Saturday, June 27, 2015

Soul Food

My preface here:
"All the ways of man are clean in his own eyes, but the Lord weigheth the spirits." Proverbs 16:2

I have been reading "Tortured for Christ" by Brother Wurmbrand.  And this verse makes me realize the need for 'soul food' as well as the reading of this book!  Brother Wurmbrand said how he realized the tortures he and Christians went through taught him that the spirit and soul rule the body.  The body 'feels' and 'endures' the pain but it was distant to him when his soul was grounded in the Lord's safe arms!  :)     And thus the other verse "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me." Psalm 23:4 comes completely to life!

So for my article! :)
I have 'tried' to memorize scripture for years...  Always failing horribly (falling flat on my face every time - if you know what I mean)!

Oddly in just making sure to read scripture daily (be that a verse of two or three chapters) I have found my soul memorizing it!   But that 'type' of memorization I only remember the words slightly and the order is still off and the reference is 'lost in the shuffle'.  But I have made myself write down a verse daily for a week and memorize a verse a week, with the reference to remember that as well. That is very important to me as you must know where this great phrase comes from! :)  You must know the speaker you're quoting too right?  Same thing here and if you know its a Psalm of David he's who you're quoting, or a verse in Matthew is it Jesus you're directly quoting or Matthew's take on things? :)

Anyway all this to say it's been an interesting journey of learning.  I am not a good reader still.  And it gets tiring to read 'boring' chapters sometimes.  But when I 'accidentally' run across Isaiah 18 and its um 'realness' and 'shocking-ness' of it!  In it I saw the character of the Lord Jesus!  He doesn't care how offened you'll get/be and he created us himself, so he knows everything.  And he'll make his point anyway he wants... Can you imagine the 'Christians' of the time probably thinking Isaiah was just some nutcase who 'thought' he was following God.  I mean surely they were thinking 'God would never make a REAL prophet of his go naked for three years'... Hey folks God is God and he can do what he feels like!

I've also learned his simple Proverbs and warnings are EACH (I mean why do we think he'd just fill a book with unnecessary things? -but our brains do think that way at first) there for a reason!  They EACH mean something and if we don't heed them life will be tough and hard and dangerous!
For example our family has been reading Proverbs since I was a little girl (if not a baby)... And some little proverbs just always didn't make sense or bothered me.  Like "Only by pride cometh contention: but with the well advised is wisdom." (Prov. 13:10)
This one was hard for me to grasp, as a child being taught 'We're proud of America' and we're proud of each other.  But here it was saying by pride???  This didn't make sense until you let your soul 'speak' as it were and show you the filthy pride we all possess!  It's an ugly, ugly ogre that doesn't only cause contentions but also tried to dissolve family ties, or relationships!  And this verse, "Commit thy works unto the Lord, and thy thoughts shall be established."  (Prov. 16:3).  I wanted my thoughts established but what does 'commit thy works' mean?  That was a tough one, and I learned these over time not in studying these particular verses, but in just reading these over and over and now that I've been through some things I'm like 'That's why he said that!'  or 'He knows what he's talking about WHY did I ever doubt him???'

His Proverbs are all so inspiring and RICH!  In reading one chapter I miss maybei 15 of the little proverb concepts and my brain just 'catches' the ones that pop out.  Which is neat, but if I'd only spend longer and just study each one, they're each so packed with millions of nuggets of golden wisdom and truths!  And I'm a HUGE 'justice' person.  But I've learned you know 'The Lord hath made all things for himself: yea, even the wicked for the day of evil.'  So I needn't worry about why do the wicked get to be so wicked and rich?  And there's even a verse about envying not the wicked... (another verse I 'memorized' but don't know where its from...).

Anyway I'm just in awe of his words and how enriching they are and NO wonder he said 'Man doesn't live by bread alone'!

