Saturday, August 31, 2013

50s Filming Project!

Hey so we're working on a promo video for our band and its gonna be 50s style!!!

So these top two are the same pattern, I used the one on the right and that's me in it :)

The others below are ideas.  Except I own the blue and cream one and made the yellow one Abi is wearing.  The long sleeve pattern is similar to one I made which I may end up wearing... (we will also use the green and red at the top- don't worry :D).

I may even wear the plaid cream and navy blue one.

This video will be a music video of a song Daddy wrote about having dinner at Grandpa's so half of it will be a 'flashback' of Daddy remembering Grandpa's house and its gonna be fun!  Thanks to our new friend who wanted to do some filming, so we're his Ginny pigs :)

God is so good, we get to play 'dress up' for real :D   And have fun playing music at the same time!  :P

His girl,
Faith Ellie

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Are you "Better Now"?

This song is my new favorite!

I don't really care for the immodesty of this group singing (The Vespers) but I love this song.

I turned 'better now' at age 17, just in October 2009.  I had very good head-knowledge of God but it never was believed in my heart 'till then.

I haven't heard too much from this group, but I have heard this and the "Flower, Flower" song (they're just immodest :/).

This one made me cry at the realization of God's tender caring love.  His plans are far greater for anything I've ever dreamed of and His fulfilling my tiny heart's desires is AMAZING!  When you do commit your ways to Him he will bring them to pass...  every single one- even those you didn't even bother to pray for but you really wanted them!

And to know that one day I'll be able to sing over and over in his throne room and shout for joy and cast my body at his feet is totally beyond my heart's understanding of joy! 
I've felt forgotten, lost, left out, broken heart-ed, betrayed, hurt and even blind in soo many different areas of my life but clinging to his everlasting grace, joy and peace I can see it flood my life.  His Holy Name is all we live for and his home is my final resting place... I so long for that utter rest but I understand that these trials and joys of living here on earth will only try me (through the furnace) to better please him once we finally meet face to face.

Let me know what you think of this song.  And what is your testimony?  We have to SHARE it, for if we don't who will ever learn to know this BEAUTIFUL love and gift from God?

May the Lord woo you to be His, and if you know him that you are drawn as close as possible and given his view on everything.  And ask Him to give you opportunity to share His love.

Friday, August 9, 2013


These are some great photos I found on Pinterest.  Quite an interesting place that is...  :)

But we hope to build a cabin someday on our property and I hope to one day make more furniture. We also want to do some in-wall beds and window seats, hopefully we can.

Here's my ideas:

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Gabrielle Christiana

Hello!  Here's a quick note.  My baby niece and I, Gabrielle Christiana  (nearly 5 months)!