Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My new dress!

This may become my Christmas dress, but I'm not sure.  It took me a day to make it, but all that's left to do it hem the bottom of the white.

Its ivory lace over some ivory muslin.  And that's a forest green back.  This is an original 50s pattern, known as a 'walk away' dress (this is the pattern I used).

Let me know what you think :)

His Girl,
Faith Elizabeth

Monday, July 22, 2013

Bathroom Project & a Hairstyle!

I know this is soon, after my other posts, but I just wanted to share this project we did.

We had a concert here, Saturday night for our new CD, so we got the house ready. :)

These are the before and after of our guest bathroom or kids bathroom.

Slowly but surely we're finishing out the place and its so nice to have the floor all one color and with the right paint type.  Before we used a basic something and it rubbed off...  

Some old linoleum tile, plywood sub-floor underneath, and the last paint job worn off by traffic!

The complete job!  A chocolate satin brown over the above.  It will hopefully last much longer.

What fun too, after I painted it (with a spray can) the toilet and sink's base needed to be scrubbed off, the tape guarded the first inch and a half but the top of the bowl was 'dusted' with brown paint.  It came off real easy though. :)

Here's the hairstyle I did on my walk the other day, my ponytail too irritating and the bun falling out when I walked.  This worked.  And I had no bobby pins, just a hair band.  Once I got home I pinned it even more secure, but it was for the rest of my walk and it didn't fall loose!  (The goal with my thick and heavy hair)
I only have photos of the end. I started the french braid at the one die and then I looped the end over the 'crown' of my head.

Above is the the 'connection', on the right above my ear (the tiny end into the beginning of the braid).

His Girl,
Faith Ellie

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Coming Along

Today we went to town and got a couple fans and some paint for the house.  Out living room needs the fans and our kitchen and bathroom floors need a new paint!  Our home has been under construction for over tree years now, but we've been living in it as is. Its exciting to get certain things done, to get it closer to finish!

Tonight we'll practice music.  And that will be fun. Our last practice was so much fun and I think we've learned what best keeps the joy in practicing... jamming!

Besides Lowe's for house stuff we got some groceries and I got some new neon socks and a micro SD card I'd been needing for years, for my cell phone.  And speaking of that I got my service problem fixed- I think- I will be sent the part to resolve it so then we'll see!

I got the first copy of my book "Life's Broken Pieces" today too, I'll have the family read it and do some other stuff then hopefully it will be ready for purchase soon! 

'Stay tuned', as they say :)

His Child,
Faith Grubb

Monday, July 15, 2013

Rain, Lessons and a CD

On our month trip to Colorado I got so used the dryness that it was very humid to me when we got home, and in the heat that's yuck, but also when we got home it was mild, it had cooled off for us!  But then it got warm again, for the forth.
God is so good and kind, we miss out on so much joy when we neglect him!  And "oh what peace we often forfeit" as the song (What a Friend We Have in Jesus) says! Today I was sewing on my machine and as I paused to pin a piece and started to sew again the machine decided to mess up and spit out WAY too much bobbin thread (a fit its had for over a year and I continually try to repair it) anyhow I was nearly done and I asked God, "just let it work, please" and so sweetly, kindly, he let it work!   And I did nothing to the machine in between its problem and the fixed sewing! And to return to weather, as I sewed I got to watch the beautiful drizzling rain. And this is now the third night straight!  And a steady soaking rain.  When it first came it was hard and I thought short, as it usually is this time of year but it continued to drizzle off and on all day and I love it!  Although I can't take my walks it reminds me of the beautiful fall to come, my favorite season!  Full of all those special holidays too, along with more rainy days, lovely shawls to bundle up in, foggy mornings, comfy writing/sewing couches and chairs, crackling fires, hot teas, coffees, pies, breads, baked goods... all that.   Oh I love life!  And although I am eager for fall I am very much enjoying my summer now and I have more 'summer' trips to make, which will be fun.  And God is teaching me so much.

I recently found this neat article that I'd like to share, http://straitegate.com/christianissuesfolder/alwaysravishedwithlove.htm I found it to be very helpful, but I'm not sure about all its points.  It talks about what love is and how we need it.  Which is true in a sense, God put that longing in us. I might expound later, when I've studied it and the verses it refers to more, but maybe not.

Our CD for the band is nearly done and I am enjoying the work on it.  Its nice to get something accomplished to a complete end!  :)

Oh but I'm rambling again... 

Good night all.  May the Lord guide your path, and may you walk worthy of the job God has given you.  And may He give you a humbleness of mind.

His Girl,
Faith Grubb

The Victory Is Ours!

In my earlier post from April 30th, Don't Take it for Granted, I mentioned how I was going to post about not being shocked when we are 'persecuted' (in the way we are here... I know I do not know the true extent of that).

