Friday, March 28, 2014

Spring, Wolf and Training

We've been spring cleaning here.  The rugs, floors and walls (pretty much) all 'beat out' and freshened in the spring air, all the windows open, as soon as its warm enough!

The weather has been cold and rainy in the morning and then sunny now in the afternoons and evenings.  The grass all greening under the grey tall grass and the fruit trees, far and in between blooming! 

We do have one volunteer peach tree that we've had for about two years and its blooming again.  Its never produced yet, so maybe this year! :D  Abigail took some very lovely photos of it and I had to one of them!

These trees, and plants all prove how creative our Jesus is!  And how crafty and how much he cares to create fruit and meet for our to enjoy from his very hands, through the soil and the energy of the sun!   

And I learn that I must work to get the results I want, with gardening or anything.  For example, our Wolfy!

So yes dear Wolf is getting big, of course, and thankfully he isn't 6 months yet so I am trying to train him now, before any later!  He's getting spoiled with food scraps when we're 'out' of his plain dog food, so I worry a bit.  But I've got treats to train him with, so he won't be totally spoiled by the scarps I'm sure! :)
(Joshi took these pictures of Wolf and I, for me.)
And as this all goes on my head is busily thinking, dreaming and planning as ever! :)   I've realized I've been reading too much into life (in various and many areas sadly), and have also been really learning to give up my wants and desires.  Though I've been enjoying listening to "Eight Cousins", "Rose In Bloom" and "An Old-Fashioned Girl" all while working, and its actually helping me keep busy instead of facebook or lay around all day.  I tell myself, you get story while working... so ya, I'm training myself too ;)

Life is so fun!  Even with our little trails and mistakes and horrible faults and misconceptions. I am totally blessed and re-blessed who knows why.  And yesterday we got to sing at a nursing home (again after about 3 months since we had the last) and under new Christian management the place glowed so sweetly and was such a wonderful surprise!  Usually visiting such places, it seems we're the only ones alive (the nurses and cooks all busy or gone... and just residents left).  But don't get me wrong, after singing our hearts are blessed by the resident's dear sweet thanks, and they are all our endless Grampas and Gramas!

Wow!  Thank God for this life!

Blessings to my fellow believers in Christ's name,
Faith Grubb
Hebrews 3:12 KJV (as "Stronger" by Mandisa plays and encourages me)

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What I Have To Say

This is actually I'll ever have to say, ever.  And its not much, so here goes.

I have nothing really to say, of any worth, use or other.  Nothing I say can help you in your life.  The ONLY thing ever that can help you is the Lord and his beautiful word to us.  Wait, its true!  I have a VERY hard time finding ways to read the scriptures, get 'interested' in them, feel like it, or even just somewhere to start (once I do make myself sit).  But I am blessed, guided and comforted, as well as rebuked and chastened in the most loving way EVER.

There is nothing I have done to draw myself closer to God.  I only (about 2 years ago) decided to pray more consistently (partly due to Debi Pearl's GOOD book, Preparing to Be A Helpmeet).  Only because I knew to be more the person God needed me to be I needed to pray more and get to know him.  Then I sorta drifted my own way, and yet through my own mistakes and learning lessons.  And through the beautiful youth I've gotten to live Christ has gently drawn me closer to his side, and I now look back and see that through trials (which I viewed as such) I have been taught to recognize his voice, and by his own hand he's taught me... tiny me!  

Its amazing.

And along with this post, I want to let you all know I have NO perfect life here.  I have my 'life' too ;)  And yet I wouldn't trade it for all the jewels of this earth, or for some knock out dude to call me his.  I will be happy with where ever God places me, with whomever he will put in my life.  Be it my girlfriends for just now, or possibly to remain friends for the rest of my life.   And speaking of girlfriends and life... :)  We sometimes feel our friends have such a perfect, planned out, 'with it' life compared to ours.  Yet we all of us go through the 'problem' in this song.   My sisters accuse me of being the 'cute one' (they're JUST as cute if not more)!  And even I have felt like the girl talks about in the song.  We are all beautiful no matter how many heads don't, or turn our way when we walk in a room.  No matter who or who isn't our friend. 
God loves us each one, and he's the only one who CAN love us perfectly, every single day, for the rest of our life.   And one day God will all provide us with the mate he needs us to learn from/by/with etc.  All in his timing (he does give us those longings for a reason... not just for a 'doom' of singleness... but that's the fun part now)! :D   'Kay watch the vid, then scroll down for my farewell, if you want ;)

And hey, Hebrews is a REAL neat book. I'm only on chapters 1 and 2 (determined to read it ALL the way through... after all these years of reading bits and pieces ;P).
Let me know what your reading now, how its helping you etc... Whatever ;)

His Holy Child (now GO read HIS word!),
Faith Ellie

Friday, March 14, 2014

My Bangs

Okay for the second self haircut I've ever done (well... past those childish attempts at 2 and 5 :P), I tried bangs! :D
I rather was disappointed at first.  But now I've sorta 'gotten used' to them and I found the curling iron does work if you curl tiny sections.  And Abigail said I looked like Amy Dorrit!!!  WHAT a compliment! I LOVE that movie and she's my heroine! ;)
Well I tried loose curls with the iron and that turned out nice, but WAY to 60s/70s to me! ;)   So then I remembered Laura Ingalls did rag curlers in her bangs and I wanted to try that, so I fell in love with that look (which will work for any Jane Austen look too)!  Then I 'rag curled' all my hair and that was nice too!  And today's tight curls with the iron and a braid. :)
I went ahead and made my first hair How To video set and that was fun! :D  It was just really loose rag curls so I plan to do some better videos later.  And hairstyles as well. :)   Hair is so fun to play with!

So here's the photos and videos!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Redirected not Rejected

I found this forward on facebook. So many times, as young adults we feel the pain of rejection and feel as if our whole future isn't worth living. Its a sad state when we fall into it (or it hits us) and we often continue to go down with all our woes. Rejected and hurt is a sad place to be, yet I'm learning that in these saddest moments we MUST still praise and thank God.  Especially if God has brought us to that place, that ended sadly.  Not that he WANTS us to be hurt, but in the long run he knew it was best for us the way it turned out.  And though we feel like our plans, hopes and dreams are best for us God's are ALWAYS better.  And we don't know what's best for us, only Christ does.

But as the time goes on, hopefully we will realize to leave everything to God (as we should have in the beginning- if we didn't).  And when looking back its amazing to turn around and see what God's plan was for the past.  Its the most precious surprise to see what a blessing and stepping stone those 'rejections' actually were.  And how they have helped us grow closer to the person God wants us to be.

It does hurt, but what satan wants is us to be broken down and of no use to God.  But we must even in pain rise up to do God's bidding and be joyful in the trials or tests he gives us!  It is for our own good and God's greater glory.  I often wonder in those hurt times if it is better to go through the pain, then some other route I felt would be nice, but it is- maybe not at first or immediately but in the long run we can look back and see the way God had it all planned.  And the Lord's promises are faithful and he won't leave us abandoned in our hurt.  And most often he BLESSES our obedience to him in those tough times.  One special blessing I've found in those dark times is my closeness to the Father.  I am actually closest to him then.  I rely on him the most -if not completely and ha and I are able to grow closer then ever before.  The pains and hardships help the growth of the bond, actually more then I realize.  Its a beautiful thing that Jesus has created and I am happy I can have a personal relationship with my creator!

Lift up your eyes no matter how sad your day or life seems there is surely a blessing (if not MORE) to thank God for, right where you're at.

To God be the glory,