Saturday, April 7, 2012

His Holy Child!

Boy, what a week!  I am so glad to play music and sing and get to travel all together!  We just played down in GlenRose, TX and right across the street was a beautiful stream.  It was about a foot at places and then about 5 to 10 feet at others.  We could wade across, on the one foot deep areas and then when Mel and I sat with Mama on the rocks, with our feet in the water, the little minnows came and cleaned off our feet!   We got to hear the LouisianaGrass for the first time and they are so good, except they have some crass and dirty jokes that aren't necessary at all.   We also heard Mark Philips and 3rd Generation again.  And our new friends  of LonesomeRidge.   

   We're all looking forward to the wedding coming up and the bride-to-be is gone to NC, right now, for about 12 days.  We also can't wait for June as we go to Colorado again!  Only Christy might not be coming. :(   But our friends (from there) told us we're going fishing again in the mountain streams!  It is always so beautiful and hopefully the festival will have another square-dance like they usually do (its hard to find a nice group of people to dance with).

   Check out my other campaigning website page here, its more about myself and why I am running.   Also let me know what you think and please pray for me if you can on these dates especially:  April 17th, when I have a debate here in town, May 3rd (another debate) and May 12th when the actual voting takes place.

His Holy Child,
Faith Ellie