Sunday, April 26, 2015

Keep it Real

As humans, sadly, we try our hardest to make everyone around us believe we're perfect.
Hey folks I'm here to set the record straight.... I've played this 'game' and have tried to convince tons of you that I'm perfect... well as you most likely knew that ain't true and never can be.  I am happily NOT perfect!  :)

Makes me think of the garden of Eden when Adam and Eve first fowled up.  They acted as if still perfect nothing was wrong.... Who were they trying to kid???  God?  (that's pretty dumb)!

Well Mr. John Doe and Miss Jane Doe, you do it too, and so do I!  I admit it!  We all do!

Everytime we meet someone new we put on our 'front', or maybe you even do around your friends? You act Miss Intellect or Mr. Know it All with them.  But inside you know you probably only know as much as they do or even less!

The verse I just read today explains it perfectly:
"Take away the dross from the silver and there shall come forth a vessel for the finer." Proverbs 25:4.

So silver dross is like silver paint, you pour it on some dumb clay pot to make it look 'perfect' but its not!  And you sure find our what its made of if you drop it, or hit it or put too hot or too cold liquids inside.

So what the thing is, is that we are clay and we can't fool the world we're all perfect.  Truth is the game's rather hard and I detest it now.  My old 'dear' sinful flesh has learned the rules so well that it automatically wants to put "Miss Perfect Faith Grubb" around everyone.  But I've had the pleasure of un-training myself and submitting to my Heavenly Father Lord Jesus.  Once I submit and 'give over' that "I'm gonna be perfect" mentality, he can flow through me and be Him!    I hope you're following me here, what I'm saying is I can be human (once I give up trying to to be perfect!) and when I say human I mean my personality and myself, I don't even care anymore about what people think of me!!!
Imagine that I can be natural, and not ashamed of how I have this goofy laugh...  I am myself and its funny I'll even end up spilling my coffee sometimes (as I'm walking too fast) but I'm no longer embarrassed about being real, a human!   And in this 'state' of carelessness (of my perfection) I can be natural and become fast friends with total strangers!
Now I'm not saying be a fool, goofy, rude or unsafe about meeting people but just accept you are a human and don't put on airs or 'faces' around certain people!  Just be You, the wonderful individual the Lord made you to be, we're free to be us in Jesus!  He'll cover my back as he ALREADY HAS!  He and I switched IDs at Calvary and I died there and then rose from the grave and am living a life as Jesus here, he 'bought' this life and its no longer mine!  He is me now,  it is no longer I but Christ that lives in me!

And when I'm open to being a vessel for him to work through he DOES!  He has me go up to near strangers and talk about Jesus (I usually NEVER do that -I'm Faith Grubb scared of 'that' conversation)!  But now when I let go, he's speaking through me.  And its mind blowing y'all- I mean CRAZY!

So my point (um... I'm in a sporadic writing mood today...), is just don't play favorites or play 'parts' in front of people.  Its just not right and not at all worth it, its really a game of tension and constant anxiety and you're striving against Satan by yourself... pretty pointless.  Satan is wanting to you NOT to be natural around everyone (so he gets you anxious about worrying about what others think), he wants you NOT to be the same around everyone, (so you act 'prim' around the older ladies, and 'goofy' around the younger ones to fit in), He wants you to play favorites (so you do without realizing it, you favorite those its easy to be around with, to an extent its not nice to everyone else) and thus he keeps you sufficiently busy NOT doing the Lord's will.  We can do oh so much more if we'd just 'surrender all' to Jesus.   I hope you don't lie to the Father, by singing that and then turn around and be Miss Prim or Mr. Proper, acting like you don't need help or acting like you're too perfect to help, or acting like you mustn't speak to 'those' people as they're 'below' your level.... Come on I've been there done that, its stupid!  I ended up hurting far more than I'll ever know and I am ashamed at that but, at the same time glad that my Jesus paid for that foolishness on the cross and he has given me another chance to represent him, I no longer have to do that!

You can never please everyone, so why try?  I only need to please my Father, and he's all that matters!

Keepin' it Real!

Rejoice in the individuality of you!  The Lord made you to be you and me to be me...  :)

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Internet down...

Hey y'all I'm sorry, but our internet went out.  I am still blogging weekly, just a busy right now... :)

Friday, April 10, 2015

Christians Out of Line

Okay.... This is an issue many of our Christian Brothers in Christ may not even be aware of, I know several who were unaware and shocked to find we have to deal with this as single unmarried women, even as a Christian.

Okay what?  Well flirting.
Not harmless flirtations between two single folks who like each other and are figuring each other out.  Not that kind!  That's gonna happen, that's part of life! :)

But I'm talking married men, or single older (like late 60s/70s) men who are either just burning for a wife, or a woman PERIOD (as their wife won't satisfy them...). And this is among Christian circles and even active Pastors!!!
Here are some examples.

