Tuesday, December 25, 2012

SNOW in TEXAS!!!!!!!

I prayed for a foot of snow and its still snowing! God is SOOO good and how smart he is too, the rain and sleet all morning (and night) got the ground hard and cold enough to keep it for the White Christmas I asked for!!!!!!!!
Thank God for granting my prayer!  By the way the only white Christmas I remember in my twenty years was in '04 and we got 1/2 an inch I think (that was barely white and melted so quickly)!   And I've never been up north during Christmas so this is the FIRST WHITE CHRISTMAS I've ever seen in my life (twenty, almost 21 years :D).
Thank God!

FaithGrubb the FaithGirl ~ :P

Monday, December 24, 2012

My Christmas 2012

The day is almost gone and tomorrow, in less than two hours it will be a bright, chilly Christmas Day!

The joys of the season are contagious.  The heart of our home is overflowing with love and good tidings.  My own heart is learning the true happiness of home, and I make plans for my life here at home.  I know that its of no use to ponder the day of my departure from home and the more I read of Laura Ingalls' "These Happy Golden Years"  (a tradition of mine to read it every winter)  I am learning to appreciate the bustle and cheer of my big family.  I know it isn't no bed of roses, marriage (but DON'T think I am some girl set on singleness, with a hate for marriage- quite the opposite :P).  And I am finding out that the married life is just like the bible says, a life of caring for the things of the world (1st Corn. 7:34).  And I have so many talents that I must 'perfect' for my Christ, before I get involved in some man's life.  My own family is enough and though I wouldn't mind 'adding' someone else to my list of family, I know God needs me to focus on him and get my heart totally directed where he needs it to go!

I am tired.  I am happy.  I am warm (in the cold).  I am content with my joy and can't wait to see where my Lord will guide me.  And what a guide he is too.   I love him so!

His Forever,
Your Friend (and our home is always open to anyone who cares to come by -even tomorrow- the more the merrier :D),

~FaithGrubb A FaithGirl ~

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Baby, I Can't Wait!

Christina and Stephen are over for a Christmas time this week and I am writing out my new short stories to eventually publish!

I plan to hopefully publish two books this spring or summer, but whenever God allows :)

On Wednesday, the 12th, I got to go over to my friend's home-birth and help out with the delivery!   She had to have a backup midwife come (her midwife being out of pocket) but the two assistants she knew did get to come.  So them three, her husband, her Mother and I were all in there and she was great.  I thank her soo much for letting her delivery be my classroom!  It was amazing.  I remember my brother Joshua's birth very well but that was ten years ago.
They waited to find out the gender at the birth so after her four boys and little girl I was hoping she'd have another girl but she had another little boy and talk about handsome!  He was soooo good lookin!  He had a full head of dark hair, a beautiful face, the tiniest cute hands and feet, a healthy size and shape and he was just a doll.

At first I wasn't sure if I'd be able to help but her assistants were so sweet and asked me to jump in and help with this or that!  I just thank God for the experience!

And so now I told Christy, I have experience.  But she'll hopefully have her baby at a birthing center, otherwise the hospital.

God made the greatest miracle when he invented birth (except for the pain) but I keep telling Christy I can't wait, even though she and Stephen say "You just wait till you get fat and big!"   But hey baby fat is the BEST and if 20 pounds are left on me if I get a such blessing from God I'll be happy!

God is good ALL the time!

His Girl,
FaithGrubb a FaithGirl

Sunday, December 2, 2012

What I Wore Today (and a while back)

Well what do you think?  Let me know how well you like it, don't like it can't stand it etc! :-P