Tuesday, December 25, 2012

SNOW in TEXAS!!!!!!!

I prayed for a foot of snow and its still snowing! God is SOOO good and how smart he is too, the rain and sleet all morning (and night) got the ground hard and cold enough to keep it for the White Christmas I asked for!!!!!!!!
Thank God for granting my prayer!  By the way the only white Christmas I remember in my twenty years was in '04 and we got 1/2 an inch I think (that was barely white and melted so quickly)!   And I've never been up north during Christmas so this is the FIRST WHITE CHRISTMAS I've ever seen in my life (twenty, almost 21 years :D).
Thank God!

FaithGrubb the FaithGirl ~ :P

Monday, December 24, 2012

My Christmas 2012

The day is almost gone and tomorrow, in less than two hours it will be a bright, chilly Christmas Day!

The joys of the season are contagious.  The heart of our home is overflowing with love and good tidings.  My own heart is learning the true happiness of home, and I make plans for my life here at home.  I know that its of no use to ponder the day of my departure from home and the more I read of Laura Ingalls' "These Happy Golden Years"  (a tradition of mine to read it every winter)  I am learning to appreciate the bustle and cheer of my big family.  I know it isn't no bed of roses, marriage (but DON'T think I am some girl set on singleness, with a hate for marriage- quite the opposite :P).  And I am finding out that the married life is just like the bible says, a life of caring for the things of the world (1st Corn. 7:34).  And I have so many talents that I must 'perfect' for my Christ, before I get involved in some man's life.  My own family is enough and though I wouldn't mind 'adding' someone else to my list of family, I know God needs me to focus on him and get my heart totally directed where he needs it to go!

I am tired.  I am happy.  I am warm (in the cold).  I am content with my joy and can't wait to see where my Lord will guide me.  And what a guide he is too.   I love him so!

His Forever,
Your Friend (and our home is always open to anyone who cares to come by -even tomorrow- the more the merrier :D),

~FaithGrubb A FaithGirl ~

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Baby, I Can't Wait!

Christina and Stephen are over for a Christmas time this week and I am writing out my new short stories to eventually publish!

I plan to hopefully publish two books this spring or summer, but whenever God allows :)

On Wednesday, the 12th, I got to go over to my friend's home-birth and help out with the delivery!   She had to have a backup midwife come (her midwife being out of pocket) but the two assistants she knew did get to come.  So them three, her husband, her Mother and I were all in there and she was great.  I thank her soo much for letting her delivery be my classroom!  It was amazing.  I remember my brother Joshua's birth very well but that was ten years ago.
They waited to find out the gender at the birth so after her four boys and little girl I was hoping she'd have another girl but she had another little boy and talk about handsome!  He was soooo good lookin!  He had a full head of dark hair, a beautiful face, the tiniest cute hands and feet, a healthy size and shape and he was just a doll.

At first I wasn't sure if I'd be able to help but her assistants were so sweet and asked me to jump in and help with this or that!  I just thank God for the experience!

And so now I told Christy, I have experience.  But she'll hopefully have her baby at a birthing center, otherwise the hospital.

God made the greatest miracle when he invented birth (except for the pain) but I keep telling Christy I can't wait, even though she and Stephen say "You just wait till you get fat and big!"   But hey baby fat is the BEST and if 20 pounds are left on me if I get a such blessing from God I'll be happy!

God is good ALL the time!

His Girl,
FaithGrubb a FaithGirl

Sunday, December 2, 2012

What I Wore Today (and a while back)

Well what do you think?  Let me know how well you like it, don't like it can't stand it etc! :-P

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pear "Wine"

(a fermentation to help your stomach and nerves)

Hey I just made some home-made pear 'wine' with some bruised pears the other week. I saw it done on a "Victorian Kitchen" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0cfU2k5VsZY&feature=fvwrel) series. The gardener got all the old bruised apples (in their case) off the ground and put them in the 'wine press'. Well we don't own a wine press (we don't even have a pear tree they were given to us). So I washed these pears of all the flies and bees, then cut the pears and put them in a big pan. Then I took some of the pears and blended them in the blender. I poured the pulped pears, 2 TBs old dry wine and about 2 cups water over the cut pears in the pan then I set it on the top of the fridge. The next day I checked it and it was bubbling some and the fly larvae were up on the top of the pan, out of the pear stuff. So I got rid of all them and covered it with cellophane (we had bad flies still) and the top. I let this set for two weeks and it was 'boiling' when I got it down. I blended it all in the blender then strained it. I got a pear 'wine' and some applesauce looking stuff. It was a pear cider perfect for the Thanksgiving!