I know a girl who was at a church once and the pastor winked at her (an under the eyebrow very seductive kind)!
Also several times we've run across various couples and you automatically sense something tense... Then the husbands will follow us around or flirt with us young unmarried girls!!! Also some think it is okay to hit on my Mother!  This is not only sickening but grown men of the church are doing it!!! This is very alarming, for the young men (if there are any) of that church see its okay and will grow up to do the same in the future church! :/

Recently we had a discussion with some Godly young men (who obey the bible!) they are eager to get to know young women and so the one guy was discussing how when we gals get an email from any guy we should reply....  NO!  I and another young lady replied!  Unless it is someone we know we can trust!  Why? He asked.  I explained that we get tons of emails from men around the world.  Half of whom ate creeps and besides the stuff I mentioned above these emails are not good to reply at all.  When internet first came out, and it still happens, there were many cases of murder happening due to a girls replying such emails.  And these girls were young and some older.
We have our lives to live and if a young man really wants to get to know us, please become a friend!

I have met some men via internet, but they ALSO happen to be friends of a friend!  Also a letter or invitation to a gathering would work... What murderer would send an introduction letter or an invitation for a whole family? ;) Guys I'm not sure why I'm suddenly picking on y'all but, I just know that one guy was unaware of this and its serious!

We have lots to deal with and yes I am very aware that y'all have your own issues to deal with in this world (and perhaps more than we women) and I try to turn over as many bad magazines as I can when I'm out!

But I think unity is what our church (the body of Christ) currently needs.  But I don't know everything this is just what had been on my heart and Mama encouraged me to write on this topic (of the flirting) as we do deal with it and I'm sure we're not the only ones who do!

Take care and let's all pray for eachother (fellow belivers) for encouragement and strength in this dark society that misleads us easily to thinking its not a dark era...
Your sister in Christ,
Faith Grubb

Friday, April 3, 2015

Be Faithful in Little: Share!

Day to day is getting much busier now and I asked for it! ;)

So busyness is good, and I am so glad to have work.  I am blessed in everything.  The Lord has given my heart an over abundance of joy and I am so thankful!

A friend and I recently talked of living for serving the Lord in different areas especially where we are now.  I feel I've known this, but I was stewing over the general anxiety for married life etc. (Which is good, but to an extent.)

I am created by and servant to the creator of the universe!  I was fashioned by him for some special reason to be in the family I'm in, for some special reason I was placed in this part of the world, in this time era.  I may WANT to 'serve' Jesus in some other country, but if I don't learn to trust him for the reasons why/where he's put me, how can I ever serve him with all of my heart?  I could be a self made missionary, but as Paul said without love it'd be nothing (and futile).  People may actually end up hating God seeing me as some self-made 'missionary'!

So are we walking the walk daily?  Minute by minute?  That's God's real question I think.  And he said if you are faithful in little then you'll be faithful in much.  Have we been the sister we should've been today?  Were we quiet and careful not to back talk or disrespect our parents (even in our thoughts)?  Or what did we waste our precious time on? More YouTube videos?  When did you last witness, yesterday? So you think you're done for the year now? Nope!

We are soldiers in God's army.  If half of any army sits to play poker games all day how much fighting do you think can happen?  How much land can be recovered?

Seriously its souls we're warring for and satan has his army working 24/7.  His Hollywood war tactics are seriously gaining too many souls, even among so called 'Christian' circles.  :(

Let's wake up and walk the walk, plenty (countless) talk the talk and so ruin our witness for Jesus, just talking... Are you too 'talking' only and making many doubt God seeing you don't act on what you say? How do you represent him? Do you daily let him lead you to do what he'd have you do? Do you store up eternal or earthly treasure?

Spread the gospel today!  Tracts (the million dollar ones) are on sale over at Living Waters currently!  These are easy for me to set around at any store.  They are awesome for folks who might be 'stealing' someone's lost money!

You CAN do something right now for Jesus, and daily!  So go out there and share!

Also here's some photos of a hike Joshi and I went on last week (On the 26th)!  God never said you couldn't have fun working for him, but its also not a daily walk in the park! ;)

Seek the Lord daily!
His precious (I'm SO glad I am as precious as his own son to him),
Faith Elizabeth

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Encouragement from Flourish!

Okay, another quick post here! So I've been following this blog by Malika called Flourish. It is one very encouraging blog and I love it! This blog post really reminded me of how we are able to seek dear Jesus for and with everything!  We as humans (well me anyway) so often forget we can!

This other blog post really spoke to me today, in view of the fellow believers (runners) besides us, we are to lift those up who are behind us a bit, and we are to do the same with the ones ahead, as well as learn from them if we can.  But still maintain our full complete focus on Christ!

Be sure and follow her blog over there, she's so good!
His girl,