Saturday, August 15, 2015

~Elijah James Meggs~

"Trust in the Lord, and do good; so shalt thou dwell in the land,  
and verily thou shalt be fed.    Delight thyself also in the Lord:  
and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.   Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass."
Psalms 37:3-5

August 8th, 2015 We took a walk with Daddy and Mama.

I am going to be married....   But not just that...........    I'm going to marry Elijah James Meggs......

Yes to you he's no one.   He's a name... And may always be just that to you..........   But to me, in my world, he's everything, right after the Creator Jesus!

He's strong, handsome, brave, tall, blue-eyed, a knock-out, cowboyish, history-loving, eye-candy.... and most of all a man after God's heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He's a man I love with all my heart, mind, and strength and one I won't EVER give up.      He's one I've waited 23 years for and would willing to wait another 20, if need be but it would be OHHHH SOOOO LOOOONNNNGGGGGG yet short - for the love I have for him would make it seem days! 

  My Beloved isn't just a man.   Another face....   He's the one I've had to pass up other men for.   He's the one I've had to hold my soul for.   He's the one I've prayed for and asked God to pick.....   Because the men I've picked weren't quite 'right'.......

To wait IS HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   You virgins (like me) KNOW THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You've heard it EVERYWHERE 'its worth the wait'..... I say again it IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let me begin the story before you all skip to it! ;)

So you've heard of these 'Shindigs' aye?    If not, they're gatherings of Christian homeschoolers across America,  hosted by No Greater Joy.   As we all seem to live in remote areas where good 'mates' around our age (with similar beliefs) are RARE or not there they created these for us to 'mingle' and get to know each other! ;)    These are fun.   But they were NOT only for 'young adults' either, so it was fun to see many families from across the nation.   At the first one (which was in 2012) I learned a huge lesson, simply MEET fellas - that's all - JUST meet them as people.... they are the other half of the race and we HAVE to get along to exist on earth my dears! :D   (As a dreamy-Go-to girl I had to set aside the 'flutters' and just learn that every male is NOT someone to get fluttery over)! :)   
You see my sisters and I grew up thinking it was a sin to even talk to a guy (BUT our parents NEVER taught us this, it was my weird brain and I think some weird books the girls read that taught it to us).....  

So that's where I came from!   Then the Lord slowly taught me how to get along with and just MEET people in general, old men, old women, little girls, boys, men my age, 40 year olds, ladies my age, 56 etc............   :)   People are LOTS of fun and I just was soo excited getting to know folks in general and you really learn about the way the Lord made individuality!!!   Its FUN to see his different designs either reoccur in odd habits people have, or reoccur in two TOTALLY different people, but yet they both have the EXACT 'cookie cutter' smile, or facial feature.... God's REALLY funny sometimes! :D  

I was in a relationship with someone early this year and it sadly ended pretty fast........   I was hurt, but I was planning our family's 4 -day March Shoot Out (mini Shindig) and HAD to go on and knew BEYOND the shadow of a doubt that it was the Lord's will for that to end.....   It was REALLY tough... As the Lord (in the conclusion of that) seemed to bluntly ask me, "Do you want marriage that bad, or me?"   I had to give up that man and marriage and so follow and choose the Lord over him.      Talk about HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   
Then a week went by and folks were arriving for our Shindig......   It was  March 5th  and a tiny car from Virginia pulled up and 3 VERY handsome fellas (ALL tall and good looking AND with cowboy hats) hopped out.... I was thinking 'how could they fit in that tiny car?'   They were so tall.... especially one...................   Elijah Meggs.......... (That is something I do remember noticing was his height over the other two...)   :) :) :) :) :)
(Elijah, his brother Josh and his friend Adam came).

