Friday, May 22, 2015

A Boundless Fear

Hey y'all!

As Christians working for our Lord and savior my family and I have learned a ton of things!  The Lord has also for sure taken us through these different lessons and without a doubt schooled us himself.   My parents couldn't protect us from certain brawls that broke out at restaurants we happened to be at, and they certainly did NOT plan on raising their children to sing on stages from north to south Texas and Colorado to the east coast!  They had no plans to 'educate' us to be comfortable on stages and become so used to talking to strangers everyone is no longer a threat at all (We are still cautious of strangers/new acquaintances but they are no longer threats, I'll explain...).

And this is what I wish to address today.  Strangers are no longer a threat.  Don't ask me how this has come to be but I no longer fear a new face.  Its rather exciting to meet new people and I love making new friends!  Some yes won't prove anything but a 'one night conversationalist' but in the end I am wiser at meeting new people.

I have found #1 we're all the same.    Created by God, seeking approval and trying to figure out life! Young, old, nursing home patient, worldwide musician, all alike.  We're mankind.

I like to evaluate people in a certain way: Christian (covered by the blood) versus non Christian.  I choose to as the blood-washed will be my future eternity neighbors!   I also like setting or passing out tracts to the non-believers in hopes they'll avoid the hell and destruction to come and also become my future neighbors!

Okay.... My point about strangers no longer threats. Over 10 years of working with/in the public I have found some rather interesting things.

My discoveries is that people fear.  Either God or man.  And I've found those livibg mostly under fear are the saved.

NonSaved individuals are the most polite, happy and carefree (fearless) people!  They worry about nothing it seems and yes NOT being tempted daily by satan is rather 'carefree' and 'easy' as he's NOT plaguing your thoughts!
Unsaved people are also very giving I've found.  They love a friendly debate and are super polite (most of the time).   Even at a huge festival we went to once though half drunk, with their bottles everywhere this group of unsaved folks were so polite and looked out for us 'good kids'.  The majority of the 10 or so people got onto the one guy who was rude to us.

Saved individuals on the other hand.... Are generally tense. Fearful. And the levels of this tension varies quite wildly!

When meeting new believers we occasionally are welcomed with open arms, homes, and lives. They are instantly family (as we are and should be in the body of Christ) and forever become our 'relatives'!  :D  But often we're confronted with an invisible wall/line of tension/fearfulness which we are not to cross.  And from our standpoint this is rather difficult when you can't see or don't even know where that wall/line is.  We're usually drilled with many religious questions (but mostly just stared at in fear) and seem to be under the evaluation of 'worthy of fellowship'.   Sadly this comes from the root issue of tearfulness.  These Christians are fearful whereas they should be fearless like the unbeliever (but even more fearless)! And this is fear of MAN (not God). These Christians are fearing man still, as they are seeking man's approval (I know this as I used to do this myself.  And I still do occasionally).

As humans, I pointed out earlier, we seek approval 100%.  I used to seek it from mankind.  As these saved Christians are doing.  But they don't (like I didn't) realize they're actually SAVED from THIS too!!!  I didn't realize my 100% approval only comes and only can come from the Father (in my head I knew it, but I didn't/wasn't believing it until about a year or two ago, and still we're humans and we forget... but let's REMEMBER this!).
Without believing this (our 100% approval comes from God alone) we end up fearing man and even other saved souls, as we are afraid they might not 100% approve us.  Truth is they never will EVER.  No one (not even a spouse) will 100% approve of you.  Sorry, NOT happenin'.

So at first these sweet 'blind' Christians put up a 'front' that the public sees (or new friends).  This front is one that also 'drills' everyone they meet.  They end up estranging themselves from fellow believers and alienating themselves from the unsaved, whom they are to reach!!!  Once at a goodwill we saw such a Christian lady, and we knew by her dress and demeanor of fear (it was nothing but).  We felt like reaching out to her, but her tension was so evident she seemed like an armadillo with porky pine needles.  As she checked out and walked to the door she spun around, walked back to the clerk and told him 'The scripture says...' and quoted some verse.   I was shocked and embarrassed not for her, but him!  How weird!  Would you want to be given anything in such a fashion?  'Oh by the way...'  The Lord knows she was doing all she knew how, but her fearful demeanor overrode any of her words, and yes she was VERY bold to do so in such a 'fearful' mindset, but still think of the clerk, what is he thinking some 'crazy' bible person...  And if he even considered 'becoming one' he'd think, so once I'm like 'them' I'd be a weird as her.  From that only he'd probably never comprehend or want to hear of her beliefs. :(

