Saturday, September 29, 2012


This is amazing! I'm glad there are some Christians out there (men in particular) in the news world speaking the Christian worldview and getting it out.  READ this article it if you haven't yet!
 This is the young man and his bride!  Thanks be to God for young couples like this!

Click here, or the photo to read the article!

New Sewing prodjects!

So I am working on these two dresses now.  They (as you can see) are from the same pattern, one's a pencil skirt and the other a 50s style skirt :)

The green and purple will be my new 'going out' dress and the other I am going to give to my friend in Colorado to sell at her store there.  Wait for more photos of when they're complete!   And don't you just love old patterns... drool...   Thanks to my dear friend, Mary for the whole box of old patterns she found (at some garage sale) and gave me!  So sweet  :)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Cheery Heart?

Micheal Pearl in a talk of his ( we listened to this morning) said how good looks and beauty fade with years. I've known this but it really put it in perspective when he said "But a cheery heart doesn't rather it becomes richer with age"! I have noticed older woman in my life and certain ones I tell myself I don't want to be like her when I'm 88, and others I'll admire and say that who I want to be in 60 plus years, etc. And it's usually their cheery heart I noticed, unawares. But why wait till I'm over 60? I am a 'good enough to pass' girl, but I need to be the best I cn be through Christ! He didn't die so I could wait around and be who I want to be, until 60 or so! Nope, I am 'turning a new leaf' you could say, to become the Christ-Faith I was made to be, not the Faith Grubb-Faith. What about you? Don't you want to be the cheery heart today, that will ooze over with God's amazing grace? That will forgive every mistake brothers or siblings do? Life is short so why keep tabs of past offenses? Let live (or let kids be kids) and be happy!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Sharing "180" movie tips!

Well when I am on the phone discussing some tech problem I had on my cell phone or computer at the end when they've 'fixed' my problem and they ask "Anything else?" I say, "Well there's a free movie I thought I'd share with you/ Its a life changing film about the American holocaust etc." or you can tell the foreigners "Its a free 33 minute film about a 'new worldview'!" or tell the guys, "and its a little graphic too," then give them the link, over the phone ""!

At a drive thru one time I used my receipt, from the first window and wrote out the link on the back and handed it to the guy, "Its a free 33 minute, life changing film!" etc. Whatever works for you. But the receipt showed him I thought it was that important, to even use that, or you can use the back of a business card, I've also done that but its almost like you really wanted them to have the card itself. Anyway, there you are, my tips anyhow! Now GO Watch it if you HAVEN'T!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I Don't Want To Fall

So with the ending of summer, I am looking forward to Christmas time already! (But don't I do that 'too early' every year?). I have a new weekly job at a fellow homeschooler's and I am looking forward to that. Also this next Tuesday night I have gig as a SONGWRITER (This will be my first 'official' one)!!!!! It will be down in Denton, at a donuts shop, the "Denton Square Donuts" shop!

Speaking of songwriting here's a verse or some song lyrics I came up with while listening to a slow jazz tune on the radio. I was singing it to the song. :)

I Don't Want To Fall

I don't want to fall that long,
I can't be sad all day,
You gave me this heart, not to be divided a million ways!

I can't risk that much,
Or complicate my mind that way,
I've cried for the last,
I can't afford the fall that long.... Again and again.

I can't lie to myself that long,
Or let my heart fly that far,
It's got to stay here with me!
Oh Lord, you gave it to me, What a sorry keeper I am.

But thank God for your Son!
He's my only hope.
I can't be blue this long,
For you I've got to shine,

I'm tired to try
But your strength is my only hope.
I don't want to fall that hard,
Or deal that hurt,
I can't afford a confused heart, again.

So my advice (if you want it): After you're used to Glenn Miller classics (and your a songwriter) DON'T drive home and listen to slow instrumental jazz tunes! =)

But like any girl that is what we go through, the temptation to give our heart (and mind) away to guys, who probably will never know we did. And the struggle to overcome those (and other temptations concurring young men) with Christ's strength alone!

Live a God honoring day!
-Faith Grubb