Friday, September 27, 2013

1950s Dress

Here's the pattern and dress, side by side.

The 50s video is coming! 


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Politics, Black and White

Over the weekend we went to a huge bluegrass festival and it was very neat.  I was glad to meet lots of different people and I was able to work with some new people too.

Two of which I'll call John and Matt here.  John and I first got to talking.  He's 18 but a very intelligent young man.  Quite a good debater too, an art which he told me he is taking in school.  He and I first got to talking about alcohol and should it be legal or is it good morally?

Well that was interesting and he agreed with me that in moderation its fine.  Let me tell you my stance on this is that on occasion I'll have some wine to relax but that's about it, and yes as a 'social' drink.  God did make water into wine for social use (not medicinal).  But I won't drink around those whom I know have had alcoholic issues before, I will totally respect their need to avoid it at all costs.

Okay but past that we then discussed politics.  Matt joined the conversation after hearing us a while.  He is an older middle-aged man, he began by addressing me,
     "I have a question for you, as you mentioned the bible what do you think about the six states who have banned atheists from holding office?" (click here for an article I found about it, but I DID NOT read- just the states and Texas' law worries me some.)
     "That's wrong!"  I said, "I'll have to look that up, that's bad."

Then we got to talking about schools not teaching history correctly and I was saying "And truth, is truth, is truth,"    And Matt said, "Yes!" real emphatically, I was surprised a bit but soo glad he agrees!
I never really witnessed but we got to talk and debate intelligently without emotions going wacko and Matt (though we disagreed about carrying guns around town for a show of our right- something I plan on doing) concluded by saying "Well, I am glad to see a couple of young people aware of what's going on."
   We also exchanged running for office stories (me school board and Matt a state senator I believe) and it was GREAT!

And they were both very cordial and open to logic.  Matt even asked me if (concerning history) it should be taught in school that Columbous never even stepped foot on north America (only the Caribian) and I agree, it should be taught!  John even added how it should be taught that he promptly enslaved all the natives too.  It should be taught correctly and that we whites were wrong in taking America from the Indians, but (John agreed) its also wrong to paint the wrong picture that the red man was soo innocent.  We were both wrong.  And history- correct history SHOULD BE TAUGHT.

Then I went and took my break (we worked 5 hours) and as I peeled my orange, its delicious savor watering my mouth, I realized that these two nice and kind guys don't even give God the credit for creating an orange, or the beautiful fog that had laid over the fields.  It caused me to weep to think that they'll end up in hell if they don't repent.  And how with even one lie their life is now black and sinful before a holy righteous God, who MUST have a payment for every crime.   But then Melody walked up and it was God's way to send me a comforter!  He's so sweet!

Hopefully they saw only God and NOT me.  For I can NOT be good at all and am nothing except for Him and His death on the cross.

And if you guys are reading this, PLEASE, PLEASE correct any of my narrative.  I may have gotten the order wrong and let me know what you think of my opinions/site.

This is a VERY cool song I found recently (go below):

And this song is soo true:

"I'd rather be in this dark cell,
Than be free and die and go to hell,
God bless the day of my new birth,
I don't have to pay the price that I deserve."

(I don't really care for any other Cherryholmes stuff though)
Thanks for stopping by!

His Girl,
Faith Grubb

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Life is too short.

I'm gonna go ahead and write about this experience of mine.  Not for pity's sake or honor or glory.  God is the only one who gets the glory here.

Over the weekend we were camping up in Missouri.  Well the second night about 3am Mel and I woke up sick and real nauseous.  She threw up and then I did.  But as I did the fluids went in my lung some and stuck in my throat and I could hardly breath!  I was trying to get my breath, but only barely was succeeding.  I couldn't do anything but look up at the stars and pray, with Mama holding my back and praying too.   I was finally able to breath after a final prayer of help.  And I realized this life isn't even promised.  Not even the next minute.

It put in perspective all my childish wants and desires and longings and dreams and pointless goals.  It showed me how this life isn't mine.  I am purchased and if He wants to take me anytime He has that right.  And I totally deserve to die, and go to hell.  But in His goodness He suffered and died on a cross for me...  A selfish little girl who's barely learning to honor God.
I learned that night, under the stars how I am NOT my own- for real!    And it gave me the fear of God I've been lacking.   Thank God for His marvelous works and continual mercies and endless care!

And even with all my faults and wrongs and mistakes He cares for me like a mother to her baby child, watching me, cuddling me and nurturing my every need and want.  Thank God for His LOVE!

His holy name be magnified.  And not mine.

And now I see how I can't be selfish and decide NOT to tell that girl about Jesus, 'cause I'm too tired.  Its my duty and its the least I can do for Him!  This life is only a blip compared to eternity.  And where will you spend it?  How will you live this tiny life here on earth, for Him or yourself?

His grateful girl,
Faith Elizabeth Grubb

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Learing More!

I've been learning how marriage isn't just a life long game of gleeful moments everyday and kissing.
It CAN be but you have to make it so.  And how?

By how we act now.  Whatever we're like now that's how we'll be when married.

Will we just brush off snide remarks or take every single word/tone PERSONAL???

Joy is a BIG componant to this game of life, and it will really help us once we marry too.
God is love and this thing between a man and a woman is made of God, orchestrated by Him and loved by Him, He's the author and finisher!  We have the choice whether or not to listen to Him and His love or not.  Even now with parents and siblings.

I heard a GREAT talk by Nathan Pearl and I learned soo much!

He said there WILL be times (many times) you'll get your toes stepped on.  Its how will you react?  He said he'd like to reply,
"Oh babe, we're just dancin' too close, don't worry about it."
Not a "LOOK!  You stepped on my toes again!"

