Monday, May 27, 2013

Thank you Soldiers!

It is sad how many soldiers there are around us and we take it for granted. I never got to ask my Popo more of his stories and my Memaw didn't live too long with her step dad. Don't quit assuming they'll be there for life 'cause they won't. If not for the cool stories, thank a soldier today for the sake of those who couldn't get home to tell their story.
My Grandfather, Popo (on the left) and my Memaw's step dad and a buddy sailor (photo on the right.  Her step dad is on the one on the right).

Sunday, May 19, 2013

What will I teach my children?

 On the Homeschool Alumni website this question came up: What will you teach your children?

So here's my answer(s)....

Well first to use and handle a gun/weapon.  This is very important to prevent gun accidents.  Think about it how many children a year died from gun accidents in the 1800s, and how many do today?  I would go about it like anything else, learning to ride a bike etc.  Its not a 'big deal' if I made it such it would cause problems.  But I would definitely teach them the dangers of guns/weapons.  An start them young, take 'em hunting with me etc. as a babe.  Not "You're 12 now let's learn about guns..."

Second sexual awareness.  Abuse is WAY more rampant these days and I would do the same, teach them while they grow up, when I see a stranger's child alone or something use it to teach my kids.  "See that child, she is in great danger of being abuse, messed with in the wrong way, don't ever leave Daddy or Mommy ever..." etc.

The BIBLE (of course this is first)!  When we sleep and when we rise, when we wash dishes and take walks, clean the car or take a vacation!

Herbal/healthy diet, sickness treatments, headache cures etc.  For their health, safety.  And same as above while they're young.

Respect to authorities, parents and elders.  They must learn this young. Without respect for their authorities come driving age they'll disrespect that policeman and 'learn the hard way', or end up in court over it and then go to jail for talking back to the judge.

And the bible is VERY clear on this.  I wouldn't draw the 'I'm parent and your child' card either.  That's not how God said to use that.  He told father's 'do not provoke your children to anger' and the virtuous woman is honored and praised by her children not scowled at!   Children are just buddies we get to help shape, with God's guidance!

Faith E. G.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Classy! (Modesty)

Okay so this all started on facebook....

So then I thought what do I think is classy?  I know its NOT half naked so then I found this....  Don't you agree?

And the I thought a more modern, modest stylist should be in order and who better?  Shoshanna Eastling! She's a big role model of mine and I LOVE her styles, I actually got those same earrings knowing how she
always wears big ones and then when we met at the Shindig, here in Texas guess what?  She had 'my' earrings on! :)

Now you go and check out her website and her youtube videos and see all her fun, attractive, pretty and beautiful outfits!

She also teaches about how to stay healthy and beautiful as you grown older!  Its soo much fun to learn from her.

Or you could try a hat style like I tried here!  (It didn't go too well with that sweater but it made it the whole day without complaint) :P

His Babe,

Faith E.  a  Faithey kinda gal :)

Growing Up- I Guess

I am the oldest at home for this week.  Melody has gone to Branson with our Memaw and her friend.  We've had a few gigs without her and it takes a little getting used to.  The boys were all saying "And when Faith leaves too we'll have lots of room in the car and more food, when we eat out!"
True, but we'll see how soon that is.     Here's another facebook or email forward I came across and have really found truth in it.  I've been finding that to seek God's will, in all I do, is to spend time with Him.  To get to know Him, in prayer and reading His words.   And so much is 'hidden' in His holy scriptures!  So much evidence of His love and His wonder.  He is so awe-some it really puts you in awe.  And He cares so much He even cares about our little hairs!  Why don't we think He can handle our finances, our 'path' in life or our future?  We are so simple minded and weak, thinking we can handle things by ourselves 'just for this' or that.  We need His help when we wake up, to let His Holy Spirit smile for us and speak encouraging things to our family.  But instead I too often go on saying 'I should know how to do it by now, by myself!', then its a crass remark to James and an order to Abi and a smirk to someone else!   I am learning I can't do a thing on my own.