I've also seen how these believers even with 'friends' are VERY cautious and won't 'break' until months later.  They are so afraid they'll be laughed at for 'their' way of beliefs or their modesty, etc, etc.!   In reality it isn't THEM or THEIR faith they'll be laughed at for.  Its JESUS who will be laughed at and slandered.  NOT them, at all.  It is sad as I was once there.  But I thank the Lord he's opened my eyes to see that the fear of man only breeds the above: A life of tension, stress, fear, doubting (oneself, God etc), worry, unnecessary anxiety, hurt, pain and the continual stress that goes with all that!

"By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another." (John 13:35)

So if you aren't loving even fellow believers... um how shall all men know???

Now, if you are saved, I hope this alarms you.  Not to put you in fear, no!  I hope just to do the opposite... if I can but help your eyes to be opened.

I hope to see our family of God become fearless soldiers ready to bleed for the gospel if need be! To become strong family members who trust and rely on one another.  If we can't even trust our allies what's wrong?  I understand not all the family of the Lord will see eye to eye on everything.  But this is part of the amazingness of this, God's plan!  Join millions of humans with MANY different cultures, convictions, backgrounds etc, in the name of Jesus and get a family!    Just like with any family we won't all like how things are going, some of us might.  We just NEED to get along with one another, if we claim to be saved!  And while we bicker and fight over here our siblings in Jesus are being beheaded miles away!  And we fear that someone might give us a screwed up nose!  I am not perfect, never will be (until heaven), and I don't know everything.  But I know that half our family of God seem to be sick with the disease of "fearing mankind".  We need LESS fear of man and MORE fear of the Father!  Do we not fear that he will find us idle in our 'fear of man' NOT doing his work?!  Do you not fear the Lord will judge your every combat with fellow believers??? Your every vain argument?  We no longer should fight each other over Calvinism, doctrines, bible versions, modesty etc!  (Yes maybe once warn the 'offending' brother once and show them the bible to back up your view but then DROP IT!  Its now up to them and God.  Don't let these LITTLE things estrange yourself from fellow workers in the body!  {Note: I am not talking about sins here, just preferences and convictions})  Instead we need to fight the bigger battles concerning eternity.  Why not go witness and fight the devils who run an unsaved person's life?

We need to be opening our homes, our lives, our resources to each other as siblings in Christ!  And we're going to need to do this more and more as the world worsens around us.  We'll need to have encouragement, aid and help, or even physical protection soon.  We don't know what the future holds but we know who holds the future!
And as a joke I heard once, let's not be like the man on the roof refusing our siblings help!  The joke is more a truth to me.  a guy on a roof in a flooded area prays for God to rescue him.  A boat comes by "Hop in!"  "No," replies, "God will save me." then a motorboat and a helicopter do the same too, he refuses "God will do it" he says.  He ends up dying going to heaven and asks "God why didn't you answer my prayer and save me?"  God says "I did.  I sent you the boats and the helicopter." (Here's the complete joke.)  

Did God answer your prayer through a fellow believer or even an unbeliever?  Do you think our Iraqi siblings in Christ doubt each other's faith as we do?  Once you're aware of their confident faith in Jesus Christ and his blood alone, nothing else matters and shouldn't.

And I can now fearlessly face
In fearing only the Lord there are soo many blessings.  Facing the world and new people is so fun to me now, at first it literally feels like jumping off a cliff and being caught in his sweet arms!  And it happens again and again that the 'jumping off' is nothing anymore, as you KNOW he'll always be there to 'pick you up', be that pick up the conversation, the situation etc!  :D  Its amazing!

And now (after hard lessons of trust in my Father -jumping off the cliff) I've learned that no longer do I need to anyone but God!  A human is so limited as far as hurting me.  And satan's a pip squeak!  As a friend amazingly coined it in Jesus "I'm bulletproof"!  This fear of God is boundless too, as God is boundless.  And I can now fearlessly face mountains and strangers, beasts and devils/spirits!  I can meet total strangers and I am without fear of them.  They are no longer a threat to me.  The God of the UNIVERSES (there's millions of them) is my best friend- come on!  And if he is for me... who, I mean really who, in the heck thinks they can be against me?! :)    Y'all I feel like jumping up and down for the utter joy of it!

