Monday, September 7, 2015

Yearnings... A Hug from a Man

I have been really busy wedding planning!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

It is sooner than many of you might think, coming up in November!

We are ready and needn't waste any time.  We have waited years already! :)

Anyway here is some old poetry I wrote back in 2014.

Tis what was on my heart.... Its not entirely poetry, but is thoughts.

Yearnings by Faith Grubb
I'll wait till the end of time, if I need to wait, for a hug from a man.
I'll wait till I see my savior, if I need to wait, to hold a man's hand.  And tho' I yearn to and tho' I long to see the feeling of what it is to be a wife I will wait, if I need to wait and return as the bride of Christ.
But he's given these dreams to me, and I know I'm given these yearnings. I know he is faithful and he will not let my needs return void.  
And I'll wait till the end of time, before I need to receive a hug from a man.  And I'll wait til I see my savior if I need to wait till I hold a man's hand.  And I'll wait to hold a man close, till it must be my savior alone, it must be what he wills it to be. 

"...I'll wait till the end of time, if I need to wait, for a hug from a man...."
I yearn for a man.  And many men come into mind, but its not my choice of who I marry.  And that's the hard part is waiting on you, Lord, and yet knowing that your plans and your choice is best, he'll be the perfect father to my kids the perfect spouse for me, he'll probably draw me out of my shell -some of the shells I have, or he'll hold me in the shell, in my other areas. Uh you do that perfectly, you've done it with Christy and Stephen, Daddy and Mama and Anna and Daniel (friends of mine).  And you'll have the perfect family for me. Um they will be- he will have the best sisters I need sisters in law, parents in law, I just need to relax and trust!  And get busy doing what I need to do.............. And you've given us those dreams.......  And its just amazing. 

Reading this again quickens my heart, knowing the providence of our Heavenly Father!  He has been my long time Lover (and continues to be) before Elijah, now I am learning to be his lover WITH a man here on earth!  It is a wonder..... It is a vast miracle, far beyond my comprehension!  And in every tiny little thing I have dreamed of about my 'future husband' My Dear Jesus has answered and given me these tiny dreams and fulfilled them not JUST to completion but ABOVE AND BEYOND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wait upon the Lord and again I say WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His BEST is worth it!  And is BEAUTIFULLY fulfilling!!!!!!!
His child and Lover Forever I remain!