Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Uncomfortable Dreams

As I grow older and observe life around me, and around the world I've been learning somethings.  Also as I look forward to the new changes coming up soon (along with the dream of my future one true love {whenever I do run across him}),  I start to see one thing.  This life is actually nothing but pure vanity.   As Solomon's Ecclesiastes teaches us.

But its all 'vain' in that we live only (by nature) to find pleasure and serve ourselves and do what we want.  What 'feels' right.   Quite a bad plan when examined closer.   

The Lord first planned for us to all live with him in perfect harmony.  
Then we bummed up that plan by sinning (breaking the law) thus making death a factor of life (as death is the penalty for sin {sin being the crime}).
"But I can still use that." God may have said, as he did.
So he had to correct that error of Adam's with Jesus' perfect life and then his death on the cross, which was the only death able to pay for the crime of sin(s), as he was a perfect person.  
So now we live in the twenty-first century... He's made a way for us to eventually dwell with him in perfect harmony, but not yet.  So we still have a body of flesh... longing to fill ourselves with pleasure, sin, and be corrupt.     But thank the Lord, he's left us with the best 'road map'.  His Holy Word.

Wisdom should be bound about our necks and knowledge and understanding sought after:  "For wisdom is better than rubies; and all the things that may be desired are not to be compared to it."  Proverbs 8: 11.
Did you get that?  All things that may be desired...  Marriage.  Love.  A husband.  A family.  A baby... All of it.  Not to be compared to wisdom.  It made me marvel when I read that.  Sounds pretty much like ditch everything except wisdom.  And that includes, all our dreams and our desires...

Wow.  Yet its true.  The Lord and his Wisdom should be our only goal.  They are our only reliable navigating tools here in this world of vanity.  If you think there are others I'm concerned for your soul.  
That's like me bringing you to my home, where you've never been and you pick up a drawing of mine and believe its going to give you a better tour than I could... of my house.  God, Jesus Christ, created everything in this universe, beyond, in this time, and in anytime there ever was, he created time.  That's like my believing in an angel to guide me through life.  God created all the angels and spirits and let them all have a mind to choose (in the beginning), as he created you and I to have a mind to choose... Good or bad, right or wrong.  Holy or unholy.

And so there was the angel Lucifer who chose evil.  It is sad he did, for now he cannot enjoy the eternal pleasures we (who choose Christ and holiness) will get to enjoy thanks only the LORD himself!  And by the way the 'third' power of magic was made up by satan/lucifer so he could get you to think it was 'safe' but its HIS bad power, which will only lead you to an eternity in hell, the lake of fire. There's no such thing as good magic, sorry.  God's power is way better its Majestic!!! :)  And ALWAYS wins.  But with a high cost....

Which brings me back to my point... of life here and its uncertainty and how we must cling to wisdom and the Lord.   Its uncomfortable half the time.  

Funny how our flesh craves comfort...  Well our life with the Lord begins just beyond that... in the zone of discomfort!   We have to humble ourselves (WAY uncomfortable last time I checked) before Him (JUST WAAAYYYYYY uncomfortable... before the CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE!!!!!!!), and repent (turn from, change and feel sad) for our sins.   Um that's just the beginning.  
As I'm learning.  I'm here been saved a while and the Lord is teaching me how to remain in discomfort.  He trains us little by little to become the person he needs to take home to heaven.  I've noticed how the 'good people' usually die, in the family.  They're nearly 'perfect' Christians and then they die!!!  Well that's a no brainier!  The Lord gets them 'as best as possible' pretty much and then takes 'em home to enjoy their eternity.
And its amazing how he lifts us to new lessons, gently.  One step at a time.  

And though we really believe our dreams are the best, and wonderful and amazing He usually never fills those dreams perfectly.  They're usually just the type, color and style we wanted yet they end up way bigger and better and far more amazing than we ever expected or thought we would/could possibly get!!!!
They're just usually a size bigger (as it says) and boy, do they begin and remain (sometimes) WAY uncomfortable!   
So are you willing to give up your dreams for wisdom and in the end have your socks blessed off with bigger better Uncomfortable Dreams???

I pray you come to know our Lord yourself, 

Faith Grubb