Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pear "Wine"

(a fermentation to help your stomach and nerves)

Hey I just made some home-made pear 'wine' with some bruised pears the other week. I saw it done on a "Victorian Kitchen" ( series. The gardener got all the old bruised apples (in their case) off the ground and put them in the 'wine press'. Well we don't own a wine press (we don't even have a pear tree they were given to us). So I washed these pears of all the flies and bees, then cut the pears and put them in a big pan. Then I took some of the pears and blended them in the blender. I poured the pulped pears, 2 TBs old dry wine and about 2 cups water over the cut pears in the pan then I set it on the top of the fridge. The next day I checked it and it was bubbling some and the fly larvae were up on the top of the pan, out of the pear stuff. So I got rid of all them and covered it with cellophane (we had bad flies still) and the top. I let this set for two weeks and it was 'boiling' when I got it down. I blended it all in the blender then strained it. I got a pear 'wine' and some applesauce looking stuff. It was a pear cider perfect for the Thanksgiving!

Well the thing was it was still 'live' and I didn't know that... In the jars I had the pulp in they burst open the minute I tried to open them and then the pulp still was 'lava-ing' out the top!

It was live two more days then it stopped.
But we drank it while it was 'live' its allot like Kombucha! But is goes REALLY good with Sprite, Root Beer or Cola!

Its not as clear a Kombucha and its more robust in flavor, but sweeter to me Smile

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Getting to know you...

Here's an interesting topic for you all, are you interested yet?

Its not a sin for me to talk to a guy one-on-one for 3 to 10 minutes.
I grew up thinking it was though.

But we must be aware of our own weaknesses.   Like for me, I know I can't handle more than an hour's conversation alone.  So when I am courted by anyone I will limit any private conversations and phone calls to an hour. I know I myself cannot handle anymore time alone.  Its soul to soul when you do that, to me.  But it worked for my sister who just got married, before they were engaged she and her husband would talk for over four hours, alone, no one else on the line.

And I'm not saying I'll never let my beau talk to me for four hours, its just that I'll make sure we have a chaperone Smile.   Like our families sitting around and we just talk, within earshot of others, like sisters (they are GREAT chaperones
Smile).  And in that 'private' hour we can discuss those personal private things that need being said before any commitment.   (Note all this during the Get-To-Know-You time).

Sorry to go on!

But I've learned so much!  Since I was 15 I've been telling myself I was a sinner, as I'd say 'hello' or 'how are you?' to Joe or Luke.  But that's not God's design!   I have learned that its a matter of obeying the scripture on these areas.  It is not good for a man to touch a woman.  But it is not a sin.  I will save my kiss and my hug for my wedding day but I have danced and side-hugged a few guys.  I am within God's bounds as a young woman, dressing in modest apparel not focusing on my jewelry more than my heart's virtues, wisdom, meekness etc.  And I am doing the things of the Lord in my single years and spreading his name!

I thank God he chose me!  And boy do I love gettin' out and singing for Him!

Have a blessed day and may you know His Holy Love personally!

~FaithGrubb A FaithGirl