Friday, January 25, 2013

Styles I Wear (Usually while Singing)

This here, the yellow top, brown skirt and cowboy boots is a 'home' outfit.  I did get rid of the skirt, it was too short (when seated).  And my 'medieval' hairstyle that I made up.  Just divide your hair in half (like your gonna do twin braids) then bend down, and start an inside out french braid on the one side from the back of your neck up toward the forehead.  But turn to the other side (one your outta hair) and incorporate that hair (from the other side of the split) and braid on straight down.  Tie off then loop round and in end underneath the beginning of the braid!  Walla!   And You'll look like a Princess in seconds!  (Someday I'll get that on YouTube)  : P  
The last green one I had some loose 'bell bottom' jeans on underneath, its a 'modern' style that is the only way I'll wear jeans. :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Styles I like and wear...

Here's a few photos of the things I'd like to make and that I already have.


Saturday, January 5, 2013

So photos of Christmas!

So here are allot of photos from Christmas.  I lover having fun and with family is the best!  I am just sad it was so short.  We really need to do it again!

Getting ready to pray and our Memaw was on Skype on the screen there in front of Mel and James!

Our Family's STOCK(ing) EXCHANGE :)  Soo fun!

Us kids all eating and talking to Memaw on Skype (on the little
table in front of Joshi).  But we were really laughing at Evan!

Abigail (to the L) and Melody snow ball fighting!

My Aunt Margaret and me in the shirt she bought me!

My cousin Evan, he's over 6 foot tall.

Evan in My fur coat!  But I must say it rather fit him and his height :)

My Uncle 'bearing gifts'!

My new Uncle and Daddy playing pool!

John and James and the guns our Memaw's friend Miss Bobbie gave them!

~Home Sweet Home~

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A New Year 2013!

   With the last Christmas party and a New's party combined, yesterday, we brought  in the new year with splendid *bang*!
    I am a bit sick now but I am getting over it now, I believe.  So on this second day of this year of our Lord, 2013 our family is all intact, pleasant, happy and content with life.

   I am writing you here on my own laptop with the monitor connected so I can see what I'm doing.  (Let me just say its taken a while to get this 2004 Compaq hooked up so I can use it other than on the big TV screen).  I wanted to get on here today so I could edit my book but I can't install any Microsoft yet while I don't have the admin password yet. 

   It is one of my resolutions to finish that book, "Broken Pieces", this year (meaning publish it) for some more income. 

I don't know what else we'll be doing this year but I hope we can go to Colorado again, even though I don't think they're having the GospelGrass Festival.  We have so many friends up there and it is so lovely during the summer.  But I know we will see the grandeur of the Blueridge Mountains this spring when our little niece is due.  She will be such a darling I know and I can't wait to hold her, but I know she has so many of us eager to do that, why all her three Aunts up in North Carolina and then we three Aunts here and two grandmothers, besides all the Uncles and her two Granddads!   She's is so loved even now and  I am excited to see what this year holds for our family and for me, hopefully it will hold that trip to NZ I've been saving for.  God only knows.

Anyway I hope you had a very pleasant New year!

His Forever,
FaithGrubb A FaithGirl~