Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I am finishing "Up From Slavery" by Booker T. Washington and am loving it! 

I just finished U. S. Grant's Memories as well and I loved that.  It really gave a insight about Lincoln and the whole Civil War.    And I never knew it but Grant was invited to the very theater, by Lincoln, at which the president was assassinated but went to visit his children instead.  Grant very well could have been assassinated as well that same night had he gone to the theater.  The Vice president also was almost killed and another person actually died as well.

The American history told from the mouths of the very men who lived then is so powerful in revealing to me the actual truth concerning all I've heard over time. 

Booker T. Washington

"Up From Slavery" is great too.  His common sense is enlightening and even as a black man himself, he doesn't praise or glorify his race nor did he degrade or 'stomp on' the southern whites.   He had a very biblical view (or 'humane look' as it'd be termed today) at what humans are under any skin color- equal humans! 

This might surprise some but I believe had he perused politics he would've been our first African American President.  But he felt that going toward politics would only look as if he were out for fame and would cause more strife instead of easing the differences between the black and white people of America. 

You just have to read his book!

His Holy Child,
Faith Elizabeth Grubb