!  I am now so excited to read up about baby health and herbs!

God Bless,

P. S.  10-21-13  And I had always heard that 'if you're saved you'll know it' but with all those doubts I still thought I was.  But now I KNOW!!!  :D  And its AMAZING! -Faith