And with Melody gone I've taken on the meals too.  And its always a production to get a meal on the table and then on time is a laugh most of the time.  But I can't do it on my own!  I can't be 'superwoman' and please everyone in the family as far as food choice, condiments all ready, and timing perfect!   That's not possible when I grudgingly start, muttering to myself and 'beating myself up' for my bad attitude earlier.  I must surrender and tell myself, God and satan (who tells me I can) that I CAN'T do it without GOD, JESUS and the HOLY SPIRIT!  If you haven't gathered already I am preaching to myself and 'talking it out' to myself just now about how I will 'correct' this day that I've let start on the wrong foot (on my own).  And do let me know how you 'battle' yourself with these attacks or temptations of satan.  Comment below!

Another thing I heard recently if you AREN'T getting attacked something must be wrong, as satan thinks you're 'bad enough' not to bother.  So thankfully I must be doing something right, as he's attacking my family and my relationships.  Which are VERY important and girls, as singles its easy for us to think or say 'Oh once I move out it'll be okay' and tell ourselves that we will leave this soon.  But once we're married we'll face the same trial but with our husband and we WON'T have the excuse of 'I'll leave soon'.  No, we will be 'stuck' and so we are now.  So if we learn to stick it out now (end the argument as good friends) at home, it will come in handy later!  We will have friends that will come and go through the years but family will always be there and if our relationship was 'solved' by our moving out there will always be a tense unspoken fear and distrust of each other.  NOT how God planned it to be at all.

Well I must go now.  I have business cards to order for our band ( and then I am editing my book still, Broken Pieces!  Stay tuned for that release.

His Babe,

FaithEGrubb a FaithyGirl :P


Girl walking up hill is from the 1995 Sense and Sensibility movie, that's Kate Winslet and Marianne.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Deanna (1921-2013)

Actress Deanna Durbin died in late April, at age 91.  Well as many of you know Deanna is my favorite actress.  For a number of reasons.  
I liked her films, but most of all I liked how she quit her career.  She sadly had two divorces during her career but then she married a third time and remained married until he died in 1999.  
I liked how she was a good singer and played clever parts.  Some of her films were just too silly and out there but I like her acting so much!  She sorta played 'the good girl' part too which was nice, except she ended up lying in allot of her films...   Anyhow I just hope that she found Christ before she passed.  But He only knows.   Goodbye Deanna.  

(She was one year older then my Popo [Daddy's Dad] and he passed at age 83 in  2006)

Here's the BBC article I found:

Deanna Durbin, Hollywood film star, dies at 91

  Deanna Durbin was given a Juvenile Academy Award at the age of 18

Deanna Durbin, one of Hollywood's biggest box-office stars in the 1930s and early '40s, has died aged 91.
Deanna Durbin Her son, Peter H David, made the announcement in a newsletter to her fans, saying she died "a few days ago".
In 1947 she was the highest-paid star in the United States. But she retired from the business the following year when she was just 27.
Durbin made her film debut in the 1936 MGM short Every Sunday, in which she appeared alongside Judy Garland.
Born Edna Mae Durbin in Winnipeg, Canada in 1921, Durbin was nurtured and promoted by producer Joe Pasternak.
Her first movie for the Universal studios, Three Smart Girls, was nominated for the best picture Oscar in 1937.

  Durbin starred in the Oscar-nominated Mad About Music which opened in 1938
Durbin auditioned for the part of Snow White in 1936. But Walt Disney turned her down, saying her 15-year-old voice was too mature for the part.
In 1939, Durbin and fellow teen star Mickey Rooney were presented with Juvenile Academy Awards for their "significant contribution in bringing to the screen the spirit and personification of youth."
The success of her films, which reportedly saved Universal from bankruptcy in the late 1930s, was estimated to account for 17% of the studio's revenue during the decade.
In 1946 Durbin's salary of $323,477 made her the second highest-paid woman in America, just behind Bette Davis.
Winston Churchill watched her films before they were released to the general public in the UK, while Anne Frank hung a picture of Durbin on the wall of the attic in which she and her family hid from the Nazis.
In 1949, after 21 films and at the height of her worldwide fame, Durbin quit the movie business and retired to a village in France.
She shunned the spotlight with her third husband, the film director Charles David, who died in 1999.
Durbin rarely gave interviews but did send reporters a letter in 1958 in which she said she was "never happy making pictures".
"The character I was forced into had little or nothing in common with myself - or with other youth of my generation, for that matter."

