Thursday, October 31, 2013

The whole duty of man...

Often even I wonder why we're here on earth after all.  Even though I'm a saved child of God's, THANKS soo much ONLY by Christ!!!!   It been a challenge growing up...  We used to dream of being 21, when we were 7 and now its here.  Time flies and its an AMAZING God adventure that I live... And every step of the way He's holding my hand, He's directing my path, He's pruning my heart and thoughts, He's training my lips to speak words of encouragement, "that it may minister grace unto the hearers" and He's teaching me to put "anger, and clamore, and evil speaking away from you (me) with all malice."  (from Ephesians 4)....
And just now I'm seeing HOW powerful the word of God is!  You see the only scripture, I have memorized is Ephesians chapter 4 (and that not completely).  But it dwells in me and I know it... I'll never forget it.  Its THAT powerful!  That reminds me of Colossians 3:16... its the one that says something about let the word of God dwell in you richly (that's a new memorization verse for me).

But here's another verse that has been teaching me (the whole chapter of 12 is GREAT)!  Thank God for His PERFECT word that will DWELL in us RICHLY (if we take time to LEARN it)!!!! :D
May God bless you as He's blessed, blessing and will bless me (I AM a child of God's and I am His righteousness, in His eyes)!

His Itty Bitty,
Faith Ellie

Saturday, October 19, 2013


In the years I've spent here on earth, not many compared to to many, I have learned a lot.  But then again, not much compared to some.  Yet that doesn't really matter in life at all.  It doesn't matter where you live, who teaches you, who parents you, where you are in time, who your friends are, who's President etc...
Let me clarify myself, I'm answering that age old question... "Why are we here?"

It all doesn't matter at all, only your spirit ad soul will go beyond this life.  And how you lived here will be judged.  Your reactions, motives, actions, thoughts, speech, secrets will all be judged.   Your lie to your Mom, your snicker about so and so's funny face, when their back was turn, your gossiping about how bad your girlfriend is to you, your flirting with a married person, or your sinful thoughts of lust will all be uncovered and open for everyone to see.  

Let me return to myself...  I can only speak about me.  I've just been really convicted how this life is God's Trust school.  When will we finally give it up to Him and TRUST Him with it?  How many times will we foolishly take control ourselves and NOT let Him and not TRUST Him????

And something interesting, if Proverbs 3: 5 and 6 tells us here:
"Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths."
then we CAN trust in the LORD with ALL our hearts!!!!   It is possible!  He wouldn't say that if it wasn't humanly capable. :D

In a song Dan Tyminski does about faith, entitled "Faith is a Mystery"  (and its VERY good) he has a line, "Trust is quite another thing, it ain't no gift its gotta be earned."  And that struck me.  It is true, as "A brother offended is harder to be won than a strong city: and their contentions are like the bars of a castle." (Prov. 18:19).    Once someone loses trust in you (especially a brother) its gonna be a long time.

Trust is what Jesus wants from us.
Will we trust Him with the bills?
Will we trust Him to give us clothing?  (1 Tim. 6:6-8)  Sorta like in the "Life Seasons" post, we have no need to be discontent!  Just so long as we have clothing and food.  
Will we trust Him to keep our health?
Will we trust Him with our hearts... fully?
Will we trust Him also with our future?  And why don't we???   We aren't promised another single day!  His breath of life is in us and His blood is the only thing keeping me from hell, yet I want to keep from Him (who MADE me!!) my future, as He might 'mess up' my stupid ideas of happiness!  (Sorry if I'm repeating myself).

Will we learn to just give it up?  And TRUST Him with it all?   And we can with Him!  He is so faithful and patient for us to learn.

So will you just give that next meal up to Him?  Will you trust him to fix the family issues you suffer from?  Or the TV remote you want to throw across the room?  Trust Him... Maybe your computer isn't working as fast today as you shouldn't be on it without your other commitments taken care of. 

