Thursday, October 9, 2014

Multiply the Crushes...

Some random thoughts... I just want to encourage you to keep yourself pure before God. Everyday, in everything you do. Especially between men and women.

I'm not gonna tell you what you should or shouldn't do.

I only wish to encourage you to examine every interaction you have with anyone. Examine each interaction and ask yourself "If Christ, my parents, my grandparents and all my church friends where standing, sitting here as I do 'blank' with whoever, would I be uncomfortable, would they? Or would they be horrified?"

Dude, its your life and everything has a consequence (good or bad) but I just wanted to remind you all that the Lord and everyone WILL -one day- be there viewing how you interacted and lived.
So do you want to cringe on judgment day? I SURE don't...

I'm not gonna lie we all have a crush or two, at the first.  We think its good to 'follow' our hearts.  And we think it'll be fine, but it SURE don't work that way.  I learned the hard way.  It not only gives you pain to follow your heart, but it also leaves you feeling dead, or pretty near.

Crushes aren't sinful, they are the most natural thing (I've talked of this in a previous post).  But how you handle it is EVERYTHING!   Today I was talking to some friends, I had mentioned the name of one guy I like.  And I went on to say how it really don't matter for us women whom we like or don't like.  For us that guy will come along and 'get' us... all the way to marriage! :D  Regardless whether he was the guy we sorta liked or not.   Another thing though I don't (and can't) 'like' just one guy anymore.  I used to and that was NOT healthy.  I would dream too much and focus all my waking hours on thoughts of him. 

This got me into some trouble and its a hard lesson I learned but I've found that you MUST NEVER have ONE crush, but 'several' at a time.  And there is NO 'one and only' until you're marrying him and he IS YOUR one and only! :D

Bad: Think about it, say I like 'Dick' only and have a crush on him, I only think of how cool our futures would be together, then I start telling all my girlfriends and pray only for him (forgetting to pray for my 'future man'.... and only for 'Dick'), then I start feeling that I "know" he's 'the one' for me!  Thus a mess ensues.... a bad, filthy, hurtful, and hard mess.  That you now have to live through, and face.

Good: Now on the other hand I like 'Charlie', 'Jim' and 'Danny'.  I do like them all equally.  And I KEEP it that way.  I like to keep them all in my prayers, along with my future husband (who might be one of them, or a completely different person)!  I also keep it 'light' and not too dreamy (if at all) about them.
And I am better honoring my future man, whomever he is and he will have a light heart knowing I was not 'head over heals in love' with anyone but him. :)

This is just my experience and I don't know all the answers.  But if you seek the Lord's guidance, in EVERY situation you will be good!

Take care and forever ask him about EVERYTHING!  He most of all wants to be your closest friend.  And for a healthy marriage he MUST be your closest friend, even closer than your spouse.  And in closer I mean talking EVERYTHING over with him first.  As my Mom told me, "You have to, as your man usually won't always want to talk everything over."

Bless the Lord, For he is worthy!

-Faith E. Grubb