Well the thing was it was still 'live' and I didn't know that... In the jars I had the pulp in they burst open the minute I tried to open them and then the pulp still was 'lava-ing' out the top!

It was live two more days then it stopped.
But we drank it while it was 'live' its allot like Kombucha! But is goes REALLY good with Sprite, Root Beer or Cola!

Its not as clear a Kombucha and its more robust in flavor, but sweeter to me Smile

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Getting to know you...

Here's an interesting topic for you all, are you interested yet?

Its not a sin for me to talk to a guy one-on-one for 3 to 10 minutes.
I grew up thinking it was though.

But we must be aware of our own weaknesses.   Like for me, I know I can't handle more than an hour's conversation alone.  So when I am courted by anyone I will limit any private conversations and phone calls to an hour. I know I myself cannot handle anymore time alone.  Its soul to soul when you do that, to me.  But it worked for my sister who just got married, before they were engaged she and her husband would talk for over four hours, alone, no one else on the line.

And I'm not saying I'll never let my beau talk to me for four hours, its just that I'll make sure we have a chaperone Smile.   Like our families sitting around and we just talk, within earshot of others, like sisters (they are GREAT chaperones
Smile).  And in that 'private' hour we can discuss those personal private things that need being said before any commitment.   (Note all this during the Get-To-Know-You time).

Sorry to go on!

But I've learned so much!  Since I was 15 I've been telling myself I was a sinner, as I'd say 'hello' or 'how are you?' to Joe or Luke.  But that's not God's design!   I have learned that its a matter of obeying the scripture on these areas.  It is not good for a man to touch a woman.  But it is not a sin.  I will save my kiss and my hug for my wedding day but I have danced and side-hugged a few guys.  I am within God's bounds as a young woman, dressing in modest apparel not focusing on my jewelry more than my heart's virtues, wisdom, meekness etc.  And I am doing the things of the Lord in my single years and spreading his name!

I thank God he chose me!  And boy do I love gettin' out and singing for Him!

Have a blessed day and may you know His Holy Love personally!

~FaithGrubb A FaithGirl

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Some Things I'd Like to Share!

We all NEED to vote! Check out the FREE voters guide that still lets YOU CHOOSE!

No Greater Joy's TEXAS SHINDIG was soooooo much fun you all should come next year and the cost IS WORTH it (and I'm Miss Penny-Pincher herself)! They made this year officially the First Annual one! Thank God for such fellowship!

 Shindig Friends! The Pearls have a Shindig alumni group for us to join on facebook!  Here's their facebook post:
See the Making Vegetables promo! 
"Just opened the Private Group for all Shindig Alumni. We must be friends for me to add you to the group. So, add me! If you are an Alumni & want to be part of the group - comment here or PM me! :-)"

 A new video and how to series from Shoshanna, check it out her and her husband having a rotten tomato fight! 
Shoshanna grew up gardening with her family. They had many organic gardens. They sold their crops as their livelihood and preserved the balance of their harvest for the winter months. By the time she was ten years old she had a working herb garden with her mom. Each year since then, they have cultivated an herb garden that grows medicinal and culinary herbs. She started working at the Bulk Herb Store in 1998 at age fifteen. By 2002 she owned it and was working full time to build the business. She has written and published many articles and booklets on herbs, natural remedies, tinctures, and cooking with herbs. She has produced educational videos, DVDs, and books including Making Babies—a 480-page book and a DVD series, as well as the Making Herbs Simple DVDs Volumes 1 and 2.
Production Company: BoldFlame
Client: Bulk Herb Store
Director: Jerit Abart

Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects

Making Vegetables - Promo from BoldFlame on Vimeo.

Also I am excited about the coming seasons and I can't wait for a visit from my sister and new brother! 

"A band ought to have a sound all of its own. It ought to have a personality."-Glenn Miller

Oh and here's a GREAT video for all my SINGLE friends:

Blessings to Our High King,
FaithGrubb a FaithGirl! 


Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Some photos of the home-life  as well as the projects I haven't finished yet!
Making the toothpaste from Shoshanna's Bulk Herb Store!  It looks ugly but
its done my teeth so much good and the scent of cloves is great!

Me using a pitch fork to move the HOT cast iron pan off the fire some... Making Lye!

