Friday, February 27, 2015

What it is to Trust

Trusting. It sounds easy enough, its only one word, its simple to do right?

But oh no. Its really far more than we realize. And we usually end up over using or misusing the word.

To me these are a few definitions of it:
Letting go.
Giving up.
Believing Jesus' promises (of taking care of it).
Obeying his word (trust and obey).
Submitting to the Lord!
Not being anxious.

We think it'll be fine if we take care of just today, or tomorrow. And plan everything out ourselves and leave God and Jesus completely out of the picture!

But the path that leads down is very lonely and dangerous as well. Very dangerous!

We have to TRUST Jesus Christ in every aspect of life!  We have a responsibility and obligation to.  Yet we have a completely free choice to decide to obey or not.

I just know that the road that God has for us is just way better than I could ever start to imagine or dream of!!!

Its late y'all and I am sorry this was late.

And food for thought is this awesome Pastors video on what turns him off.  So girls let's also think what we need to be for a truly biblical Christian guy. And let's think about what should be a turn off for us as well!

Love the Lord and keep the Lord in your mind and give up making your own life story let him direct your path, but don't be lazy and do nothing!!!
Just plan (but don't etch anything in stone!), with lots of prayers and counsel, but be OPEN for the Lord's change of plans and if he wants to work, LET HIM!!!! ;)

His Girl,
Faith Elizabeth

Here's his video:

Friday, February 20, 2015

Sewing and Work!

So I've been busy, I have had two new nanny jobs. One and then I had to switch to the other family. :). And its not really a job or work, I get to raise kids for two days of the week!
So then I heard a sewing job came up so I had to get that too.  I love sewing and it really has made me want to start on my sewing projects!  I actually am finishing a project, a quilt I bought for a dollar, at a thrift cause of it needed some TLC! :D

So the sewing job was reupholstering some rocker cushions.  Here they are!



And here's the hand of one of the cuties I watch! Little Fritz is a doll!

Keep your eyes on the one and only true God, Jesus Christ!


Friday, February 13, 2015

YouTube and Music

My family have a bluegrass band if you didn't know!  And I also write music sometimes.  So our band has a YouTube channel and I have a YouTube channel too!  We love worshipping the Lord with the talents he's given us and I am so blessed to have such a supportive family and I m very proud to also be a fourth generation musician!  My Dad's grandpa was a guitar player with his daughter (Dad's mom) and that's actually how Dad's parents met... See my Popo (Dad's Dad) was jamming at a grocery store back room once and some older man came in and said his daughter could sing and play better than any of them.  They said 'bring her on down then' and he did!   Six months later, they got married! ;)
Sorry if I've told you that story before.  I am just so thankful to the Lord to be in such a neat line of musicians!

So for a weekly video go subscribe to our channels!
Here's a video from each channel, thank you for your support!

God bless and hope you enjoy!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Guilty as charged but Saved!

The Lord's love is so simple I'm still amazed!

To go to heaven I have to be good enough. So I'm good, I've helped people. But let's see how I'm doing.  Have I ever lied? Yes I have.  Have I ever stollen anything? Yes, I have... What do you call that? A theif.
So judged by only two of the ten commandments I'd be guilty. Right?
 Heaven or hell?   As God can't have sin with him..  I guess it'd be hell.  So I've messed up.
In the courtroom God's there telling me I must go to hell if I die.   Then Jesus walks in and says I'll pay the fine.

That's salvation. That's it.  Jesus says hell take our place too. He did. He died our must die sentence and rose from the dead, to prove that it's all paid!  

For FREE we just must believe Jesus Christ.  For he's the only way to the father, and no man comes but by him!

Turn from your sin of lieing, trade places with Jesus Christ and live his will for your life!!!!

Life has been keeping me hopping this new year so far and it's already February, I can't believe it!
I've got work now, nannying regularly. It's such a blessing!  And 23 now I feel old, but am blessed to be so surrounded by such loving friends and most of all my family!

I've been learning to completely lean on my Lord for and in everything!  His strength is more than sufficient and his living through me keeps me well and healthy and strong to do and be all he needs me to be, everyday!

Without this super natural peace and guidance of him I'm sure I couldn't survive!

Thank you Lord for everything!