Monday, February 25, 2013

My Life is Grand!

Traveling is soo fun!  And what a life.  God has given us the opportunity to meet and sing and visit with soo many of his loving children!  I can really anticipate heaven, more than I have. 
We get to see the beautiful hills and low mountains and everything he has made!  Our treat on this trip is the baby coming soon! (Christy, my oldest sister's, baby) 
We will be gone from the house over a month, but a dear friend is staying there and has it all under control!  God really blessed us with more food too, for the travels.  We also will get to go TN again too and I like that area!   Well Daddy wants us to get on the road again!

His Child,
FaithGrubb a FaithGirl

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Weekend Away and Fun Cleaning!

We went to Memaw's over the weekend.  Melody, Mama and I.  We enjoyed some Downton Abbey, but I can't stand too much, if I can fastforward its better :)
We also played Stephen's game "5 Card"  but we've renamed it to "It Takes a Thief".  You can 'steal' (rather trade) cards!

I got to clean her older 40s/50s home and that was fun.  Its so snug and just 850 or 900 sqft and I enjoyed it!  She has this GREAT steam mop thingy too, for the wood floors, that I quite enjoyed!

And dusting is so fun, especially in a finished home, with no remodeling.

And now I'm home again in my 'new'  job (since two weeks back) as laundress I see the need to spiff up the place a bit and rearrange some (if I can use that word 'spiff' for that grungy room of ours...).

I am excited to make a sewing nook in there for the mending and I'll leave you now to 'get on top' of the piles!   :)   (Don't worry I was paying bills on here)

Have a blessed day!  And enjoy your cleaning as much as I find its possible to do so.

His Child,
FaithGrubb a FaithGirl ~

(I will add my own photos to this later)

Friday, February 1, 2013

Family Part One

I am fortunate to have many photos of my family still I miss some who've gone on, but that's how the world turns, the elders go on and we must learn from them and live out our life.

Here's some photos of my ancestors!  Some not too far back and others rather distant :)

First my Daddy's parents.  Popo and Nana, both passed on, Nana in '98 and Popo in '06. 

The top is Popo.  In the service, as a child with his twin and at work as a youth.  Then the next is Grandpa Edwin Shoeder, Nana's father and Popo holding Daddy.  And then the last, dear Nana.  Where we got our dimples from Mama says :)

Popo, them with Daddy.  Great Grama Mary Bessie Stowe Grubb (kin to Harriet Beecher Stowe).  Nana pregnant with Daddy.  Then Popo, his dad Wlater Jay, one of his nieces (Popo's), his sister Aunt Margie and Nana.

Check back for more later.