Thursday, July 28, 2011

Colorado photos

After a day of resting at our friend's house they took us up to Mount Evan's the fish (over on the West side).  Then we went to the festival.


This was the view we had as we walked down the side of the mountain to the stream, where the boys all were fishing.  It was so beautiful and quiet and yet as we got closer the bubbling and churning stream added it's rushed water sound! :)  So heavenly to see, hear and smell (the flowers and pines trees all added their special aroma to the scene)!

The band I was in, at the festival, our band was "Suzi and Friends".

The fish we got in the mountains!

One of the windy roads to our friend's house.

  These were the mountain tops of the nearby mountains that you could see as we drove higher and higher up the tiny BUMPY dirt roads!

Graduated and Busy!

Yes I'm finally done!  Actually the graduation was over a month ago and I apologize for not post in so long.

I have been quilting for Joplin, since we got back from our trip to Colorado at the end of June and I am so glad that I have finished already!  I only quilted a top (and am sending it to the ladies that started the quilting project here) as I've never quilted before and wasn't going to risk the whole batting and back etc.   Here's the top:
It only took me a month and I can't wait to start making many more for my own family!  I used handkerchiefs and old jeans and some extra cream material we had.

Colorado was so fun!  We had a fun band scramble and although we didn't win we sure made some memories!  I made some new friends and got to know our other friends better :) 

Two weeks after that we went to central Oklahoma and sang there.  Then John and Daddy both had birthdays, John's 18 now!  He's into guns and police and its exciting to see him grow up.

But in two weeks we're going to northern Missouri for the
Annual Homeschool Music Fest
Location: Camp Galilee El Dorado Springs, MO
Time: ‎10:00AM Friday, August 12th

So we're pretty busy :) 

This September I plan to take a First Responder course here at our local Fire Department.   James who is also interested in Fire Fighting might do it with me, and maybe even Melody.    I hope at least one of the boys will do it with me because I'd hate to do it without any man to look out for me.
Oh August third is my driving test, so I am practicing parallel parking here at home (as I've never done any) and hopefully I'll be able to pass!

God is so good and I am so excited to 'grow up' and look to him for everything!

His Holy Child,