Trust Him and He will set you free.  He knows when you need a break, or who you'll spend the rest of your life with.  He'll take care of it and His will, will be done if only YOU move aside to let Him work!!!  And its beautiful to watch his tapestry being weaved!  And though it may hurt when you're pulled into place, you will enjoy that place HE puts you better then where you thought you'd be GREAT! :D   

God Bless you and our dear America (please pray for her, she is fading fast).
His Girl,
Faith Grubb

P.S. "Be God's" is a poem I wrote on Dec. 31st 2012. -Faith

Friday, October 11, 2013


It is so hard sometimes seeming to be the only one, besides my sisters.  And I wonder how modest my husband is... whomever he is.   And though it's a clever addition, I only found it funny when the guy (in the second video) says "I save my armpits for my wife"...  Not sure I'd care if my man showed his armpits... needless to say 'saved' them for me! :D

(I love the bridge of this song, "modesty is the best policy..." in that high voice :P :D)

Well I must go!  Enjoy!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Life Seasons

Seasons of Life....   People usually don't like it but its fun :D  God is the head of it all and He's a wonderful sweet leader!  He doesn't rush us and its amazing!   I never knew God better then I have this year.  I have learned soo much and its a beautiful thing to learn of God and see His marvelous handiwork!

And His purposes for me.  They are awesome and far beyond my biggest dreams.  They are so much better and wonderful for me, than any tiny idea I had of joy, happiness or 'goodness'!  And its the most peaceful place to be; in His will, seeking His advice and waiting on Him.  And isn't that what a handmaid's job is anyway?  To wait upon her master?

I was reading how Joseph was supposed to put Mary away cause of her pregnancy (Matthew 1:18 and 19).  Its like God, He really should just put us all away and start over, with the angels -that obey Him.  But He's so forgiving and merciful!  I, in all my mistakes and problems and 'issues', am quite a job for Him but instead of giving me the death that I deserve or blowing my head off into the outer darkness He cares to wait on me to learn.  And usually its something so tiny that will just help me get to learn the next thing that will in turn put me where He wants me!  "God bless the day of my new birth, I don't have to pay the price that I deserve"  (from the song "Black and White" by Cherryholmes).

His patience is never ending and yet His justice is perfect!   I can't thank Him enough.  Not my will but His be done in my life!   For He created life, and He made this world for us to live on, He gave the very breath we breath.  He chose for me to live in this day and age, and in this place of the world.   Like I read in First Timothy we have no need to be discontent for WE came into this world without ANYTHING and we certainly WON'T take anything out, so we should be GLAD where ever we are, just so long as we have food and clothes (1 Tim. 6:6-8  the whole chapter actually) and that's not gourmet food, or top designer styles!

And what's funny is how big we tend to make marriage, love and all that (we single girls especially).  IT'S JUST A TINY PART OF LIFE, when you think about it.  For some, sadly, its all they live for and if that's you, I'm sorry but you're gonna end up bitter and mad with life (and your spouse, he can't be perfect)!  You should know, going in, that you're marrying another imperfect human- that's all there is here on earth, sorry.  But I'm not saying marriage isn't God's greatest gift and picture of himself and us.

And its not only marriage that we idolize.  Money, wealth and gold too.  Actually we people idolize everything!  And its so sad,  we think its life and death to win or lose the stupid American Idol OR even a bingo game at a party! :(
We are actually made to be that way though (but not to get stuck on every tiny win/lose situation).  We were created to worship.  And to worship God.  Most just can't stand that He's boss and made everything, so they create there own idols.  And we Christians are just as easily led astray (we are sheep after all) and us women especially, we've been created to flex and follow our man (who's plans and all might change with time) so we got to be careful and not flex and follow the world.  And therefore we women are more susceptible  (If you don't believe that read about Adam and Eve in Genesis, she was easily swayed by the serpent).

We can't follow diverse weights or every wind of doctrine!  Only the Holy word of God is all we can be sure of, and that God is alive, and that we leave here without a thing but our soul... And I'd make plans for my soul's destination, if you haven't!   This life is soo short and we've GOT to realize that FOREVER is REALLY long, its not the flippant "I'm your friend forever" either.

Oh please be aware that we must keep our eyes focused on Jesus!  He can get real jealous too, He wants our daily attention!  :D  So forget facebook, or twitter, or blogging for that matter too!   Make sure you're doing what God's needing you to do.  Even if that's washing those piling dishes or taking the trash out. :)

His peace DOES past all understanding!

Blessings to Our Heavenly Father, Christ Jesus and to all His children!  May He be glorified in all we do, now go spread His gospel and light!
-Faith Elizabeth

Some songs you should check out if you haven't:
"This is My Son" Cherryholmes

"Four Men Walkin' Around"  by The Isaacs
"Black and White" Cherryholmes (read my earlier post about that song and what I learned)