Saturday, October 17, 2015

A Married Woman

"The Lord liveth, and blessed be the rock and let the God of my salvation be exalted" Psalms 18:46

(Credit goes to my sister in law, Olivia for the couple photos of us, do check out her website:

The Lord has written, worked on, crafted, planned and designed the BEST thing.... Our love story.

A year ago I was doubtful marriage would be anytime 'soon'... And even March 1st if you had told me 'you'll get married 6 months' I'd have laughed.  I really felt it would be far off (as I think I mentioned in my last blogpost).

The Lord has really opened up my next stage in life 'quickly' compared to this current world's ideas. But along with everything else I LOVE old fashioned and (who would've thought -God's the BEST husband picker) so does my man, thus an 'old fashioned' FAST style courtship. ;)

Though we planned to marry in Novemeber in Texas it was when my family and I came up to Virginia September 15th (to visit the Meggs family for a week) that Elijah and I after much talk and consideration and prayers and counsel from our parents decided to get married early.  We decided to Saturday evening (the 19th) and then on Sunday afternoon after church with his friends and family and my family on such a nice fall day at 3pm my Love and I became man and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Elijah J. Meggs.  Then as we came out of church we were greeted by my favorite weather, misting rain!  And the beautiful Blueridge mountains made the perfect photography background!!!!  A TRUE dream come true of mine (mountain wedding photos)! :D

Let me let you read that again.  Yes, I'm married!  :)    We've only 'just' met on March 5th but it seems like we've known each other for decades!  We had only spent a total of 22 days together in life when we decided to marry.  But we'd shared souls as best (and as often) as possible over the computer since March 22nd. :)

We were both a bit surprised to marry soon ourselves but we were continually reassured to go ahead and do it.  I have since (in all these 16 days of marriage) found multiple reasons why the Lord had us marry 'this' soon.  It was actually only 6 weeks ahead of schedule.

We still will have the wedding we've been planning in Texas. It will be for my friends and family there.  Here I was glad his many like minded friends could all attend, in Texas they wouldn't have gotten to come.  I had brought an older wedding dress for engagement photos, but it served me well as my wedding gown and a shawl from one of the women of church served as my veil.  Unique- just how I like things! :D  I am very grateful for the VERY Jesus centered ceremony both pastors (friends of the Meggs) did.  And I was VERY blessed to have the entire church family jump in and make my wedding day so special, beautiful, calm, sweet, priceless and memorable!!!  And they only found out about 2 hours prior to the wedding! Talk about friends!!!!!!!!!!!! (And they all had only met me the day before!) :D

Originally we had an engagement party planned to follow the morning church service but instead we had a wedding, oh it was FUN!!!!  And the BEST day of my life after the day I met Jesus! :D

Elijah and I will still honeymoon as planned in November after the Texas wedding.  We don't regret any of it and would do it over again if need be. :)  Our God is bigger than we think and though when we decided to marry we were yet without a home or idea of where exactly to move we married anyway (knowing the Lord wished us to).  And after our first night in a hotel we went to the Meggs (were my family still was staying) and came in to Mrs. Meggs who told us of a place offered us by a fellow believer not far.  So we went and looked over a small one room apartment on private property and were told by the owner that if we cleaned it up we could have it for a VERY reasonable price every month, but the first two months we'd only have to pay utilities!  Both our families were more than eager and willing to clean it up with/for us. And we instantly knew it was our's by the way it was ready and all 'empty' and waiting for us!  On the way to 'see' it I even remember thinking, "This would be our drive home every time, how lovely" and it is!!!!  I live on top of a mountain, and only 15 minutes from his work and 15 minutes from his family's.  I am finding my way around fast and we actually own our own car now too!  Another fantastic God gift!  He provided the perfect type of vehicle, the same price we were looking at, the 'special' moon/sun roof feature Elijah and I both REALLY enjoy and the right timing!  We have our new phones, and phone plan (my other phone actually broke on the way up here and his old one was messing up).

I have my birth certificate in now too (from Mama in Texas) and now will work on legally changing my name. I already am Mrs. Meggs and the marriage license is all done, but now for my I.D.. :)

Together we are working on language now, French and Arabic for the mission work we plan on doing.  Sometime between February and May on next year we plan to go to north Africa.

We're also enjoying VERY simple living yet thanks to the Lord's prompting alone I brought some of my household things to give Elijah and I also brought a good extra amount of clothing.  We are doing very well in our little home and are quite fond of this married life stuff! :D
We get to share and do everything together! We plan to do some more hiking and bike trails before its too cold and I can't wait to spend the rest of my days with Elijah!  He is SOOOO much sweeter than I really knew and he is WAY wiser too!  The Lord has PERFECTLY fashioned us for one another, I see new things here and there every now and then and pretty much something new everyday that reminds me of how precise the Lord is!  We so often DO forget how he DOES keep the world from spinning out of control and keeps the oceans in sink with the moon and the sun at its correct distance from burning us all on earth.   He even is mindful of man!  Yet not only that, he has remembered my every desire in a man and put it in Elijah!  It is CRAZY realizing the KINDNESS of my Father in heaven!  He's SOOOOOOOOOOOO sweet and we FORGET HIM?????????
I am so guilty of this!  And as we prepare to serve the Lord at whatever cost satan is attacking already, so I ask that you please keep us in your prayers!

I still have email but I no longer have a facebook for me. Elijah and I share one. :)

Blessed beyond my mind's comprehension!
~Faith Elizabeth Meggs~

Our 'Meggs' coat of arms, my blue veil and bouquet here at home.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Stay Tuned!

Another post coming soon, so "STAY TUNED"... ;)