Pouring the wood-ash-water I made to make the lye.  Its not done though
I still need to boil it down to get it more potent for soap making :)

The wood-ash-lye-water soup over the fire.

The 50 cent dress I found at the Thrift shop Mel and I work at.  God is so good!

Me holding little Diesel my nephew with Abi and Joshua posing beside us.
This was on the porch at Mountain Springs Volunteer Fire department
Benefit we sang at.  It was a beautiful rainy, boggy day and the chilly wind
blew so deliciously!   What a day I got both cool weather and the baby to hold!  

Monday, October 15, 2012

Shabby Apple Contest!

Shabby Apple is having a year of free dresses!  One for every month October 2012 to October 2013. 

"This means you have will receive the dress of your choice for each month of the year."

Here are the details on how to enter:
1. You must be a follower of our blog. (comment to enter once)
2. You must like us on Facebook.

For EXTRA entries:
1. Tweet about the contest using the hashtag #shabbyapple
2. Blog about the contest.
3. Share the contest on your own Facebook wall.

And you must leave a separate entry for each over on the blog. That is a total of 5 possible entries! 
The winner will be announced on their blog next Monday October 15. Contest is open to US only. 


Monday, October 8, 2012

My Aunt's Wedding!

So the wedding, the dress I made didn't work out, for the big day, but she got married and is happy!  That's the main thing.  I hope she can still use the dress for an evening gown or something sometime!  But praise God the day went well and beautifully.  It was an indoors wedding and reception and praise him it was as the weather was cold and chilly outside!
This her on her wedding day, with the bouquet, the other is her trying on the first dress (that I made) at our house.

 Here is the beautiful new Mrs. McNeil with my little nephew, Aaron Diesel!  She's the perfect princess and he is a charming Prince eh?    And here she is with her new husband, her Knight in Shining Armor!  Thank God for such a joyous occasion.

I came up with this playlist so I can have some nice calm music while I write and type out my stories/novels!  We played some of these for my Aunt Margaret's wedding too (while people were seated)!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Lesson for FaithGirl #1

Hello All!  Its me FaithGirl!

   So I was on the No Greater Joy website (ngj.org)  and I have been learning a lot recently! 
   And talk about a reminder... Well I got one (This one was GOOD though)!  This was exactly all about what I have been learning. 
   There are several young men in my realm of life now and to several of them I only said 'Hi, how are you?' and then I felt sooo guilty!  I wondered if I had 'gone off the deep end'  or sinned a great sin against God.   I thank God I ran across this article again  (its from way back in 2009 by the way)!  

God is Amazing!

I'm light as a feather and as happy as I can be!  I was only an encouragement, hopefully, and I was too afraid I was already wrong so I thankfully wasn't 'ferocious'.  Thank God for this young man's advice and reminder!



What am I looking for in a Wife? 

by a Young Man

I want a girl who’s interested in friendship first. I’ve run into three types of girls over the years—two of them make me chuckle, but with a hint of sorrow inside. The third class I’ve observed always makes me stop and think. And smile.

Just Say Hi But Don’t Be Ferocious

There are two types of young ladies, one at either end of the “girl spectrum.” The first is most prevalent in ultra conservative, homeschool settings. She ignores the existence of the guys around her, believing the lie that any interaction with a guy is either sinful or premature romantic involvement. That’s just wrong—God created both genders to edify and challenge each other!
I would say to that girl, just get over yourself, and say hi!
Then there’s the other extreme, the “ferocious females.” Now, I have to say that I appreciate energetic, engaging girls. What concerns me, however, is that with some of these young ladies, they display a sense of discontent with their singleness. “Need” is not attractive in a girl. When a girl already has an interesting life, she then has something to bring to the marriage.

Looking for Sarah

This brings us to the type of girl that is very appealing and attractive. I like it when a young lady I meet takes the time to both talk and listen, especially when God has given us similar passions in life. And I believe that mutual passion that has the power to keep us together for a lifetime. At least, I think so. Remember, I’m still single.
Beyond that, my attention is always piqued when a girl is walking in the freedom of Christ. The most attractive women I’ve met are those who are satisfied where they are, yet are open for more of what God has for them. This is a freedom only God can give. But I’m looking for one more thing: confidence. A girl who has placed her confidence in Christ, who isn’t “afraid with any amazement” (1 Peter 3:6) but resembles Sarah—that’s a girl who will make any guy turn his head. Including this one.
My happily married brother has wisely told me, “Find a girl who is willing to follow. But you must be willing to give up as much as you’ve asked her to give up.” That’s what Sarah and Abraham did. They followed God even when they didn’t understand what he wanted. Sarah trusted God despite Abraham’s deficiencies. Sarah wasn’t afraid. She was confident in God. Yeah, I’m keeping my eye out for Sarah.