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Single Christian & Sexual Desires

Okay ya I freaked you out didn't I?  :P  But this is a HUGE part of singleness as a Christian and if we don't talk about it or ask for help, advice or encouragement then our purposes will be ruined (Proverbs 15:22 KJV)!  So at the last Shindig in Big Sandy, TX. there was a guy who was making a documentary called "Unmarried The Rise of Singelness".   Anyway they have a facebook page where they put questions about singleness stuff so this was one and I sorta wrote a book in response, so read on (I was also answering in response to other's answers to the question)!
 If singles struggle with sexual desires, does that indicate they do not have the "gift" of singleness?
That's a weird question, just saying. But in answer, no not necessarily. That's more a self control problem.

Also think of Paul, when he was saying he had that 'problem' it may have been sexual desire. And God didn't take it away. And I believe there IS the gift of singleness, as in we are gifted with a single-life (without marriage). Yes the solitary are put in families but family has NOTHING to do with the question and singleness.  I'll explain, if a single struggles with sexual desire that has nothing to do with 'it is better to marry then burn'. I'm taking the above Q as struggling with wanting sex, not with a specific person.  And if a single does end up and just marry in the state of 'struggle' for the soul reason of wanting sex they'd most likely make a GREAT mistake in the life partner they chose.  And then it might end up in abuse or separation.
You MUST learn to OVERCOME these things on your own as a Christian with God to teach you how. Its not impossible too!  I have overcome my fleshly thoughts/desires of sexual desires and I channel them into prayer times with God!  And that doesn't mean I'm never tempted again or whatever but I have learned to overcome in JESUS' name!  And now I think I'm better equip for married life, cause even when you are married you will desire or be tempted to lust after others.  And this lesson will come in so handy then, my Mother often lets us girls know how she is now having to learn this lesson as she was raised in the world.

I hope this helped you!  And I'm not the perfect person either but I hope you can let me know your thoughts!

His Babe,

FaithGrubb A FaithGirl

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Its Lonely At The Top

You know as a singer I do dream of 'making it big' who doesn't?  But the longer you think about it, hearing Andrew Jackson and Kirk Cameron's testimonies you sorta wonder and think, well no maybe not.
These lyrics to a song we sometimes play (I think we'll start doing it again) really explain it.  This song is an older rock/blues song that Daddy learned back in his 'wild days' but it proves that the void God put in every man does exist!
I am reminded too, when I hear it, of how much prayer our leaders need, especially Mr. President Obama and the scripture tells us to, 1 Timothy 2:1-4, "I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men; For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty. For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour; Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth." 
And not only does Mr. President need prayer but also the lonely and lost Hollywood movie stars and the world famous singers and musicians!

Another thing Mr. Vandiver's death was very tragic he was actually murdered in 1985 by some drug dealers. But the worst tragedy is that he may have died in his sin and gone to hell.

John Vandiver's "LONELY AT THE TOP"

"I've been around the world,
Had my pick of any girl,
You'd think I'd be happy,
But I'm not
Everybody knows my name,
But it's just some silly game
Oh, it's lonely at the top

Listen to the band,
they're playing just for me,
Listen to the people paying just for me,
All the applause, all the parades,
And all the money I have made
Oh, it's lonely at the top
Listen all you fools out there,
Go on and love me, I don't care
Oh, it's lonely at the top
Oh, it's lonely at the top"

(I couldn't find any video of the Vandiver version that I'm used to but there's a similar variation by Randy Newman if you'd like to check that out)