"Oh that men would praise the Lord for his goodness, and for his wonderful works to the children of men!" Psalms 107:8

 In the fear of the Lord is strong confidence: and his children shall have a place of refuge.  The fear of the Lord is a fountain of life, to depart from the snares of death." Proverbs 14:26 & 27

Seriously let's shirk this fear of man and take on this boundless fear of the Lord Jesus!

Be bold my sibling, and the GRACE of our Lord Jesus be with you always,
Faith Grubb

Friday, May 15, 2015

Creation Scared Now Creation Sings

Before the dawn of my Christ-Birth
Darkness suffocated and felt surrounding,
Oceans roared and threatened drowning,
Night creatures sought me for devouring
Devouring of my hollowed soul.

Storms and thunders frightened and terrified me,
Memories would return of the local boy killed by lighting.
I would tell myself 'But God made these so don't worry'.
But how could I be solaced by the God whom I had wronged?
How could I be glad that he made these and not be afraid?

I had wronged him... So I was not safe from him.
I realized I could do nothing, ever, to pay for my crimes against him.
From a cool website I just found 
My wrongs of breaking the rules.  Of doing wrong and knowing better.
The Lord can't have sin about him and if ever I died I was headed for hell.
For the Lord is in heaven and he can't have sin near him!
And I tried to be good, but he was telling me 'you're still dirty' from that one lie.
Then I heard the old, old story.  How I could NEVER do enough to pay for my crimes.
How the Lord actually made a way we could be reconciled to him.
How he longed to be our friend... even though we messed up.
How the blood of a perfect person (His son Jesus) paid for my sin.
For Death is the only payment for wrong doings.  Blood has to pay the price.

And who's blood did?  The very son of God.  God knew we couldn't so he made part of himself into a human man, half God and half human.  God impregnated Mary a VIRGIN!  And she remained VIRGIN until she married Joseph!  God just 'made' her with child, his child.  Jesus.  Who was FULLY man (could bleed, die, walk and eat like us) and FULLY God (could outlive death if he wanted, could do miracles unspeakable like raise people from death, could ascend to heaven any minute if he wanted).
But this God-man came for one purpose.  To DIE a man's death (the only thing that would pay for a life).  And as he was God he lived a PERFECT life, and so this let his death pay for ALL mankind!

His perfect blood poured out with water... Living water.  At the cross and he didn't only die.  He rose from the dead, defeating death!  And he lives today!  With God (himself) again.
The Lord is all three, God, Jesus and the Spirit.  As you or I we are a body (God) and we have a voice (Jesus), and we have a spirit (the Holy Spirit)!

So here in this new realization.  I found the peace my soul longed for.
The depth my hollowed soul craved, and the water my thirsty life needed.

The fear of the storms and darkness so long ago taught me a fear of him.
Way back then when I was so young and lost.
Many say fear is not of God.  I TOTALLY disagree,
It is the SWEETEST thing, for it is a fear OF GOD and I will treasure it!
Its a fear that he whom I wronged can do anything he wants.
Even punish me, and I'd deserve it.  But if he SENT his own self to PAY for my measly life WHY would he in the end punish me?  His mercy is farther than we can measure!

So today I am still the child of fascination.   Storms still intrigue me but no longer scare me!
Darkness is now beautiful it brightens stars and moon,
And blankets its shadows about me as if the very hand of God.
My eyes feast on the endless miles of sea, my fingers gather the millions of shells, all perfectly uniquely crafted by the one who created me too!  The rage of the seas stirs an excitement in my soul, a longing to know this maker more!
Night prowlers fascinate me (from a distance), and to hear that a lion's roar travels up to 5 miles away marvels me at my God's design!  He's so awesome!
Storms, even tornadic scary ones are a thrill and favorite of mine, the rush it brings is NOT to be compared!  I am sad and very heart broken at the damage it brings but the wonder of what God can do and folks don't think or don't find out if he exists!!!!!????  What?
The claps of thunder that 'growl' across the sky are amazing!  And the flash of light (a tiny, tiny sample of how bright my Saviour is) is AWESOME!

"Oh that men would praise the Lord for his goodness, and for his wonderful works to the children of men!" Psalm 107:8, 15, 21 & 31

And the way the Lost CRY out the Lord, (there are NO atheists in Foxholes), and he HELPS them!  He saves them and they go right back to their wicked ways!!!  (Read Psalm 107, its so beautiful!)

