Monday, July 16, 2012

A lesson in training and a lovely painting

This past week I've been watching some little darlings! First I watched a friend's five children (and she's expecting her sixth or sixth and seventh :D). Then the next three days I had a fine time getting up about 5:30 to 6 and car pulling down to Flower Mound, TX. I was 'teacher' to eight little two-year-olds there, at a homeschooler's event! The children were all such sweeties (as all two year olds are) testing all their boundaries yet also learning to heed my voice. But I wasn't alone! A young lady helped me out all three days and that was quite a help. We had to put them down for a nap in the afternoons, and it was neat the first day I read the bible to them, and also on the second day but I found Linkthat instead of monotone reading, wordless humming worked better. And that was somewhat of a challenge, but by the third day they were all worn out and to humming (I tried to remember all the hymns I know) they fell asleep all eight of them at the same time so for twenty minutes I got to read a book! On the second day we did have 10, six boys and 4 girls, but it was fun to learn to handle that many kiddos! And I even learned to train a few of them not to scream (with the assistance of the one empty crib). God is also teaching me contentment at this time. And perseverance. I am learning to act as if I will remain single for the rest of my life, for who knows I may! I have plans of doing some projects I've never tried before, but dreampt of (that sounds silly). I am typing out my book for publishing soon, but it won't be professionally edited. I am still saving up for New Zealand but I am wondering if I should buy an edifi for my book typing, and music recording. And its so neat! Its a neat piece, made by Christians, that is very similar to the Ipad!

So here is the lovely picture it is painted by Daniel Gerhartz. I love it! Makes me think of how God leads us on our individual journeys through life! You should check the painter's site out here, but I'd just warn you of the clothing of his figures, some may consider it quite 'modest' but it isn't to me :)

In God's eyes,
His Holy Girl,
-Faith Ellie

Monday, July 9, 2012

Teaser of my NEW book "Broken Pieces"!

Monday, July 2, 2012


WE LEFT June 18th for Colorado and now we're home! What a fabulous two weeks! God really provided a place for our heads every night. What an amazing God we serve.

GospelGrass was fun and we got to dance about every night, instead of just Saturday night. We taught the dancers a new dance and also got to meet quite a few new friends and re-meet old ones! We met a neat singing family out in Minnesota, for all you Minnesotan readers, The Knudtson Family. They are very Godly and worth looking up.

We also met quite a few folks at the many different churches and nursing homes we sang at. We even experienced the great vastness of the Colorado plains, spent a night in the Mountains and got to play on the porch of an old 1880s home! We got to jam around an empty fire-pit (too many fire hazards and too many wildfires already to start any sort of flame) with the bright crescent moon and coyotes singing in the background. The boys even got to ride in the jeep/model-T pictured.

We are a blessed country and we need to realize that even with all the fault that could be blamed on this or that or him or her, we can still do something to fix that. Number one we could go out and witness to every soul we meet as we go along through the day. Jesus did it wherever he went and it wasn't just because he was God either. He later called Paul and the others to do too. And did Paul go move to the uncivilized Americans way back then? I mean that would be what we do today! No! He stayed home where he was from and then went around the surrounding areas. He went to where they'd listen but did he just stop there? No, he went on to get out the word!
What would America be like if we all took the time to witness to EVERYONE we got in a conversation with? I see gays BOLDLY standing up for who satan is, where are the Christians BOLDLY standing up for who Jesus Christ is??? Talk is cheap but where's the actions?

AND IF YOU'RE SCARED TO WITNESS, DO YOU FORGET THAT "...with God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26 "...all things are possible to him that believeth." Mark 9:23 "...for with God all things are possible." Mark 10:27 "The things which are impossible with men are possible with God."Luke 18:27! AND CHECK OUT Mark Cahill's video here and all his other stuff (his other book "One Heartbeat Away" is free):

And check out Living Waters ministry for more witnessing tips and videos:

So go preach the gospel!

His Holy Child,
Faith Ellie