It's our soul's food (as a very neat Dutch pastor just told me recently) and without it we're starving our soul to death.  We sure are quick to feed our body, he made a GREAT point, but how often do we make time to 'feed' our soul?  And  I've found all my endless questions and concerns (that CONSTANTLY whirl in my head) are laid to rest and are 'answered' and fed by the Lord's word and it's making me 'grow big' (like we tell children to eat up)!  We shouldn't remain 'children souls' and keep being reminded 'eat up to grow'!  Or 'eat your veggies'... ;)  Food is actually one of our first priorities, greatest 'passions' or 'joys' as a human, this is how we should be with the Living word (our spiritual food) is should be one of our greatest passions and joys and yes I'll say it should be our TOP priority! :D

Soul food is awesome! :D

It tastes delicious and I'm not just kidding here it does have a taste that your soul tastes... and its soo satisfying.  After a huge Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner we sure feel 'full'!  Don't you wish to so satisfy your withering soul?

His blessed child,
Faith Elizabeth Grubb

P.S. And the word of the Lord is like a long lovely romantic and serious and important letter from our Lover Lord and it truly is a mystery to search out his heart and soul in....  A love 'affair' I will have the pleasure of continuing for eternity! <3 p="">

Friday, June 19, 2015

Once I Dreampt a Dream

Once I dreampt a lovely dream, oh many year far past it's been, of my hugging a precious man.
Twas the one who's loves never end, twas Jesus I am for sure, as his arms they were so larger than man's.

And I oft doubt my Jesus would know, the soul which died a crucified death for me, how to best dispose my life with all my silly plans and dreams.  But why weak self would e'er I doubt?

For this man, tanned near black was his skin, though his face I could never see, is all I need,
And my view, in this dream, was as if I were looking on, beholding us there, a white cloth did clothe his waist around yet his strong and bare upon his chest I lay clothed in white... like a bride.

And oh foolish me, oft I look up and even let go, to attend some trouble on my own, but why I forsake such strong aid I know not.  What a dream it twas...

We stood still, and at peace, on flat dessert plateau, as though atop of world,
Where one could see for miles around still his face I never saw.
And thus I remained the whole dream, calm, pleased and at ease.
And thus we should remain, and ever be, as a small child in his mighty arms.

(And that's what happens when you listen to too much Irish/Celtic and remember your Lord's love and a random sweet dream you had years ago!)

Friday, June 12, 2015

Let's Do This! (Not Hear)

So in a world were pleasure and all that fills your desires is smothered in your face almost to where you no longer recognize what you do and don't like.... You get really tired.  As a people we Americans are tired.  Of everything, of trying, thinking, learning, laughing, rejoicing, dreaming, growing, building, doing, nearly being....

I am glad to say though that some of us are not so tired of these things.  We love learning, growing, laughing, rejoicing, thinking.  But what do we do it for/at.  Are we learning to best satisfy self?  Are we learning to best think of others or ourselves?   Are we growing at our ability to slander or are we growing in wisdom and understanding?   And those aren't old words, those are real things that are relevant for today!

I find in looking back only 1 year, how caught up I was (still) in me.  My dreams, wants, pleasures etc.  I don't have this all down folks still TOTALLY learning!  But now I do find a want to do the things the Lord wishes.  His wants are become mine, not all of them.  I heard a GREAT thought over the weekend concerning reading the word.  We went to a homeschool camp (Spring Mingle) over the weekend and this Pastor V came in for one day to do a workshop.   He had mentioned the verse 'Search the scriptures'...  (not sure where that is off the top of me head) but he said "What is it to search?  Does that mean just read a verse, chapter, etc. everyday?  What do you do when you search?"

The conclusion, you look for or are seeking something....!

That really inspired me and helped me!   But I bring this up as we, as a society, see to be tired of everything.  And we're told to search, or hunt if you want.

So first there's a doing involved. (let us be doers and not only hearers)

So looking back over my last few years and even weeks I've found that I've been taught a lesson, told a lesson, and I've heard it.  But now comes the action of doing it.  Fun right?  ;)  

Let's not kid ourselves we are tired of 'doing what we're told'.  We're human lazy, selfish beings out only to seek pleasure.  Concerned with SELF.  But within me, my soul within me is OH so eager to jump up and  DO its Master's bidding.  Yet my self is tired.

