Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A Wee Little Girl Dream

Once upon a time there was a wee little girl,
She dreamed and thought and dreamed. 

On the swings or making mud pies, 
She dreamed, pondered some then would dream.

Riding bikes or playing with things,
She dreamed, and wondered and then dreamed again!
Even washing the table or sweeping the floor,
Boy! She dreamed and thought then she'd dream again!

When afraid to cry or talk,
this wee little girl kept wondering and dreaming away.

Though her dreams weren't too out of the ordinary,
They grew and grew
As she dreamed and dreamed again.

Playing "house", or fort with her friends
She always dreamed and then dreamed again.

Praying for the food, watching adults talk or yell,
She thought and dreamed.

Combing her Mama's hair, or cuddling her dolls
She kept dreaming and thinking on and on.

As time went by her dreams didn't die,
Lost a bit they wandered, but she'd find 'em again
And dream and dream.

She started to feel silly for such dreams,
But on and on she dreamed these dreams.

From another world they were her world
And though hard to believe them she'd dream 'em anyway.

Why they wouldn't let go 
or be buried she wanted to know...

Now all grown, she still dreams her dreams,
For tiny or huge, medium or minor, important or not
She has seen many come true.

And she knows they've been counted 
and remembered by her maker and Lord.

For he little by little unwraps before her
Each special dream to the last detail of color and size!!!

And she dreams and dreams a Bigger dream now, 
To go meet and glorify her Lord EVER MORE!
And so the wee little girl, once upon a time, dreamedAnd that little girl is me.

My sisters and I playing house.  Clockwise L to R: Melody,
Christina 'on the phone' and the hog is moi! 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


So Mama, Joshua, Abigail and I just got home!  For a long time we've loved the herbs sold by Shoshanna Eastling, of Bulk Herb Store!  And now Melody got the opportunity to intern there!!! :D
So we just got home from dropping her off.  While up there we got to visit our friends, the Taylor family!  That was a blast and such a blessed time!  It was very fun to get to hang out and help them around their farm! :)

Here are some photos:
This is Thomas and Naomi Taylor!  We hiked up to this point
(we Abi Taylor too) before it was sunset.
Sarah and Abi Taylor and I picked this row of
green beans down at the neighboring Amish farm.

At the Taylors, anywhere.  I'm barefoot - an addiction, a life.

Melody at her new work! :D 

The road from Melody's house. 

The Taylor's porch swing was awesome every sunrise!
And their little ones and I hung out there a lot.

Joshi and their boys jumping! :)

Naomi and I before we left.  She's such a beauty!

You all enjoy your summer! And I am sorry this blogging has been sporadic.  I am getting busy!
Loving life is a GREAT pastime, so I implore you go out live, love, laugh and exit for Jesus, kick yourself for foolishness and go on love your life!!! :D

"The preparations of the heart in man, and the answer of the tongue, is from the Lord. All the ways of man are clean in his own eyes; but the Lord weigheth the spirits. Commit thy works unto the Lord, and thy thoughts shall be established." Proverbs 16:1-3 and verse 9, "A man's heart deviseth his way: but the Lord directeth his steps." 

Direct my steps!

Forever His Holy Child,
Faith Elizabeth

Monday, July 13, 2015

Soul 'flying'

A flag made 'offensive', something 'offensive' (to me) made legal, arrests, fines, fightings, shootings and rumors of wars...

My heart is not grieved anymore.  It's sickened, its sore, its numbed with this pain... and at this joyful stage of life (of being a 23 year old young woman) I'm hurt.  I'm sick of it.  I am not in shock.  I have seen it coming. But I'm ill.

This is the country I've grow up to love, the land of my father's.  But I must as Christ's child realize this isn't my home.  I'm just (think about that, 'just': simply, only) passing through.

And though I really love this land, and its brave history and biblical foundation, my heart can only trust in the creator of the universes.  Not in my country.
To have my heart ever going to be settled, steadfast, or be, yes, free I must only hang my hopes on Jesus.

To ever be free in mind, soul and body my fear must alone be in Christ.  Not man (as I've mentioned before).  And as I see devices of the wicked one 'rise up' and fly.  I am aware persecution may not be too far round the bend.  But this is no threat to me, or worry.  If Christ would find us worthy enough to suffer for him under any torture or pain, oh what joy unspeakable we will learn to have!  I have been reading "Tortured for Christ" and to hear of the peace and settled hearts those martyrs and blessed ones had!  It reminds me of how little I really do know persecution.  I don't really at all.  But to read of their settled hearts and the way their souls were so lost in the Lord's arms that hideous tortures no longer 'touched' them I see how they did experience the privilege  of soul 'flying'... Their soul 'left' their bodies prior to death, somewhat.  No not completely.  But the bodies far away felt the tortures while their soul just rested and hid in the arms of the Lord Jesus!   What does this have to do with you and I?  You and I can have a wonderful peace that passes all understanding if we just remain in our Christ!

I've learned that Jesus is very jealous.  He wants us to return to him daily, this is NOT a requirement, NOT a duty, but he wants us to really know and find our need for him.  And not just daily, but hourly, minute by minute. :)  In our weakness, he is made strong.  When we realize our need he can work through us! :D

Myself at about age 3 or 4.  We should be as
careless little children letting our soul hide in Jesus!
Still when my homeland, who's claimed to love my God spits in his face and at the laws he made to protect us I'm not sick anymore.  I am ready for soul flying.  I am ready to face any torture satan can throw at me for doing things God's way.   What we need to do is to witness of what Christ has done in your life, and share the good news!  The only thing that made America what it is, is the Christians who were the majority of the society.  That's the only way you can get a strong, peaceable, but willing to fight for it, free country!  God's way! :D

So for our country, I'm not saying let it burn, and forget it, or give up.  But rather minister to its people.  For this is truly where any country starts.  With the type of people its made of.  Sodom and Gomorrah was known for the people whom lived in it.  Your town is known for its people.  Not the buildings, and if for a building, for the builder who built it (its people).  

If we could unite and respect each other's differences at the same time, what could the church (the body of Christ) do?  We could do oh so much and instead we're only 'whining' or still re-discussing the flag, and the court order... Its done y'all action now.  Please!   Christ hates lukewarm folks...  Are you hot or cold?  Most Americans are just warm, and they sicken me... I am refreshed when I meet either a HOT (on fire) Christian or a Cold (icy non-believer).  They are both gutsy enough to stand for something not be fence sitters....

The King, Lord Jesus, of Heaven and EARTH is coming back, we know not what the hour, or minute.... Could be now, are you ready to admit how 'warm' or 'cold' or 'hot' you've been?

His trying to stay HOT daughter,

Friday, July 3, 2015

Lessons for Faith....

Stumbled back in my blog posts.... came across this old blog post called "Life Seasons".   http://www.faithgrubb.com/2013/10/life-seasons.html

I hope you will find what I found in re-reading it.  The gravity of the message. Time is fleeting... (that was 2 years ago)!  And we need to be/remain in the Father's will.  And not get distracted with what we want to do or be or where we want to go.

I am also amazed by the 'truth' I wrote then about how those lessons then would be for me to better understand the next lesson.... Those lessons learned (partially not 100%...) then are still being 'exercised' today! :D

His blessings are all around every minute every day!  Search for them on this treasure hunt of life! :)
-Faith Ellie