Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A Wee Little Girl Dream

Once upon a time there was a wee little girl,
She dreamed and thought and dreamed. 

On the swings or making mud pies, 
She dreamed, pondered some then would dream.

Riding bikes or playing with things,
She dreamed, and wondered and then dreamed again!
Even washing the table or sweeping the floor,
Boy! She dreamed and thought then she'd dream again!

When afraid to cry or talk,
this wee little girl kept wondering and dreaming away.

Though her dreams weren't too out of the ordinary,
They grew and grew
As she dreamed and dreamed again.

Playing "house", or fort with her friends
She always dreamed and then dreamed again.

Praying for the food, watching adults talk or yell,
She thought and dreamed.

Combing her Mama's hair, or cuddling her dolls
She kept dreaming and thinking on and on.

As time went by her dreams didn't die,
Lost a bit they wandered, but she'd find 'em again
And dream and dream.

She started to feel silly for such dreams,
But on and on she dreamed these dreams.

From another world they were her world
And though hard to believe them she'd dream 'em anyway.

Why they wouldn't let go 
or be buried she wanted to know...

Now all grown, she still dreams her dreams,
For tiny or huge, medium or minor, important or not
She has seen many come true.

And she knows they've been counted 
and remembered by her maker and Lord.

For he little by little unwraps before her
Each special dream to the last detail of color and size!!!

And she dreams and dreams a Bigger dream now, 
To go meet and glorify her Lord EVER MORE!
And so the wee little girl, once upon a time, dreamedAnd that little girl is me.

My sisters and I playing house.  Clockwise L to R: Melody,
Christina 'on the phone' and the hog is moi! 

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  1. Wow, this was so sweet! I still can't believe we're all 'grown ups' now... life is short and memories are sweet. Love you <3