My first impression was 'COOL, more good lookers, just to get to know.' ;)    After that break-up I wasn't too keen on quickly starting to share my life with a new fella....... again...........      But even minutes after they arrived (as Elijah and Adam went around the house to find a tent site) I watched 'em and wanted OH SO BAD to run outside and 'help' them ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)

Later they all came in to jam and play music, he sang with his brother Josh, and after they sang some I told him he had a good voice.... his look was like 'Yeah right! You flatterer!'.........   I was like 'oops'.......... (Also I don't compliment everyone's voice...... ;) )

Then the dancing and all happened and I began to like him - a lot.   I even thought of the other fella   (I had just broke up with) while we all got ready to dance one night and was sad he wasn't there, but again the Lord reassured me he had things the way they were for a reason. So I stood back and I liked watching Elijah dance, and tried to stand near him to be asked by him......................... (he seemed to ignore me)....    It worked one particular time and that was SO funny!!!!   He and I had stood side by side watching the one dance, then he turned abruptly and said "You want to dance?" and as he did another guy (Luke) came up to ask me at the same time! Elijah nudged Luke and said "I was here first" while I said yes to Elijah.   But after nudging Luke Elijah told him, "But if she wants to dance with you..."   Luke laughed and said "I wouldn't let her go after she accepted!"   Elijah was like "Oh she did?" and took my hand!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D
That was a fun memory!      So I was flirting with him, trying to talk to HIM when I could... but just bugged his brother, Josh, about him instead. ;)   (Sorry Josh... you were easy to get info from)!!!!!!!!!!!!

And then as time went on, he was teasing me as we played games...   We played Two-Touch football one day and as we played on opposite teams I noticed he began to 'cheat' and move the starting line for his team's advantage!   I was like "Huh he's getting away with cheating and wants his way and thinks I DON'T know the rules... but I DO!"   I also was just having fun and NOT really (but slightly) watching him!   :)   I LOVE football and hadn't played in about 3 or 4 years.... So that was REALLY fun!!!!!!!!!!!   :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
We talked (a tiny bit) about beliefs and the lost and the mission field, and he and Josh had their dreams and lives 'mapped out' (but they were 'open' to the LORD mapping out things)!!!!!!! They knew where they wanted to go... I was told that Elijah wanted to go to Central Asia(near Russia) to minister.....      And that was neat I thought... Maybe my German could be used there.....    Josh was going to college to be a nurse to use that in missions, Elijah was studying English to be an English teacher, and Adam was planning a trip to Ukraine!    These 3 guys from Virginia where just REALLY on fire for Jesus and there was NO mistaking that - it was just MIND BLOWING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D   And God seemed to say "See Faith, wait for a fella like one of these."    I was like "Okay... I can wait and its gonna be a WHILE..." (little did I know!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Then we played another game and I REALLY 'haunted' him in that one.... He was such a good player and I got 'in jail' several times just to talk to him 'about the game'! ;)

So when they left I thought to myself "You know you may NEVER see this fella again and you'd better NOT set your heart on a daydream again!"      (I have burned my tongue on ice before.... dreaming up such a simple meeting into something more that was NEVER there!...)    Anyway so they left and as they did Elijah was forgetting things.   I felt like an UTTER FOOL as I gathered HIS things (knowing they weren't Josh's or Adam's) and bringing them to him.... I was SURE everyone KNEW I was REALLY fond of him!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And then they had to leave. :(

The days afterwards he wouldn't leave my mind.... so I prayed....... LOTS....... and all we had was their mailing address, yet I WASN'T gonna write him a LETTER!!!!!!!!!!   BUT they had left some things behind.... and I knew they needed them ;)   I sought counsel from Mama and several other women telling them I WAS fond of the guy but didn't know him much and wanted to 'keep in touch'.    I was encouraged to write him.   I wrote him about the things they left behind on  March 15th.   It was a busy week ahead and I didn't hear anything back............ I was sure I had scared him off completely! :( :( :(   I just continued to pray non-stop, that ONLY the LORD's will be done and that he'd take away this LONGING and YEARNING to get to know Elijah Meggs....... as it was rather distracting! ;) ;) ;)      In that week I DID research Elijah Meggs on google... I found a VERY interesting find.......   His name showed up on a homeschooled family's blog, and a trip to Africa was mentioned...... and I saw photos of Elijah in an African/Arabian robe (called a Captani)!!!!!!   My heart has been set on Arabia and the Sahara dessert (for YEARS) and I was like "WOW!!!! There's my 'Lawerance of Arabia'!!!!!"   When Josh was talking of missions he mentioned how HE wanted to go to Africa, but had said Elijah wanted to go to Central Asia (now looking back I think he only said this for precaution - I was a near stranger!).    I was like WHAT??????????????????   But just prayed.   And thought maybe he went there and didn't like it, so he chose Central Asia?