And he illustrated marriage as a fire.  Every word, action, slamming door, or look is either a little more kindling, or a wet piece of wood that dampens the fire's flare.  We need a HUGE roaring fire that will dance even gayer, or brighter in the down pour of rain, we can't expect a dieing fire to dance and NOT go out in a down pour, we've got to cultivate the fire before hard times come.

I'm also learning how God's wonderful care is amazingly beautiful to rest in and the 'single-hood' soo dreaded isn't bad at all.  I'm seeing all my married friends envy me and my free time.  And I am seeing how I need to fill my time with the precious tasks he needs done NOW!

The weekend in MO  (for the NGJ shindig) was so fun and though some folks like to set me up I met a lot of very nice fellows and am okay where I am right now! :)   

Here's some photos of the fun we had:

God is soo good!  Bless Him and may He bless you.

His gal,
Faith Grubb

God's Care... (from Sept. 8th)

This is a couple examples of how God has answered prayer for me.  And let me know he's keeping me in mind :D
It was so hot yesterday so I prayed for great weather for the filming we did and then for maybe some rain...  Well a couple hours later I heard the sky to the west rumble with a big thunder...  No rain fell last night but he showed me he hears.  And then as I went to the house, I remembered my shower cap I left out to dry, but it was gone.  Nowhere in sight and it was a bit windy...  So I said in my heart (not really praying), "Well if I need it God will make the wind blow it back, or whatever".  And then as I opened the door to go in, it was caught under the porch rocking chair!!!  God is there, ever present, ever listening even to those thoughts we don't even pray!  That's the God I serve, what a privilege!!! :D

And from the recording yesterday!
Here we are:

Mel and I against a 1955 car... some kind... Crown something.

His Daughter,
Faith Elizabeth Grubb

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Thank you Bikers!

Today over 100,000 (which is a lot) bikers are 'storming' DC -- probably more I don't know how many. 
As I watch videos of them (my fellow concerned Americans) drive their bikes escorted by police and okay-ed by MANY state officials and governors I am overjoyed to see a FREE America still and they aren't stopped by the no permit given, they are still aloud to drive in DC, just it will take longer... sorry DC.

And the American flag can still fly on these bikes and in the hand of a child.  I fear somewhat, what next year will be.  And though a riot or fight may be started today by the Muslims, I'm sorry for them and their blindness and wrong.  I love the Arabian people a lot but I hate the sin and wrong they are doing.  Yes many Arabs have been looked down upon since 9/11- because of what their fellow people did.  And I understand this DOES NOT make every Arab a 'bad guy' (there are many Christian Arabs to be commended and honored) but it does seem pretty dangerous for 1,000 Arabs to gather and 'protest' today at ground 0.  That's not brave, that's nearly if not declaring war.

But my heart is overwhelmed with joy and my prayers are with the bikers as they go to stand on my behalf, since I can't be there.... this is one day I WANT a motorcycle and forget that I've been burned twice on them.   And they said they will do this every year.  Hopefully next year I can and maybe with some friends.  I'm gonna 'pencil it in' (maybe my brother will let me use his bike, or drive me)!  

Just wanted to
Thank you,
thank you,
thank you,
thank you,
thank you,
thank you,
thank you,
thank you,
thank you,
thank you,
thank you,
thank you,
thank you,
thank you,
thank you,
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thank you,
thank you,
thank you,
thank you,
thank you,
thank you,
thank you,
thank you,
thank you,
thank you,
thank you,
thank you,
thank you ALL!

His Little Texan,
Faith Grubb

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Waiting... on a tiny planet in the Universe!

Waiting on God,
But not God its more myself...
In that unsatisfied state when I know I'm where I need to be and fine with that, yet dreaming of later.
Hoping it will come sooner, but knowing I'm not ready for it to come now or tomorrow.
And finding His words calming, convicting and amazingly complex -its halfway hard to understand them.  So I continue to wait, and I guess it is waiting on God, on His voice, His direction and leading and His life vision for me.  And at the same time holding myself back from hurrying 'it' up, holding back from forcing my way, learning to bite my lower lip and just sit, sometimes squint with pain or worry, but waiting...  I'm at that word again.  And so I guess that's what I'll name this little 'speech'- which actually is helping me focus in my waiting, and help me explain not only to you, dear reader, but to myself what I'm really learning- or is it 'going through'?  No, I don't think I am going through it -as a stage I'll never come across again-  No, its part of life this thing I'm learning, this waiting.  And I asked my Dear Jesus for patience, something I KNOW I'll need lots of for my future.  And what a lesson, what a teacher, what a process -with an aim in mind and yet out of your reach, out of your control, COMPLETELY. 
Its a wonderful yet dreamlike reality to me this life I live.  The challenges hard, sometimes painful but learned lessons and all the while I feel unaffected by the pains, protected by that unseen hand, and with a peace that  TOTALLY passes all my understanding...  For like I said I am pained, yet not, learning yet perfectly happy  with life, it sounds 'unrealistic' because God is soo wonderful, His wonders are entirely over my head!  And now heaven has become a close destination, no longer that outer-space wish or powder-puff illusion, no longer that far away place where God lives and wants us to go to 'one day', but a place to which I've been personally invited by the King and Master of the universe!  The Creator who views me as HIGHLY as His only begotten son, as His own flesh and blood!  My tiny brain can only marvel and gap in awe at His holy words and ENDLESS, OVERWHELMING love and care for me, that tiny spec sitting here at a computer, in this home, in this town, in this Grayson county, in this state, in this region, in this country, in the Western world, on the earth, in a milky way galaxy which is only a spec in the huge universe!  

So I'll gladly wait on the God who created it all and enjoy the lessons I'm learning and the temptaitons I  have, for....

James 1:2-4 (KJV)
2 "My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations;
Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience.
But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing."

AMEN and AMEN!!!
His spec :D