Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Ice Is Here

On Friday my family and I all traveled out of town... but through the icy conditions of Dallas!  We were asked to sing near San Antonio and we were able to go.  Also our dear friends live down there so we got to visit with them and they took us along the River Walk with all the lovely Christmas lights everywhere!

And then we had to make it home again through the icy weather.  But God is faithful and I am soo overwhelmed by the blessings he's given/giving me.   Yesterday and today we kids got out to do some sledding and it was our first time!  :D  I have never done that and it was soo fun!  Today we even got Mama to come out and join us. :)   And Wolf is so big now!  He's getting bigger all the time and I love how he's learning to follow and obey.

Another thing Jesus has been teaching me and my close friends a lot of the very same things!  How to wait on the Lord, rest and accept God's gifts without trying to repay him.  Something that is sorta hard.  I am also trying to work on my behavior as a lady.  I can sometimes get really silly- laughing and talking loud....  Which is not God honoring when others are trying to be heard.

I want you to sit back and ask God what he's teaching you.  If we don't (I've learned) we resist God's wonderful plans for us.  We 'dig in our heels' in our current situation and ultimately are just SCARED of change.  God has only the best for us.  But it will come with the life lessons that will only make us stronger and wiser to receive and use his news gifts/blessings etc.  As well as the privilege to better serve him!

Thank God for this lovely cold ice and the wonderful memories its helped create! :D  I am one blessed little girl!  Thank you Jesus!
From Texas in the Snow/Ice,
Psalms 55:22

At the end is my second ride down! :D  On the old sled we have.  And Wolfy chasing after me!  :P
To see the Alamo. Dad and Mel didn't come. 
With our friends, Krystin and Denielle!
My friend, Denielle and I!
Joshi and I on our way home from San Antonio!
The house with morning sun & chimney's smoke!
Abigail holding Wolfy- he's getting HUGE!  
My bible study yesterday morning.  Or afternoon.
Abi and Mel going up the hill to sled down!
The sun was so bright, ya that's me ;P
The sled & the other... (with French accent) "PanSleigh"
Melody and I.
Melody watching John go down! :)
Joshi on "PanSleigh"
Joshi! :D
Drum roll... Mama came!  But then John had her on a leash :P
The cedar tree's fruit.
Mama and her favorite past time- crackin' pecans. ;)
We found lots of deer tracks! Or reindeer? :)
Frozen Rosebuds
Wolfy and his coconut shell (he LOVES it)!
And a final good night... :D
A lovely day!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Speaking and Living Peace

I've got a big mouth... as they say.  In someways the bad way (probably mostly), and in some ways good.
I'll stand for things but not alone, I'll have to have a support group and I will hardly start a controversial conversation.  But when its headed that way I'll 'fuel' it or get in and be the biggest mouth about it.

At home, I tend to speak too much.  But not uplifting.  I degrade those around me all day.  I have been learning this lesson and the more I read scripture, and the more I let myself listen to God the more I'm grieved and angry at myself.  Which is better I guess then ignoring it but anger and grief won't change things.  Changing habits (which have been practiced for years), prayer, and my words are the things that will change this.

Something I heard from Created (the book by Debi Pearl) was about how certain questions you ask can tear someone down.  It was a whole list but, here are a couple I remember:
"Are you comfortable doing such and such?"
"Do you feel its God's will for you to continue doing such and such?"
They sounded helpful too, but they aren't!

Like the 'are you comfortable one'... that's rather scary.  How would you feel if asked that?  Like me, I know I'd feel worried, or start thinking maybe all my decisions are wrong (like former ones, satan can give us those right then)!  Its really scary to think how a simple question (maybe asked with goos intentions) can be so harmful.

And the other one especially.  I'm ALWAYS doubting my ability to make 'the right choice' and I over analyze EVERYTHING anyway, so if someone were to pose those questions, especially someone I really respected and trusted, I'd stop making any!  And that's all satan wants, so if I pose that simple question to someone, and knowing what it would do to me, I am being very harmful to them.

The bible says to "speak every man truth with his neighbour" (Ephs. 4:25) "Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers." (Ephs. 4:29) and the Lord's words are powerful and His Holy Spirit dwells in us.  With a simple utterance of Christ's name I satan flees and the darkness is lightened!  Last night I was able to witness this fact.  I was afraid and started getting a fearful spirit (which is from satan), getting afraid of the dark (like a kid) and then I called on Jesus and it was suddenly the loveliest night ever!  And my Jesus has it all taken care of... EVERYDAY, EVERY MINUTE! :D

So our words are powerful and we need to use them wisely.

This life isn't forever.  Every idle word will be judged, whether good or bad.

I have to run now, my family needs me and together let's call on JESUS and ask him before we speak, ask him to speak the words of truth for us (when we are soo angry or upset), for if we ask he will grant and we need to step aside to let HIM live through us!

Here's a song I found recently.  It's really helpful!

His girl,