Well in April, we were singing up in the North Carolina, Tennessee area. And we sang at a Senior Citizen's place and after we sang, Mama and us girls visited the little thrift store. And so as we checked out Mama witnessed to the cashier lady, who was barely hard of hearing and she either

misunderstood or something but she got upset at Mama and all of us. She told Mama "Don't preach to me! I witness for God but not here and not right now!". Then another lady came in and dummy us we all thought she'd say "oh don't mind her," or "she'll be fine" but instead she shook her head some and then she looked straight at me and said "God wouldn't be happy with what you're doing here." (our witnessing- they didn't hear us sing). I said, "Christ told us to tell and so we are, we are only worried for her eternity." and boy she didn't like that. She told me she knows, as she's gone to Bible College, what God said and that I should have 9 miscarriages first and 'grow up' before I told anyone, and we are only to show how a Christian is to live, we are only to 'live' as a good example and not speak. And not there. I told her God said to go and preach, and teach. He 
So! When a storm comes we can't give up.
didn't say go and 'show' did he? But then she said I just ought to grow up first, as I don't know. And then she switched (in the midst of our conversation) to another topic, even weirder "And now you're upsetting, Jeffery" "Who's Jeffery?" I asked almost upset with her, but more irritated by her changing the subject... sorta. "My guardian angel" she smiled and put her hand out into the air (as if a person were standing beside her). "See i he's happy my and warms- look, Ah! I feel him. But my face will heat if he's mad! And you mustn't anger him." Here she sped up her speech and got upset herself, "I have a weak heart too and if you upset me I may die and GOD WILL JUDGE YOU!" He finger pointing. "And he will judge you too." I said then she 'ripped' starting to shout "GET OUT! Get out of here!" And so we all backed out and left, 'shaking the dust' from our feet. And before she had also of a sudden said "be careful of the King James Bible" because this and that. And we never told her what bible we used. That told me for sure she was definitely demonic and that was before the 'Jeffery' episode.
I was so shocked I foolishly wasn't ready and certainly not 'prayed up' for that battle. But as we left we came out and saw a long line of people who were waiting at the front desk, and one guy was like headed for the store, but when he saw us coming out he like ran back to his place in line, like he heard the commotion and was headed that way, but then ran off when he saw us. And it was close enough that everyone in that line could've heard our whole conversation. I also just was worried about those poor ladies. That one especially she was content to stay in her sin and not willing to give up to God her pain and grief, or blaming him for it (the nine miscarriages).

It was an experience and I learned to be more ready for that. I also learned that I do 'good' at witnessing once Mama starts it for me :) I love talking and discussing about God and telling the news, but I'm just real bad at starting 'the' conversation! :)

I post this first to encourage you and second to fulfill my promise to you, that I would post about it.
Something else I have learned is that only with Jesus can I do it, that time I didn't really pray about it (though I did a little while talking to her), but I was so overwhelmed when I got in the car it brought me to weeping. I wasn't guarded with the full armor of God. I had left off a few of those items and I 'paid for it'. I didn't fail at all. That's NEVER the case and can never be the case! That's what is GREAT, for whether I fail (as I did in my armor) or not God will still see that His word is delivered!  He took care of that!  Only I was just a weak messenger, I forget to stop before delivery and get my 'drink': His living word!

And here's a verse I added to this photo from our trip.

So! When a storm comes we can't give up.

Keep witnessing for Him!
His Gal,
Faith Grubb

I am interested in your views, please give me your thoughts! -Faith
first photo I took of a storm: second photo credit to thomas bishop 2013. both photos from colorado.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Photos of the trip!

And so for the photos!

1. Hiking
2. Our campsite on the Green Mountain Reservoir
3. Columbines
4. The View
5. Singing in Monument
6. Jamming at the store
7. Rock wall on the Cabin
8. The mine past Suzie's house.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Home Again and Colorado Trip!

We've been lazily getting back into the home life.   I am very busy actually although it seems I'm not (to me its seems that way). :)

I'm working on my book and my CD.  You'll have to keep up to date on here to find out more about those.   I will get you more photos of our trip, but they're all on Mom's computer and its hard to transfer more than a few at a time. 

So our trip!

Well I told you a little but here I'll give you the 'caption' of my earlier post. :)

First we went to Amarillo on our way up, that was a blessing to find tent camping too.  Mom and I had looked on the net and tried to find a tent camping, in the canyon but it was only in the state park and that would end up being $72 a night (for TENTS! -the 'entrance' fee for the park so high).  But we went to drive by the entrance of the park and it was right there!  Tent camping $12 a night, per tent!   And the view, it was on the edge of the canyon and you could see over the cliff.  We even got to shout over into the basin and our echo came back so cool.

Then we ran up to Holly Colorado and had a nice time jamming and enjoying the Bluegrass festival there.  Then we went up to see our friends in Hanover and we played for the Frontier Days.  That was nice, several bands and us played music all day, after church and they had horse rides and branding 'class'.  It was hot, but they had a mister and that was so nice (I had my 1880s dress on so I let myself get 'soaked')!