PRAISE him with the FLOWER,
PRAISE him with the Thunder,
PRAISE him with the Rain!
PRAISE him with the Lions!
With the voice of your mouth,
With the clap of your hands,
With the song of your heart!

Oh the men would PRAISE the Lord for his GOODNESS, and for his WONDERFUL works to the children of men!

He comfort my bowels,
Satisfies my longing soul
And fills my dry throat with LIVING WATER!

His Holy Child,

Sunday, May 10, 2015

A Flower's Duty

A flower has no duty (you may say) none at all.

But I've been learning how these tiny beauties have a huge lesson to teach us.

Their only due, for their whole existence is to glorify the Lord Jesus!

They even glorify him in a storm, they may be closed somewhat and their heads may be bowed but they are still glorifying the King!
We need to be THANKFUL in every thing. Philippians 4:6 and we need to not worry about anything!

Go be a flower and GLORIFY our maker!  :D

His little flower,

Friday, May 1, 2015

Among Riots and rumors of wars...

To My King
My country is on my heart,

My homeland is in distress,
But Jesus you are always in control, you have long over seen hurt, and for years these things have been around.
My country is confused, its lying to each other and to You Lord!  My country is divided, my country is a mess.  
Father you created lands, Father you created this ground, this tree.  This could be a tree the settlers admired, these fields are the fields the men thought of when writing the Declaration.  And here I stand, oh how they'd be ashamed to start such a country if they'd see what we've let it degrade to today!
Oh my God my soul cries to you, aid us!  Guide us, direct us BACK to you!
And whomever is leader, you're always King!

Dear Readers, riots are breaking out.  I am saddened at how awful it is getting but I am aware the Lord is in control!  I do not fear any one but Him.  And so like my last post, in this state of FEARLESSNESS (except of Him!) we as soldiers of our King can face, defeat, confront, stand and undergo anything!  PRAISE HIM!

I just started reading "Tortured For Christ" by Mr. Richard Wurmbrand. (get your free copy over HERE)!   This book has opened my eyes (along with Corrie Ten Boom's book "The Hiding Place") to the reality of the cruelty and wickedness of mankind.   Everyone wants to believe there is 'good' inside us all somewhere.  Sadly there isn't.  We're 100% filthiness to the rotten core!   Its also opened my eyes to the endurance the Father gives those in pain, persecution and harm.    It has made my heart leap for joy at how the human body is no longer what is being 'tried' but the very spirit of our Father in these individuals!  No one can say truthfully "Wow, see what the human body can endure!"  no, for I'm sure they've done these absurd cruelties to those who are not Children of Lord Jesus and they've surely died.  Our Father equips his children!  He prepares us and he directs us to where we need to go and what we need to do.  
Could this be why we've been taught such hard lessons of trusting Him?  Is this why we've hurdled lesser trials, training for huge ones?   This is just my silly observation but in talking to many young adults through out the body of Christ I've seen many going through harsh lessons of trust in the Father, little siblings dying without cause, or parents.  Its a hard trial and a hard situation in which to trust the Lord.   To my small mind I know I'm being trained for something, I have no clue what for, where he will send me, if down the street or across the world, but I need to learn to serve him wherever I am.

These riots are coming closer to home, but I am no longer afraid.  What can man do to me that my Father would not know about?  

It doesn't matter what state, but therewith to be content!  :)

You see, our country could go under harsh persecution too.  I won't 'dream' like so many sadly are that the Lord Jesus will come back when America goes 'down'....  Nope.  We're not a 'sacred' land that once it goes Jesus will come!  We may have to endure persecutions as a country, I don't know but I will go ahead and expect the 'worst' and if it doesn't come that's GREAT!  But I'll be getting ready for anything, for with Jesus I can be! :)

REJOICE where we are now, how we can currently STILL sing of Jesus freely without fear of being shot at or beheaded.  And PRAY for our siblings enduring such atrocities!   We need our family in Christ more than ever now, and we should always be aware of whom we can truly trust when the time comes!   So come to our Shindigs, you dear siblings in Him, or create your own to meet and get together with your 'allies' over the country!  :)

His child,
Faith Elizabeth

P.S.  This song has to do with my last 'Keep it Real' and this!   We can 'let go' and feel exposed yet I do truly now 'care less' about what others think!  (I just don't like the line 'I could bleed to death' my Lord Jesus did for me so I no longer have to!) Let's not get caught up in who we aren't.  :