Tuesday, June 12, 2012

How my Garden grows!

Gardening is so fun! But it does need its attention. I have finally pulled most of all my carrots. I know we'll be leaving next week for Colorado so I went ahead and did it :( I really wanted to leave them in and it was sad to pull them from their life. There are two different kinds, I have their packages upstairs otherwise I'd tell you them but I forgot. One is a stub carrot and one was a sort of regular type carrot. Mama said they are the sweetest she's ever had, and they should be but one split, even when I tried to water them everyday, or at the most every few days.

Here's photos of my cabbages too. I only have four of them left that survived but the bugs are eating them up when I don't spray them with an all natural bug spray (for plants) from Shaklee called Basic-H (its also an all around the house soap)! Anyhow, here they are the little dears, but I must also pull them before I go as we'll be gone for 2 weeks at least.

But the tending to my plants has given me the want to make a bigger garden and really produce enough to help out in the veggie department for our family! The Lord is soo good he invented such a fun way to grow your own food! What a master, right? But then again he's the LORD and MAKER of all right! Praise Him that only He is in control!

The State Republican Convention was so much fun and boy did I get my exercise in! At least I'm back and shape and if I'll continue my walks every morning I might stay in shape too (out of shape meaning that when I go to ride horses I'm REALLY sore, or when I go to play tag and I end the game as if I were a big bruise walking around)! So anyhow, that's my garden and oh I got to meet my friend, Sarah Holman, finally in person! She's an author of the book "Destiny of One" too! Also got to meet up with some other friends after years and get re-acquainted with our county friends. God is so good. And we had our nephews over for the day! Aaron Lemans Diesel is now four months old too and he's a cutey! He looks like his Daddy and Great Memaw! Oh well sorry to ramble. Talk to you all later.

"And he gave some, apostles and some, prophets and some, evangelist and some, pastors and teachers, for the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ:" Ephesians 4:11 & 12

His Holy Child,
Faith EllieLink

Monday, June 4, 2012

School Board and Current Life!

I didn't win. But the Lord has me doing other things and now I'm free to do His will. It would've been a two year commitment but I was ready if God needed me there.

I plan to help out at a local Christian School, as soon as God opens the doors. Currently we as a family help out at a outreach in Sherman for people who have been addicted to drugs or anything really. Melody and I help out at a Pregnancy Center in Gainsville and plan to also start helping again at the one in Sherman too.

We have found a place where we can ride horses sometimes, not all that often but now and again, maybe every week but not sure.

Oh I got to talk on the phone the other week to my friend in New Zealand! She is so sweet and the accent it was just so lovely! Felicity does professional art and you can check out her blog here at http://www.equinefineart.net/

Do give her business! She is such a fine young lady and I can't wait to finally meet her hopefully sometime soon.

I went to a Swing Dance on Saturday night and that was so fun! Here's some pictures.
That's Melody Merritt (my friend) and I dancing and John and Abi dancing. It was fun to go and dance again. I really liked being able to dance like the folks back in the 1940s and 50s did. What a blast!

Well I had better go now.

His Holy Child,
Faith Ellie

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Lindsay and Jack and eternity

My friend's sister and nephew just past away, On the 19th, in a car accident. Her brother in law is in critical condition. Please pray for them in their grief.

I'm linking a song that I heard at Lindsay and Jack's after-funeral-worship service and what a worshiping time it was. The family knew it was a celebration that their daughter and grandson left for heaven and they wanted everyone to worship our maker! And getting to praise the King who just took home two of His beautiful jewels to set in His crown was amazing. And what joy I'm sure they are having up in paradise... How I can't wait myself to go home and meet my BEST friend Jesus! But I know I have people to say farewell too, some only as a "See you later in heaven" but also I have would have to say good bye to some forever, sadly.

Is your guardian angel standing by? You don't have one if you aren't God's child.

The GREAT thing about heaven is that everything is perfect there and everything that goes into heaven must be perfect. So how can I go? How do I know that for SURE I'm going to heaven? God has laws in heaven, remember them? There are ten of them. The ten commandments. If we break the law we can't enter heaven. "THOU SHALT NOT LIE"... But wait I have lied so now I am a liar, and "THOU SHALT NOT STEAL" even if I took a tiny stick of gum from the store I stole something and I've done that. So how can I know I'm going to a place were you must be perfect? It's like a court of law. They judge has found me guilty of a crime, like MURDER (theft and lying is as serious as murder to God). I MUST be punished for this crime. The bond is at $400,000,000,000,000 and I can't pay for it! How can I go?

Surely God sees my goodness and will let me go? But isn't that like telling the judge, "But I helped at the daycare so you should let me go!" Wouldn't that be a crooked judge? Yes! So how could that work with the perfect God who can't act like you never stole or lied?
And so God is merciful right? Surely he'll let us through? No! God said that "...and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death." (hell) Revelation 21:8. So is Hell just a curse word? No. Its a real place! I don't want to see my friends go there at all, but when they have heard me tell them that's all I can do. I can't shove the truth on them. So I may never see some friends again if I died tonight by a heart attack or aneurism. Are you sure you know where you'll go? We have to spend eternity in hell now that we've lied but did you know God made a way for us to go free? Do you remember what it was? It was about 2,000 years ago.

So let's go back to the court room. I'm shrinking in fear under the judge's angry face and then in walks some guy I've never seen before and he gets out $400,000,000,000,000. There's a ton of bills half crumpled and waded up, he puts it all on the judge's desk and the judge smiles to me, "Justice is served, you can go free." Then the guy with all his money turns to me, "I sold my house, and my car and everything when I heard you were in such trouble. Please let me know when you need anything else."

You're just standing there mouth open eyes wide, he said 'let me know when you need anything else?' man, what sort of guy is this? He's God's tool to allow us to go to heaven, or go free from the prison we'd be sent to! God loved us so, so much he sent his son the messiah (which means savior), to free us from our eternal prison, hell. Remember to go to heaven you must be perfect. But no man can be perfect. Only God can. So he became flesh, Jesus Christ, he lived a perfect life and then died went to hell with all of our sins on him. He made it okay for EVERYONE to go to heaven now but only if you first turn from your sins and then believe that Jesus is who he says he was, the son of GOD. So two things, just turn 180 from your sins and believe Jesus is God in the flesh. And there is plenty of evidence if you still seem skeptical.
Satan doesn't want you to read this, but I don't want you to go to hell.
Gospel means "Good news". So may this good news change your life my friend. But I pray you are not my friend here on earth alone. Will you be my friend in heaven?

So Jesus 2,000 years ago became Faith Grubb and hung on that cross to death, being suffocated in the lungs by hanging for 3 hours. Then he went to hell, as Faith Grubb, for 3 days. Then because he's God, he rose from the dead, defeating death, and my old sins and identity are left in hell. He gave me his life record, of perfection, never lying, never stealing and never dishonoring his parents. So now when I go to the judge when I die he will ask, "So lying, stealing Faith Grubb, why do you think I'll let you in heaven, you've lied and stolen right?" Then Jesus will walk up and say, "Father, I died for this girl. My blood has shed for her sins. She accepted me as God of the universe and has turned away from her sins, with a very heavy sadness for what she has done, lying and stealing." Then God, as he promised in his Bible shall smile and tell me, "Come home my good and faithful servant."

His Holy Child,
Faith Ellie