Sunday, August 28, 2016

What do you use Facebook for?

(This is late due to the baby's arrival. -Faith)

July 11th, 2016

So it's 3 weeks to my due date.

We've been rather busy (and keeping so) since I last posted.  We went to TX in May, last minute to switch out cars.  Our car was having trouble and John owns several (my brother) so we knew we could see what he had. Also we were able to go to a friend's wedding and get to visit my side of the family after not for several months.

We also then decided to go to D. C. (as I've never been) and see the sights before baby comes and it gets more difficult. That place is one big traffic jam, unless you wake at 3:30a to get in town by dawn like we were able to!  That was a blessings, you could actually find parking! :)

But with Elijah working I am at home alone a lot.  This has been a bit hard for me coming from a big family, and getting used to no noise. But thankfully about 3 to 4 weeks back a large family from church moved in downstairs and the sounds of a family are nice to listen to! :D  Still I have times of depression (my hormones going everywhere) and thus the other day in one such instance I was looking at facebook and seeing what 'everyone' is doing. I was disheartened and sad I wasn't able to join their 'splendors' or parties.  And I had to just pull myself away and realize WAIT!  I am here pregnant (nearly due) and married as I've ALWAYS dreamed of being.  And I'm not 'satisfied' and I'm lonely? And I'm sad????
The Lord was reminding me it is HIM I need to seek and not circumstances, friends, people or things.  Not even my husband (and he'll agree) since we began our courtship we've always reminded each other in emails/letters/words by saying "But remember love Jesus more than me!"
I am VERY grateful for such a man and I prayed for years he would love God more than me, and sometimes yes Satan uses it to try and get me jealous of God... but then it's like WAIT, jealous my man loves God more than me?  THAT'S GREAT!!!!!!!!  I shouldn't be jealous but JUMPING FOR JOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So this last Sunday, Mr. P. (one of the Dads at our church who gives the sermon on occasion) talked of the eternal hope we have. And how we get distracted with life, tractors, jobs, babies etc. instead of reminding each other to look forward to Jesus' return.  As the early church always was reminding each other, for there is NO other hope besides.  And then my Dad in law commented on the sermon with how facebook has been called fakebook.  It made me realize my circumstance before in the week.

Facebook isn't bad, but it's a tool.  A tool we use to encourage and uplift each other, by posting what we are doing or whatever.  And of course we won't post of our bad days, that isn't encouraging.  And as a user and a human my mind instantly thinks your life is thus PERFECT (because of some 'nice' event/doing you did) on facebook.  But in reality facebook isn't your entire life.  And it shouldn't be! :D  Yet nor should I (in my mind) think it's your entire 'perfect' life.  You have your own struggles and I have mine.  We all just need to be reminded to only HOPE in our only hope, Jesus IS coming.  Be that tomorrow or 900 years from today.  He will make all correct when he comes and NOTHING will go unpunished or unseen!  And nothing now goes unseen.  He currently knows my loneliness and your struggles too.  He is CURRENTLY waiting to help as well.  If we just humble ourselves before him and submit our troubles, worries and cares to him.

I am blessed far beyond my imaginations.  And still I am human and I need to be reminded to seek my only hope and everlasting home, heaven.  Encourage one another to seek that blessed hope, for in this crazy, wild, lonely and sinful world it's all we have to look forward to!

Blessings to you all,
His Girl,
Faith Elizabeth Meggs

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