I can barely understand now Paul's dilemma.  Why here's an example for you just happened this past week.

Situation: Misunderstanding and thus an argument ensued with a family member.

Self: "Wow!  Did you here 'them' talk to you so? You deserve so much ore!"
Spirit: "Hey! We've been learning NOT to fear man!"
Self: "So what!  I can't let them see me 'weak'!"
Spirit: "Why? What they gonna do?"
Self: "I don't know but hurt me and that HURTS!"
Spirit: "But you're fearing man more than God!  You're 'weak' before him."
Self: "uh...."

I had to realize I've been fearing them WAY more than the Lord and that's twisted!  Cause REALLY what in the world can they do to ME (a child of the King of Kings!) that he won't know about???

(I may be repeating from last few posts)

But I've too been realizing though he gives us those family and friends to truly connect with that doesn't mean make them God's and put their opinion above Christ's!  They may love me today and hate me tomorrow too, so really why base and hang my whole life on them?

And SURPRISE they're human too, trying to figure out this 'life' thing along with billions and if Christian are trying (like you) to know how to live in a wicked filthy world but not be of it!

I know I've faltered countless times, and if I freak out at one of their mistakes that I happen to experience why not just NOT freak out?  Why not just FEAR only God and not man and get over it?  Anyone recall the word... forebear?  I'm not trying to be rude, I'm just shocked how many don't know what it means or is!   It means politely or patiently restrain an impulse to do something; refrain. That is interesting as the Ephesians letter says "With all lowliness and meekness, with long suffering, forbearing one another in love." Ephesians 4:2

So I got off there some, sorry!

Just I am learning that I don't need to fear MAN or anything they've done/will do to me.  Man will ALWAYS let us down.  But only Christ will 100% 'do it right' his way!  :)

So now I've learned and heard that lesson... now he's putting me through 'doing' classes, and its still up to me/us if we want to listen but why not?  We'd be better off just to listen and not face any future 'spanking'.... (That I don't want to find out about)!

Anyway blessings to you all,
His learning Christian girl,

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The way I do recipes...

So recently a friend and I were talking about how we cook, how a recipe is a suggestion! :D

Well it is only that for me. :)

Around here when cooking for 8 to 10 folks regularly its sometimes useless to get a recipe book out each time.

We have as a family memorized songs.... to every detail.... Well we sorta do that in the kitchen too ;)

And for example, I don't give a recipe too well.  So when a gal asked for a chicken pot pie recipe I was like 'oh that's easy, here you just do this and that' and thus the 'recipe' I made up (from reading tons and adapting them to my way of cooking, and from the many times we've made it and with some variations included - Mel and I cook differently ;) ).    Which recipe I'd like to share with you all as I'd rather not just have it sit as a comment on some social media alone forever... I mean for the rest of... oh never mind! :P   But what I'm saying is that it took me a while to spell it out so why not share it?  
Ready? You want to make Chicken pot pie?  It's easy and takes about half to one hour prep and about another hour cooking- till golden brown!

Not really a recipe... But "Grubb Chicken Pot Pie"

Brown chopped onions in about 2 TB butter (real!) a pan, add other desired veggies in desired form (chopped, whatever), and chicken chopped and raw (NOTE the veggies must be 'raw' too). This gets the onion flavor into the meat.
Now once cooked down (clear onions, soft carrots), add some water. Let simmer while in a bowl put 1/2 cup flour (or 1 to 2 TB arrowroot) in 1 cup water. Mix till a 'dough' (arrow root will be watery, but mix till all wet).
Now pull your veggies and meat to the side, in a place of only the simmering water pour in your 'dough', stir quickly as you do so. Making a gravy and NOT letting it clump! Once all 'dough' is in and smooth and looking good, stir everything in, veggies etc. That's your filling. Salt and pepper to tastes (SALT is VERY important but surely you know that ;))!

Crust/Breading: (we have two versions):
1.(Mel's easy style) Make a favorite biscuit dough and plot 'biscuits' onto gravy in pan, cover and let cook on stove about 45 mins to an hour, till dough is cooked. (dough will be wet on outside, as the steam from top will cause the 'biscuits' to get wet.

