Tuesday, April 12, 2011


This last weekend we've been out of town (three hours away) and this weekend we'll be going seven hours away.

It is exciting being in God's will and living for his glory!  Everyone may say to me how good I am at this or that but I love to say "It's all Him!"

We can't wait to go to Silver Dollar City this May, we've been accepted in the Youth Competition again!
We had so much fun last May we can't wait to do it again.   This last weekend we got to see our friends again and it was so good to get to visit and talk.  I love being there for my friends too, one friend needed me to hold her two week old baby and that was a precious task for me I am fervently praying God will send me and some young man (none really in sight yet) such a bundle of joy soon!

I am learning how to thank God for band weather and trials too.  He's still there and he didn't curse me with it forever so why should I have any 'right' to complain to him?  He's the one that walked up to the Judge on my behalf and said he'd die for me.  And then he just didn't say it he went all the way through and died the most awful death!

God is so good.  Amen and Amen!  
"He's taking care of me, in ways that I cannot see, He's taking care of me!  He's working it for my good just like He said he would, He's taking care of me!"
Here's the video to this song sung by the Mama and aunt of the baby I got to hold (go to 52 seconds and here the chorus)!


God be praised!