Saturday, September 29, 2012


This is amazing! I'm glad there are some Christians out there (men in particular) in the news world speaking the Christian worldview and getting it out.  READ this article it if you haven't yet!
 This is the young man and his bride!  Thanks be to God for young couples like this!

Click here, or the photo to read the article!

New Sewing prodjects!

So I am working on these two dresses now.  They (as you can see) are from the same pattern, one's a pencil skirt and the other a 50s style skirt :)

The green and purple will be my new 'going out' dress and the other I am going to give to my friend in Colorado to sell at her store there.  Wait for more photos of when they're complete!   And don't you just love old patterns... drool...   Thanks to my dear friend, Mary for the whole box of old patterns she found (at some garage sale) and gave me!  So sweet  :)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Cheery Heart?

Micheal Pearl in a talk of his ( we listened to this morning) said how good looks and beauty fade with years. I've known this but it really put it in perspective when he said "But a cheery heart doesn't rather it becomes richer with age"! I have noticed older woman in my life and certain ones I tell myself I don't want to be like her when I'm 88, and others I'll admire and say that who I want to be in 60 plus years, etc. And it's usually their cheery heart I noticed, unawares. But why wait till I'm over 60? I am a 'good enough to pass' girl, but I need to be the best I cn be through Christ! He didn't die so I could wait around and be who I want to be, until 60 or so! Nope, I am 'turning a new leaf' you could say, to become the Christ-Faith I was made to be, not the Faith Grubb-Faith. What about you? Don't you want to be the cheery heart today, that will ooze over with God's amazing grace? That will forgive every mistake brothers or siblings do? Life is short so why keep tabs of past offenses? Let live (or let kids be kids) and be happy!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Sharing "180" movie tips!

Well when I am on the phone discussing some tech problem I had on my cell phone or computer at the end when they've 'fixed' my problem and they ask "Anything else?" I say, "Well there's a free movie I thought I'd share with you/ Its a life changing film about the American holocaust etc." or you can tell the foreigners "Its a free 33 minute film about a 'new worldview'!" or tell the guys, "and its a little graphic too," then give them the link, over the phone "180movie.com"!

At a drive thru one time I used my receipt, from the first window and wrote out the link on the back and handed it to the guy, "Its a free 33 minute, life changing film!" etc. Whatever works for you. But the receipt showed him I thought it was that important, to even use that, or you can use the back of a business card, I've also done that but its almost like you really wanted them to have the card itself. Anyway, there you are, my tips anyhow! Now GO Watch it if you HAVEN'T!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I Don't Want To Fall

So with the ending of summer, I am looking forward to Christmas time already! (But don't I do that 'too early' every year?). I have a new weekly job at a fellow homeschooler's and I am looking forward to that. Also this next Tuesday night I have gig as a SONGWRITER (This will be my first 'official' one)!!!!! It will be down in Denton, at a donuts shop, the "Denton Square Donuts" shop!

Speaking of songwriting here's a verse or some song lyrics I came up with while listening to a slow jazz tune on the radio. I was singing it to the song. :)

I Don't Want To Fall

I don't want to fall that long,
I can't be sad all day,
You gave me this heart, not to be divided a million ways!

I can't risk that much,
Or complicate my mind that way,
I've cried for the last,
I can't afford the fall that long.... Again and again.

I can't lie to myself that long,
Or let my heart fly that far,
It's got to stay here with me!
Oh Lord, you gave it to me, What a sorry keeper I am.

But thank God for your Son!
He's my only hope.
I can't be blue this long,
For you I've got to shine,

I'm tired to try
But your strength is my only hope.
I don't want to fall that hard,
Or deal that hurt,
I can't afford a confused heart, again.

So my advice (if you want it): After you're used to Glenn Miller classics (and your a songwriter) DON'T drive home and listen to slow instrumental jazz tunes! =)

But like any girl that is what we go through, the temptation to give our heart (and mind) away to guys, who probably will never know we did. And the struggle to overcome those (and other temptations concurring young men) with Christ's strength alone!

