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Welcome and thank you for stopping by!  I am a bit of an author, artist, seamstress, photographer, musician and blogger.  Here's some of my different work. Or check out my etsy shop:

Art & Photography
You can find my art and photography on RedBubble:

And here are some photos of my art.

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Hello I am Faith Grubb and I love sewing!   I've been sewing on my own for eight years now.

Dressmaking Services
For dressmaking I prefer to work with someone nearby.  I can do ladies and girl's dresses.  I need you to supply material (amount determined by pattern).

Dresses are priced by difficulty and time needed.  An average dress takes me 5 hours to make.
I charge $12 an hour plus the price for the use of my pattern (price varies with rarity of pattern, difficulty etc.).
My pattern collection has a range of styles from the 1930s to the modern things of today.

-Faith Grubb
faith1992 AT verizon DOT net

I write folk music and am currently editing my music for a solo CD that I plan on releasing in the future.  Here is a song of mine on YouTube.

My sisters and I own our own publishing business.  Literary Maidens Publishing.  You can see our books at

I've only written one

Life's Broken Pieces by Faith Grubb 
Newly Released on February-18-14

"She seemed so pitiful lately yet he couldn't blame her, she was but a victim of fate..."

The Great War was a time when hardship and fear struck the home front in England. No one was safe anymore. Bombings were coming their way.
Along with the war's trials, Life's Broken Pieces will outline the lives of several people during the Victorian era.
A woman left without knowing where her husband went, or if he'd return. A policeman who's been fine with singleness but now sudden attractions unnerve him. You'll meet a 3 year old girl who loves to laugh and sleep with her dog and, finally, you'll meet a New York Actress with a past she'd rather not resurrect.
Read the prologue here.
Life's Borken Pieces by Faith Grubb (364 pages)

Paperback $19.95

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

I am an author of several short stories and enjoy writing wholesome encouraging literature for Christian homeschooled girls.  Read samples of my writings at the following link!

 Also if you'd like, go see our page on facebook:

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