Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Spirit of a Sound Mind!

This has been a month (or so) lesson I've been learning.  Along with how dangerous and harmful gossip can be, I've been learning to rest in the Lord about everything.  You see I was getting that anxiety again about my future.... worried and even panicky!  Then I read this article at work one day: http://articles.aboverubies.org/en/articles/english-language/motherhood/1763-motherhood-a-haven-of-rest
Entitled  "A Haven of Rest".... deep soul rest...  You can bet that caught my eye :D  (I suggest you read it before you continue).

It was a wonderful article and I am so thankful for it!  You see I was that way about my future spouse... I was soo willing to give everything to God... but NOT that one thing.  I'd let him 'direct me' unless he'd start to not go 'my way'....   I 'let go' but held on just in case he didn't know how to do it.   And me a HUMAN  (so itty bitty... as you know something I've been learning) thinking I could do better than God in this area!

I am still learning to give it up (not keep grabbing it again)!  But its been amazing the way I have FREEDOM and a sound mind!  My goodness!  The peace is SOOO unmeasurable and WAY past understanding!  (oh look I've got exclamation points everywhere... But OH WELL!!!  God's THAT AWESOME!!!!)  And at the end of her article she says 'are you bouncing on your Daddy's knee? Relaxing carelessly?'  Are we as Christians?  Its GREAT!
But we also have to CONTINUALLY remind ourselves!  Like even when I went to feed Wolf last night I was a bit scared of the dark (I'm not usually), but then I recalled our Victory in Jesus and how satan is crushed under Christ's foot ALREADY we have that victory.  I have NOTHING to FEAR!!!!!!   And thus the verse...

May God bless you and GO preach his love!!!!  God will reward your efforts... its soo wonderful.  Not only wonderful 'rewards' but its wonderful that possibly another soul is saved from the depths (and an ENDLESS eternity) of hell!  PRAISE GOD!

His Gal,
(sorry that was a rushed post...)

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Puppy Love!

Look what I found a couple weeks ago at a gig (singing engagement) we had!  A 3/4 Border Collie 1/4 Wolf, puppy!  He's 7 or 8 weeks old (they had two litters).  Joshi, Abi and I had to take him for a walk a few days ago and these photos are the result, thanks to Abigail for the photography! :)  But meet our guard-dog-to-be, the pup who caught my  eye and stole a bit of my heart, my sweet puppy love... Wolf!

We've been busy singing and I've been working and taking care of Wolfy (my pet name for him)... in fact as it was freezing last night he slept here in the house!  But what a pesky boy, always needing this or that, or messing up the floor... But such is a puppy right?  I got him on the 2nd and since then he's been learning to sleep with our one hen that stays in the barn and he's learning to be her friend!  And he's used to the old 'milk-shed' as his personal home with the rabbits (in their cages) and the hen.  He's so cute with her... I'm sad I don't have photos of them together!

Enjoy your November and take care!