Live a God honoring day!
-Faith Grubb

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Revisited "A real woman..." Part 1

A real woman...
...is glad she's a woman and rejoices in her femininity, expressing it through her attitude, appearance and bearing. (1 Timothy 2:9-10) Oh I am sure all us girls are good at this, who've been 'raised right', but do we EVERYDAY? Do we femininity through our bearing (i.e. do we act like a lady?)
A real woman...does not compete for equality with men or chafe at God's design for male and female, but delights in and understands the importance of her calling to complement man's role. (1 Timothy 2:11-12, Ephesians 5:22-24) So when's the last time you told your brother's your older than them and 'get to get such and such' because of it? Well last night I did and 1 Tim 2:11 and 12 yell their chastisement to me! God has suffered for that pride of mine! :(

A real woman...values the cultivation of her mind and diligently seeks after wisdom and knowledge. (Proverbs 22:17-21, 2:2-6) My, my, how sorry I am at this one!! I feel so busy with this job or that, but am I really too busy for God's wisdom? Proverbs 2:6 "For the Lord giveth wisdom: out of his mouth ometh knowledge and understanding." If he made time don't you think he knows and made enough time for us to spend it with him? But I know I have just been lazy and that's not acceptable! I will get up for my love! He's the only one who will be perfect to me everyday, why can't I at least admit I'm imperfect by 'making time' for the best 'perfect' teacher there is EVER???? We crazy humans and all our 'duties' or supposed busyness! Thank God he loves us!!

-Faith Grubb

Monday, August 27, 2012

A Wedding Dress!

Okay, talk about dress maker, that's me :D

So here goes the story of my Aunt's wedding dress, that I'm currently making.

I was in a buy-materiel kinda mode and so I bought a shower curtain that was on sale, it was nice and big and I knew it'd be enough materiel for a small dress at least.

Well I had it tucked away for a long time but then I decided I'd make a dress, first for me then she had commented on one dress I made so I decided to make it for her, and thankfully told her in time before I put it all together. And now its her wedding dress! She is so cute in it and it is coming along fine! I have a few adjustments to make but they are minor.

It's a fun prodject and perhaps the most important one I've done yet!

Photos will be up after October 6th, their wedding day.

I do apologize it will take a while, but no-one must see the dress yet.

Keep posted!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

1880s dress: DONE!

Here's the photos, I can't say much but whew!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

North Carolina...

We are here at Christy's and she's already got to put her baby (in her tummy) to sleep for a nap! :) We met Stephen's family again and had fun playing the board game "Clue". I also hope we can play a 1950s game I found.

On our way up here we went to Nashville, TN. It's not as great as we thought, or as nice. We only saw rock and roll bands and there were a lot of bars. But we did get to sing at Cane Creek Church, where Mr. Micheal Pearl usually preaches. But keep him in your prayers he was sick when we were there. We also got to jam with some other musicians near our age!

I found this great picture and I like these dress styles, don't you wish dresses were still this cute & affordable? :)

We will sing Wednesday in TN again on our way home and we play Thursday night in Texas.

Well I better go now. Have a great week!

His Gal,
Faith Ellie

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Facts about my names!

Faith (given name)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Faith is an English feminine given name derived from the word faith. It became popularized when the Puritans began using it as a virtue name during the 17th century.[1] Puritans also used Faith as part of longer phrase names, such as Be-faithful, Faithful, Faith-my-joy, and Fight-the-good-fight-of-faith.[2]


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Elizabeth or Elisabeth is the Greek transliteration of the Hebrew name Elisheva, meaning "God's promise", "oath of God", or "I am God’s daughter".[citation needed] Elizabeth and Elisabeth are the parent unit names of Lisa, Liza, Lilly, Lizzie, Liz, Beth, Betty, Ella, Elisa, Elise, and Eliza; Elsa, Bitsy, Betsy, Isabel, and Isabella are etymologically related variants.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

More photos...

At a pool in Lamar, CO. on our resent trip to Colorado.

This was inside an old 1880s cabin at South Park City in Fairplay, CO. The 1880s museum/town. It was very neat, those stairs lead up to the loft above us.

BELOW: Me, Joshua and John trying Daddy's glasses on (don't they look good?) While he was trying my blue-mirrored sunglasses on (with Joshi's cowboy hat)!

Joshua's bed in our Guestroom after he and I rearranged it.

Melody and I made and decorated that literal pan-cake together, for the 4th of July!

My favorite car, a 1960s Mustang, the best car (and horse, only it'd be better if it was convertible)!