So that week was long and hard... then I found him on facebook on the  21st of March. Still no word, then I decided I'd write him a note on there, a 'I like your encouraging posts' thing....   NOTHING much ;)    As I clicked on his name it showed me a message FROM HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    (His message was from  MARCH 14th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

He had asked about his things and some photos.   So there it began....... we wrote............ like NON-Stop!!!!!!!!!!! :)   We were corresponding rather 'heavily' - daily at least, sometimes more. :)
As he was working full time and studying too (and topics were getting deeper) he wrote Daddy and asked if he was allowed to keep writing me and he 'slowed' it down to once a week and made it clear we were ONLY friends........... that was hard, but I was willing to even slow to once a month, JUST to continue writing HIM!!!!!!!!!!! 
In June, as another 'gathering' came up, I was VERY sad he couldn't make it (the Spring Mingle - this one was for young adults) and there I actually met another fella, a lot like Elijah.   And though I was writing Elijah he had asked NOTHING and made it clear we were only friends.... I was very unsure if he was only writing to 'be nice' or to simply be a 'sibling in Christ' pen-pal..... So I remained 'open' to other men, as I wasn't 'claimed'. :)

So when we came home from that I was sorta surprised to find that other guy wanting to write me....    I didn't wish to betray or be rude to either man, so I just simply told both of them the facts.   “Currently I am writing a guy/you  purely as a friend, and now I shall write both of you, simply as friends.”
That was VERY HARD to write.   And yet I knew it needed writing and I knew I was attracted and liked both, but was 'more involved' with Elijah and did not wish to 'begin' afresh with another... but knew I could if I needed to.   Whatever the Lord required of me.    When I wrote that I did secretly wish it'd make Elijah jealous.......... but what would he care?   I was some crazy 'nag' from Texas!!!!!!!! :)   Unlike usual I didn't hear anything from Elijah for about 2 to 3 days.   He was silent.... I was like 'okay... you scared him off........' :(   The other fellow was VERY understanding...... (I hated to be so rude to him, but I had to be upfront... and not sneaky)....

Then Mama stopped me in the kitchen and said "Did you get an email?"   I said "From who?"   She had a twinkle in her eyes and she said "You'll see...."   :)

So of course I had to check my email........... and WOW!!!!!!!!! An email from Elijah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D   I opened it and unlike others he was apologizing.... I was like "Oh no!   Its a 'goodbye' email'...." :(    But as I read on I was ready to SCREAM for JOY!   He said "I am sorry if I surprise you here, but I am VERY JEALOUS and don't like the idea of SHARING you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
After SOOOOOO long of writing I was like YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   That was  June 23rd  at about  4pm......... ;)   
So that's when we officially began courting. 

Then about a month later in emailing, Elijah was saying how couldn't wait to hold me.... ;)   In my mind I was thinking "WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I can't wait either.... but I'm only courting you and you never 'claimed' me?????"........ ;) ;) ;)  
So............ :)   I just simply replied to him, "When is all this gonna happen?"

