Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Don't Take it for Granted

Here's a photo I wanted to share with you all of me and my family.

I see so many Christian families like ours and I take it for granted that this is the norm, well sorta.  In the back of my mind I'm like no lots of families are broken etc. but it never really sinks in.

And when we sing countless people come up and say "You better enjoy it while you can!"  or "You're so lucky."

Its true I'm blessed.  I am so blessed that sometimes I shamefully get to a point where I think 'well that's how its supposed to be and so what' (We're together still, Dad and Mom care etc).  What a mistake.  I have to stop myself and thank God over and over for all he's done for me!  First my homeland is FREE (as of now) and I can't say that I understand true persecution.  Secondly, all my immediate family are alive and well (and healthy at that).   What a fool I am to take these things for granted!

So persevere.  It is good and biblical to mingle with like minded folks but we must also be realistic with ourselves and realize that we are living a 'weird' life, on the narrow path.  We are swimming up stream and going God's way and its all a gift from God.  He's given us the gift of sight to see the black and white, right and wrong, and the correct and incorrect. 

And no it isn't free it cost God's only son to die for our sins.  And then it cost the obedience of my parents who obeyed him and taught us the bible, His word.  Oh Thank GOD!
And no our life is not without 'persecution' either (or what we can refer to as such).  That's just part of being a Christian in the world, they'll give us flack as long as we stand for Jesus (AND COUNT IT ALL GOOD)!
Just don't be shocked (like I was) when it happens to you (a post coming up about that).

God bless you!

His Babe,
FaithGrubb A FaithGirl

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Family Part Two

Here's the Maternal side now.  :)  Sorry this took me a while.

There's not many of my grandparents (that's what I sorta was waiting for...)  But their ancestors, mainly my Mom's, Mom's side... you followed that right?... So let me get serious.

So in the early 1900s this rich guy, George McNett wanted to marry Beulah Oberlitchner, a welder's daughter.  His mother never really approved the match.  But they married anyway and had four children.  Bernice, Helen, Louise and a boy who's name escapes me.
And they grew up and Louise married this guy Leroy Smith.  They had two children, Carol in 1939 and Anita in 1941 (my Memaw), in or near Toledo, OH.  In 1941/42 Leroy left Louise and the kids and she never saw him again.  Later she married Duffy (his first name escapes me too). 
Also in or around Toledo, OH in 1938 my Grandpa was born, Marvin Rutter.  To get her daughter's mind off boys Louise told Anita to go to this UFO meeting, in the late 50s, but low and behold she met Marvin there!  Well so they married in 1959, then moved to Long Beach, CA for his job.  They had Mama in '60, and my aunt and uncle there too. Then in 1964 moved to Mesquite (near Dallas) TX, again for his job (Lone Star Gas this time) and also Louise then lived in the Dallas area.  They've since divorced but they've been here in TX ever since :)

...Did I give my parental family's story?...  Let me know so I can create a new post about that, and I might add some newer history too, about my parents!

Okay for some photos!

Photo Descriptions:
1. My Memaw and her sister Carol (Louise's children).  
2. Memaw's grandparents, George and Beulah and three of their kids (L to R) Helen, Bernice and Louise, Memaw's Mother.
3. Memaw's step Daddy, Mr. Duffy (on the right) and a buddy in the Navy.
4. Memaw and Grandpa (in the back) on their wedding!
5. George's Mother Clara as a child.  (This little broach was given to me by my Memaw on my 20th Birthday! Its the size of a dime.)
6. Beulah as a youth.
7. Louise as a youth.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Busy Resting Up

Some friends of mine got married before they even turned 20, guys and girls.  They never really had that adult-at-home stage.  They just waltzed off to marriage!  But now I'm realizing it maybe wasn't such a waltz,
more like an excited sigh and then a hard uphill, rocky climb.

 Me I'm getting my chores under control and I have the opportunity to work outside of home and create art and use my talents, write books and on the top sing with my big family on stage about Jesus!

I sometimes worry but then I realize, no God is taking care of my sweets while I can't, wherever he is God is looking out for him and the only thing connecting us is the prayers I pray for him now.   And I pray too that I'll be so lost in Christ that Mr. Right will have to dig for me in Jesus :)  This photo (not mine at all) has really inspired me and encouraged me too.  As the younger married friends have too.  They are showing me the bliss of a young marriage and the fruits and blessings of waiting on God!

So dear Sweet (future husband), wherever you are my prayers are for you and your family/authorities and I am very busy resting up for when you come and we'll ride God's exciting, adventurous, highway at break-neck-speed!  (More like eyes-on-Jesus speed, which is fast, we're learning!)

So girls don't freak out if you got a 'crush' God built those in us when we're young ladies and women.  Just pray about it and treat EVERY guy the same, except when they are a real flake or jerk, then shun them and cling to your Daddy and bros, or 'Mama Bear' :)  Creeps are creeps and deserve no attention from any young lady.  Ask your pastor, or older Christian male friend witness to him and you scram!

God gave us brains to use and told us "Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves."  Matt 10:16.  And this world is full of wolves today, who are VERY eager to prey on Christ's children and even those who even believe in him!  Watch it.  And ask God about it (in Jesus' name) and he'll answer you.

His Holy Child,
FaithGrubb a FaithGirl

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Home Again, Home Again (findin the groove)

So here's what I've been doing. Cooking, drinking and I made that chair before we left on our trip. I plan to finish some sewing, but I have been doing the drinking and cooking already. :D Along with cleaning the laundry room up again! It looks nice again (after we came and dumbed all our belongings after the trip)! I am still editing my book and today we got ready for our campout this weekend! I already made a fire and set up our tent. Its beautiful weather too, God is soo good! So stay tuned, I'll have my cheese making photos up next (I did do that yesterday, after our trip) so I'm back in the home groove, getting my prodjects finished and complete!
...Summer that equals Bluegrass festivals, Colorado trip, swimming, singing, getting together with old friends etc. And being a bridesmaid too!...     :)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The 2-Piece Rocking Chair by Faith Grubb :)

A chair I made (two broken chairs put together), painted then photographed! With a short saying I made up!