2. (My 'from-scratch-to-look-awesome' style :P ) Make basic pie crust recipe, roll out and put in pie pans, fill and cover with second pie crust (attach, so easy with a fork or fingers!) and bake like a regular pie at like 375 to 425 for an hour. Till golden brown....

Anyway its GREAT! :D
Other variations: We do garlic and onions as the 'spices'. Veggies are basic carrots, broccoli, peas, celery, carrots, etc.
Works same way for beef too! :D Note: Melody and I have been cooking for over thirty years (collectively) ;) Anyway cooking is another one of those past times on my long list, but one of those past times that gets old if you do nothing but cook 24/7... Which doesn't happen unless you feel like baking in between every meal. :)  So you're bound to enjoy it!  Come of let's fry dem onions!

Say and since you're on the pie theme... let's make blackberry pie!

This one I did look up a recipe for, but it was soo simple!

"Blackberry Pie" (from memory, my Great Aunt Carol's 50s Better Homes and Gardens!)
2 cups fresh berries 3/4 cup sugar 2 TB arrowroot (cornstarch) 1 teaspoon salt 2 TB butter Put berries in crust. In bowl mix sugar, salt and arrowroot, pour over berries. Then cut your butter in slabs put on top (I skipped the butter as we were out and it worked too).

Crust/Breading: (we have two versions):
Make basic double pie crust recipe, roll out and put in pie pan, do the above ^, cover with second pie crust attach (I did the 'finger' trick edging. Then cut a design in the top! :) I 'drew' berries on it (pictured)! :) Bake at like 375 to 400 for an hour. Till golden brown and 'jelly'! :D

Anyway its GREAT! :D
Variations: I used a gluten free flour and coconut oil crust. I added extra arrowroot to use for 'flour' and it worked like white flour, but was a 'bland' flavor. Haven't tried almond or other GF flours yet. :)

Enjoy!  Let me know how they turn out if you make either!

His crazy cook,
Faith Elizabeth

Friday, June 5, 2015

More than a Regular Joe

Matthew 5:21-26
" Ye have heard that it was said by them of old time, Thou shalt not kill; and whosoever shall kill shall be in danger of the judgment:  But I say unto you, That whosoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment: and whosoever shall say to his brother, Raca, shall be in danger of the council: but whosoever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire.  Therefore if thou bring thy gift to the altar, and there rememberest that thy brother hath ought against thee;  Leave there thy gift before the altar, and go thy way; first be reconciled to thy brother, and then come and offer thy gift.  Agree with thine adversary quickly, whiles thou art in the way with him; lest at any time the adversary deliver thee to the judge, and the judge deliver thee to the officer, and thou be cast into prison.  Verily I say unto thee, Thou shalt by no means come out thence, till thou hast paid the uttermost farthing."

Matthew 5:37-48

My Father is a master....   He's a great artist, at crafting live oak trees with their intricate bark, to the living seed to the trunks up to several feet around!   To the muscular flair of a man's arms compared to the slenderness of a woman's.   His artistry doesn't stop there either.... he is a master artist of design and life and everything, even a soul and heart and mind and vision....   Its endless its amazing.   And his wisdom is awesome!  
You see the depth of these scriptures above are so amazing!   You know you have 'hated' people internally and you often don't think about that harming your walk as a Christian.  It seems normal and everyone's done it one time or another.  Growing up our parents taught us to say 'sorry' or ask for forgiveness.  I often wondered why this was important.  I did notice it helped your brain become 'lighter' and that 'problem' was 'solved' once forgiven.   I haven't really realized how much of a WHY person I am until now!  I've lived on since then (just being told to do it) and I had asked why but at the wrong time, so didn't get the answers I needed.  Its not bothered me, but laid dormant as a 'I'll find out whenever' thought.  One that even was forgotten completely about until today as I read my bible this morning, chapter 5 of Matthew.  The Lord says we aren't even to say 'You fool!' to our sibling!  And how often do we?  How come we still do?  Did we just simply NOT read our bible and so didn't think it would cover such an issue?   I know for me its so.  I never read that, that way.  I have read it too, but to read it (even so plainly as its written) I missed it before!   It being:  Don't hate or think sinful thoughts towards a brother (even an unsaved person) lest you are in danger of going to hell, or paying horribly for your crime, even if saved!
 You may take it a totally different way.  But to me Jesus is warning, don't continue in sin when knowing its wrong!  