He said “as soon as possible..... ;)”   Then he asked my Daddy.......... :) :) :) :) :) :)   (He'd been talking to Daddy off and on since April). :)

Then Daddy asked me when I wanted Elijah to come down, as it was a question he should ask in person!!!!!!!!!!!!!   And so we picked some dates.   Then Daddy and Mama gave Elijah the dates, and they got word back from him that he'd come down, but not to tell me when........ So.... that was REALLY exciting!!!!!!!!!!!   Having to be on pins and needles... he could show up at ANY time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     

Then  on Friday morning (August 7th) as I went to check my phone to see if he emailed..... at my desk..... I saw out my window he and Adam come around the house..... I was gasping... "Its.... its.... them......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"   He came in and we side-hugged for the first time EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    That was stiff and our stomachs were instantly invaded by swarms of butterflies!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D   
So right off the bat Mama had us make the menu and then go shopping!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Abigail 'attended' us and then at the Dollar store my cousin, whom I hardly see, checked us out and that was a blessing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   :) :) :) :) :)    The Lord was just 'showing us off'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D    And the Neals (our friend's) dance was that night!   And I was sooo excited and nervous for I would be going with my BEAU, for the first time.... and this had all been 'under wraps'.... for we weren't certain and hey.... for the fun of it too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   

And now for photos.... :)   He's a VERY handsome fella and I am one blessed lady.....   The Lord has chosen this dude.    I was NOT ready for another man to come into my life and was resisting Elijah (at first) a bit.... But the Lord reassured me I must let things be and let the Lord write my love story........ As a writer that can be really hard!   But it is best left to the Lord.    He doesn't forget anything... every little dream I felt was too 'wild' or 'minor' to ask God for... he gave it to me in my Elijah James Meggs......... Little things I'd dream of at age 6.... 

Its only the Lord's design that is most BEAUTIFUL!   And I am overwhelmed and SOO ungrateful for all the blessings he's given me with, in and through Elijah.   

But like the salvation of the Lord, we were and never ARE gonna be deserving so we can only stand back in awe at the gifts the Father bestows on us!   We're his children and he delights in our delights, thus he fulfills our tiny desires and dreams (if our heart is in tune with his, our desires and dreams are his desires and dreams for us, re-read the top verses)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)  

His visit Aug. 7th through 11th 2015. 

I took him on a drive and for on a walk!

My family had us do the meals and dishes together. 

Sunday August 9th, before any proposal, we went  
ring shopping (and buying ;) .... see it on my hand???)

I took him to meet my Memaw after ring shopping!

   Then after we came home, I was showing my siblings and his friend the ring photos (the ring had to be sent off to get re-sized) and I got a tap on the shoulder and turned about to see him with yellow roses..... He dropped to one knee and told me "I know I don't have much money, so would you take a poor man's roses? Will you be my wife?"   Of course I said YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    (I sing Patsy Cline's old song "A Poor Man's Roses"....) 

After he asked!!!!!

After we got the roses in a vase ;)

Our last hug before he left..... a VERY bitter sweet!!!!!!!!!
WOW!!!!!!!!!!! I'm engaged Y'ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I didn't really conclude it, but... Elijah and I plan to move to Africa as missionaries next year.   Do keep us in your prayers and we thank you soo much for all your encouragement!   It's tough to wait for God's best sometimes, but it is WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And MORE fulfilling than anything else EVER!!!!!!!!!!   Knowing you're where God wants you is the BEST FEELING EVER (even better than my man's hug, stay FOCUSED on   JESUS!)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To God be the GLORY, GREAT things he hath done! :) :) :) :) :) :)

His Holy Child,
Faith Elizabeth Grubb


  1. Grace and Elijah
    A Match made in heaven with out the shadow of a doubt

    Brent Linda and Family ( NZ)

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  4. Wow! So encouraging and sweet! Elijah's younger sister (Olivia) and I are friends and so I found your blog through her posts. :D Congrats to you both! I will be praying for you..Africa too is on my heart! Blessings!!! <3

  5. So excited and happy for you, dear sister! I think he's a keeper. ;) Can't wait to see how the Lord uses y'all!!

  6. Thank you for sharing. Do great things for God u two.