Then we went over to our other friend's and spent the day visiting them.  And that night we raced up to the Denver area to finally make it to our friend's.  The reason being because we recorded the next morning.

That was fun.  We recorded in a studio for the first time.  First our friend, Miss Suzie had us on her radio show (you can hear that here).  Then we got to record a new CD for our band! That will be coming out July 15th, check out www.thefullquiver.com for that.

The next two days we went and built on her cabin she's building.  That was awesome.  The views breathtaking and the hummingbirds so neat to watch.  Our other friend, Thomas, was the contractor too so that was a trip (to work under a friend).  He didn't press us too hard though, we were not used to the altitude.   Our hometown is actually 747 ft elevation and then that cabin was past 10, 000!   I got used to the elevation fairly well, usually I run short of breath real quick but this time I watched myself and filled myself with tons of water!

Then Thomas showed us an old mine past Suzie's cabin and that was amazing.  The views even better and the mine was so deep, dropping a big rock down you could here the 'drop' (shwoosh) sound as if fell.
We also got to get a few souvenirs!  The rocks were so shiny but they've stopped mining there as they aren't allowed by the county, or something.

Then we came back did an open mic at Suzie's Miner Pickin' store.  Then we went to Fairplay for a week and played in Cripple Creek.  There's mainly only casinos down there so it was good to sing for those folks, and we could tell the demonic/spiritual oppression there too.

Later we came back to Idaho Springs (were the store is) and we played at another open mic, up the road from her store and that was a nice night. We also got to meet some new friends and play some of our original music, Daddy and I.  And then we worked on the cabin again and then we got to hike!

Now the hike... well it was our first time and it too was up at 10,000 ft.  So Thomas took us after we left work at the cabin, to go camp.  He said we'd camp beside the lake Cataract but it ended up the camping was so full there so we had to camp over on Green Mountain reservoir.  We got there really late, and had no idea the view was so great, until we got up at 6:10 to watch the sun rise, over the lake and mountains!  What beauty God makes.  Then we went up to the Cataract hiking trails, after meeting up with another family.  We had a lovely first 20, 30 minutes on the trail but then Thomas (our guide) decided to take us off trail (all 12 of us, little children and all).  That seemed okay until we found out how far it was off trail. Then we got hot and tired and sorta disheartened.  But we made it back up to the trail and then went on fine, the views getting better, the higher we got.  But soon James and two of the other family's kids were missing, they had gone ahead of us and we were deciding to turn back for the day.  But once we couldn't find them (after running ahead trying to catch up with them) we decided to stay a while in case they came back, but Thomas sent Mama, Mel and the kids back to the car in case they returned there.  And we, John, Thomas, the rest of the other family and I went down (off the trail) some stone rocks.  Thomas' idea of course.  He's done this lots of times before but this was our first time to!  And we ended up rock climbing.   I am always one for adventure though so I enjoyed it, trying not to think of what might happen to the kids  (James was the eldest of the 'missing' group by the way and he's 17).  And we were all out of water.  But thankfully halfway through Mel text-ed, as they got back to the cars, and said they had found them there!  Then we had some lake water, Thomas said it was okay but he had also forgotten his charcoal filter -leaving it in the car (as well as the other gallon of water...).  Oh but we learned a lot, and my lesson DON'T abandon the trail (unless you're all ready to STAY together)!

Then Gospel Grass, in Monument, CO.  And some old friends came so that was good to visit with them and we had fun doing the band scramble and dance Saturday night.  But after that we stayed up and played cards too.  And then the next day we got to visit play cards again!  But then we had to leave and head for home, the big storms coming from the north and we were tent camping.

So we headed south, spent the night in Springfield then made it home the next day.  In time to sing on the 4th here in town.

Must Go!

His Girl,
Faith Grubb

Friday, July 5, 2013

Traveling Recipes!

Here's two recipes I came up with while traveling, necessity IS the mother of invention!

Traveler's Veggie Curds
by Faith
Take your leftovers from Subway;
1/4 cup slcd banana peppers
1/4 cup slcd black olives
1/4 cup slcd purple onions
1/4 cup slcd green peppers
And add to;
1/2 cup raw milk, in glass jar twist on lid & shake to mix. Can be eaten immediately but let sit in car overnight (will still be good) for better results (in the summer in TX/OK/CO area). It will be a barely curdled cheesy yogurt relish! Eat alone or with a friend :D Can be used for salad dressing or chicken and rice dinner side. Its the good live foods to go with ur DEAD food and keeps ur body happy while traveling! From 2012.

Spring Salad
by Faith
1/2 a cucumber
3 slices of onion (chopped)
1/4 cup chex cearal (plain)
1/4 cup chopped Summer Sausage
1 to 2 tbles half and half

Mix up and enjoy! Salt or Pepper to taste.  It was so good (I was hungry)!

Let me know if you tried 'em and how you liked them.

His Gal,
Faith Ellie Grubb
Pslms 46:10