We're Princes and Princesses in His eyes!
The other verses are awesome too.  He's calling us to be better than 'regular Joes' he's requiring more of us as we are his and trained to see some different things.  He's requiring us to lay down not only one mile, but two.  And not only our coat, but our scarf and shirt too!     And he tells us to love our enemies, and those that falsely accuse us, as even every Joe Smith loves those who love him... He's called us to WAY more!  Let go and forsake all, but Jesus.  And nothing will harm you ever!  Anyone could steal your things, and if your heart is only in Jesus, you wouldn't care!  If you are tortured and defiled and harmed wrongfully, you are still full of joy and are as if unharmed for you have the living God handling everything! You first (of COURSE) do all you can to prevent being hurt so, but if you can't (as our siblings in Christ in foreign countries) you just learn to live with it. 
Read Job!  Its in there ;)  That's one of the best bible books in my opinion! :D

So quit being 'A Regular Joe' you HOLY children!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Global Morals Changing to Rotten fruit?

Been learning German.  And love it!!  I taught myself some German when I was 12 but only numbers and 'Danke' stuck... :)  We have an old German heritage but now with Duolingo I am finally learning something!!!

But this ain't a commercial for Duolingo or an article about my lessons.

Life is far too important and fleeting... No its about the changing world around us.   And its changing towards the wrong again.  Bad things aren't new but they seem new again, as we've forbidden them for so long, for a reason!
I have found an alarming and HUGE red flag among my German lessons.  I am shocked though I shouldn't be as its been around since Sodom and Gomorha and Noah's day and age when the world was so wicked it needed wiping out.

My 'red flag alarm' went off quite oddly at first just from a few 'harmless' sentences I learned in German.  They were just a bit mixed up is what I assumed and meant 'the couple are married'  instead of 'aren't'.   But no, they meant the 'couple' aren't... Okay harmless right?  Well then I just felt a little defiled and morally rubbed the wrong way, like there was an underlying desire, of whoever made Duolingo, to infiltrate my mind and my morals with subtle and not so subtle acceptances toward certain ways of life.  Ways of vlife which are contrary to the bible and the way we've been living for the last two hundred years (mostly worldwide) knowing that the homosexual lifestyle isn't healthy or right!  It's not only that but also living together... Various tiny phrases just rub me the wrong way, as I said, then I thought on them and realized why.  Then some where so blatent you knew it meant nothing else. Like 'She is her wife' and 'gender is not important' I'm like what???? Um YES it is vitally important!!!

My soul turns and cringes to think of btgese people's souls.... Over and over God warns mankind and his own Isrealites of what happens if you do wrong...  Yet these people either uunknowingly (I hope) or blatantly just do wrong.... And they to a degree know it is wrong!  Animals don't do homo practices!  Its against your bodies make up too!  And it really ONLY breeds death, as you become I'll from it and cannot have children!  Adobting isn't increasibg the population.  And children raised by gay and lesbien parents are coming oyt with the horrors ans trama it leaves you with. Not being able to live with your biological parent or being able to be that a mother or fatger.  As a children youre designed to need both a father (that is male) and a mother (that is female)!  Wow.

And we didn't know this but Gid says what he says and gives his order of things for a reason, not to hurt or bind us, but rather to free us from more unnessecary pain!!!

That's all I have to say.
I'm just sorry its not 'loving someone' its hurting yourself and them and any children you and your partner decide to 'have'.

I respect that the makers of Duolingo and you have your own choices but can you please respect mine as well? And not try to under handedly push your ideas on me?  I think about the kids I know learning languages from this program.  Its a great program and yes free, but still they have their own choices, please respect those.